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School Leadership and School Culture in PNG School - a concept paper

School fights among other student-behavioural issues are a big problem in some city secondary schools in PNG. There is a belief (education psychology dictates) that leadership is key to addressing students problems in schools. 

The introduction to the discussion and School Leadership and School Culture are available via the respective links. 

Leadership in schools must look at ways to maintain good school culture and prepare students for life. Part 1 highlights the need for a permanent solution to this problem.

The article identifies a student bad behaviour as a derivative (copy) of a school’s culture. There is a belief that a school with a strong identity, ethics and practices will pass the values onto its students. School principals are best placed to maintain school culture. Where school culture breaks down, the duty rests squarely on principals fix it.

In retrospect, the author observes that negative students’ culture thrives where the schools fail to pass on to students the positive values of the schools.

Furthermore, a school’s culture is the intrinsic (fundamental) pillar of the school. The discussion highlights that the school culture is an established facet of the school, NOT introduced by principals or headteachers. That means that it is the ‘way things are done’ at the school over time.

The PDF version of the discussion on School Leadership and School Culture is available on request.