Where to get PNG Electoral Roll 2022?

Updating the electoral common roll was (and is still) a challenging task the electoral commission has had to endure. Leaving it until the last minute is going to make things difficult. The 2022 electoral common roll update began late in September 2021.

  • With Peter O'Neill and James Marape on the campaign trails, who are the 'dark horses' in the race for the PM seat after the 2022 election? See the latest article on the best candidate for PNG's PM role.

The 2017 electoral common roll was the worst in PNG's election history. 

Roll inflation and ghost names have marred the last election. 

But, is PNG looking forward to a free and fair election in 2022?

2022 png roll lookup

2022 national general election electoral common roll updates

Since 2019, NGOs and political commentators suggested the 2022 electoral roll update be done swiftly. However, the preparations for the roll update were delayed to September 2021 and work began in December 2021. 

The PNG electoral commission said that they are ready, but this was the same thing they said in 2017. Yet in some parts of the Highlands region, the electoral roll was inflated to over 70% of the population.

The 2017 electoral roll update was the worst in PNG's election history because it was riddled with ghost names and names of children under the age of 18. 

The recent by-election for Port Moresby North-west had the same problem where some residents do not have their names on the common roll. 

One observer wrote...

Some frustrations from voters whose names were not on the electoral roll but otherwise an orderly process at the polling stations I visited in Hohola and Waigani this morning. [Keith Scott @KeithScottFCDO, Twitter]

2022 electoral roll updates & validation

What is needed is not only an electoral roll update - but an update and validation. So that everyone living and residing in the electoral is accounted for. 

This can be done. The electoral commission does not need an additional K112 million to do that. It can do this within its budgetary allocation.

Get a competent team to do it.

Where to get the 2022 updated electoral roll?

PNG Electoral Commission Electoral Roll 2022 should be ready. Yet, there's no clear indication of where to get the latest (updated) roll. Here is what you can do to get the 2022 updated electoral roll.

The EC is the right place to check if you are an intending candidate wanting to know your electoral voting population. Talk to the provincial returning officer (PRO) and district returning officer (DRO). They are representatives of the electoral commission - the right people to get the updated list from.

Alternatively, you can also check the 2017 electoral (common) roll at the PNG EC website - follow this link >> https://www.pngec.gov.pg/irc/roll-lookup/RollLookUp

PNG roll lookup 2022 app

Smartphone users can download the PNG Roll Lookup 2022 on Google play.

  • Go to the Google play store
  • Search for "PNG Roll Lookup 2022"
  • Install the app and search for your name.

PNG Roll Lookup 2022 app

Rush roll updates and no validation affect free and fair elections

As mentioned, any new government formed after the election has to make the electoral roll update its number 1 priority. 

This is will pave the way for a free and fair election in the future. 

SBC Syllabus and Teachers Guide pdf

 Teachers, parents and students can now download SBC Syllabus and Teachers Guide Pdf for all the subjects at the education department's website. 

PNG Insight has a dedicated maths resource website where you can download the resources you need for teaching mathematics. See links to the website below.

SBC syllabus and teachers guide PNG

Maths resources and SBC Syllabus and Teachers Guide Pdf

PNG Insight has all the SBC syllabus and teachers' guide as well as the OLD syllabus and teachers' guide. 

Access the resources via the links.

Maths Syllabus and Guides

Mathematics resources for teachers are a useful collection of teaching materials for Primary (Grades 7 & 8) and Secondary School (Grades 9, 10, 11 and 12) Mathematics teachers in Papua New Guinea. 

Whether you are a new graduate teacher or a seasoned mathematics teacher, you’ll find some of the most often used resources here.

Standard Based Curriculum (SBC)

The new SBC is in the implementation stage in the earlier schooling years. The implementation is in phases and will cover the secondary years. We believe the school syllabus and teachers' guides for Grades 3 – 8 are complete. And the Grades 9 – 12 SBC syllabus is a work-in-progress.

What you can get at the Maths resources website?

 We had some great features to enhance math exam revision. 

Some of them include:

  • Old Exam Papers for Grades 8,10 and 12 students to download.
  • Study Guides for Grades 8, 10 and 12
  • Outline of Exam Units and Topics You should know
  • Teachers' Mathematics revision resources for use with students 
  • Education department Apps and Links to on-demand webpages
  • Maths Examinations Tips and Guides
We are adding to this resource base, check out the home page for the new resources.

Papua New Guinea Electoral Commission PNGEC Website - Election 2022

The Papua New Guinea Electoral Commission (PNG EC) website is offline right after the last election. This year, it seems, they are operating from their Facebook page. 

But, for a statutory body, it is a no brainer to have a working website, let alone during the election period.

The website is NOT ONLY an important tool for gathering election 2022 data and communicating information at this time, but also a vital information source for future elections.

PNG EC should get its website back online. Wondered where to get the updated PNG Electoral Common Roll?

Latest deferral of the Opening of Nominations and what dates are changing - read the updates

(Follow-up note: After this article, the PNG EC website is back online)

  • With Peter O'Neill and James Marape on the campaign trails, who are the 'dark horses' in the race for the PM seat after the 2022 election? See the latest article on the best candidate for PNG's PM role.

Why PNG EC website is offline?

The main reason the website is offline is simply that the PNG EC is unable to host it successfully.

You'd think they should get it online by now when they already have a functioning URL. Not only that, they are on Google search results, too. Out of 230,000 search appearances, PNG EC website is number 1 and rightfully it should!

PNG EC is the body that should have its own website at this time. 

Social media and Facebook pages are not the right places to store, manipulate, analyse and retrieve election data. Social media are only sharing platforms. 

Election data is important.

PNG Electoral Commission website http://www.pngec.gov.pg/

Why PNG EC should run its website?

For a statutory body like PNG EC ( and especially during the election), it is vital to get the website online.

A good website can help the electoral commission do many things Facebook cannot do, both on the FRONT HAND and BACKHAND.

Also, a website can help the EC collect and relay information in real-time. 

Above all, the PNG EC website is the primary channel of information for all election-related events, not the news sites or Facebook. 

How PNG EC can get the website back online

The website is a powerful communication tool, therefore the PNG EC must get it back online, going into the 2022 National General Elections.

If you click on the PNG EC links on Google, this is what you get...

Papua New Guinea election results updates

A 404 error simply shows that the PNG EC website is offline. 

As mentioned, the EC already has a URL. Also, they have the website database with their previous company that host its website in 2017. 

It is a matter of getting a backup from them. And, securely host the website. 

In fact, there are different levels of hosting services and server capabilities available. As for the PNG EC website, the second or third level hosting (referred to as the cloud) would be enough. 

It can cost a couple of thousand US dollars to get it up. They do NOT have to spend K100,000 to get make it work.

It's not like creating a new website, it should be quick and easy. Here is how to get the website back online.

What the electoral commission is saying about its website

The PNG EC is saying that they are re-designing the website. Here is what appears on the search.

''The website of the Electoral Commission of Papua New Guinea is currently being redesigned. Access to past PNGEC data is hence limited at the moment. Please reach out to our team via social media...'' Google Cache snippet 08/05/2022
This message has been up since the website went offline right after the 2017 elections. So it has been 5 years.

PNG EC needs a website 

There is no reason or excuse valid enough to justify why the PNG EC website is still OFFLINE. 

This statutory body needs a website for the election for gathering data and disseminating information to the public. And also for assessing the data from the 2022 elections.

PNG EC should not depend on Facebook alone.

PNG EC 2022 Election Updates - Administrative Matters Not Interfer with Election Dates

The Papua New Guinea Electoral Commission (PNG EC) released the tentative dates for the 2022 national general election in May 2021. That was almost a year before the national elections. 

PNG Insight gives detail on this and the countdown to the major election activities here (countdown to major election events). You can also get the deferral dates from the updated article.


PNG Electoral Commission 2022 Election Dates Updates

The electoral commission has to either stick to the tentative dates or risk losing time. Moving the dates around can affect election timing which can impact the election 2022 program.

As planned, each activity is given enough time and is in line with the past election dates. Here is the breakdown according to the current (tentative) arrangement:

  • Intending candidates have 7 days to make their election nominations. 
  • The window of 7 weeks campaign period from the close of the nomination to the start of polling. 
  • Polling will take place over 2 weeks (14 days). 
  • Counting of elections is scheduled to take place over a period of 3 weeks initially. It was changed to 6 weeks, then to just 1 week. (For an unknown reason, counting is now planned for only 1 week)
  • 2022 PNG National General Election takes place over a period of 13.5 weeks.
  • Return of Writs is pegged to the 29th of July 2022.
Here is what TI PNG said about the important election deadlines. 

2022 PNG Election tentative dates changes

All election-related events (nomination, campaign, polling, counting, writs) have been allocated sufficient time, that is why there is no need to change the tentative date. 

However, in the past elections, we saw the campaign period was reduced, and counting was extended in some parts of the country. 

In fact, this had affected the 'return of writs'. And lead to a whole lot of inconveniences.

Remember last election when Gumine Open has two elected MPs sitting in 1st parliament sitting? That's a clear example of PNG EC incompetency.

What we now see is an act of naivety by the PNG EC when it leaves the election dates in limbo, nevertheless.

Funding can be an issue. But the govt/treasury has no right, but excuses, to withhold funding.

Inevitably, the 2022 PNG election has been deferred by two weeks citing preparations for the 7 new electorates.

Return of Writs is pegged to the 1st of August 2022. We made an adjustment to our earlier article

PNG EC need to rely on experience, wisdom,  judgement

Recently, the EC change the polling date from the 25th of June to the 18th of June 2022. That was the first change to the tentative dates. Polling is now confirmed for the 9th of July 2022.

The EC cannot let the circumstance dictates to it what it must do.

This is the national general elections.

Dates must be set, confirmed and finalised and followed through.

The EC must know that the National General Elections  are above any govt. It's a mandatory requirement govt past and present submit to.

It is now too late to make any other changes.

Election tentative dates are important

In an NCB news report the 

'Electoral Commissioner Simon Sinai says writs for the 2022 national election will not be issued next Thursday.'

He also said that

'the date of April 28th for the issue of writs is only part of the tentative election program. The PNG Electoral Commission has not released any official dates as yet.'

The official tentative dates have no problems with them. These dates must be confirmed and locked in.

The current prime minister gave his backing for the election dates as reported by The National.

Other administrative matters should not interfere with election dates. Period.

PNG 2022 election unlike others in the past

The PNG 2022 election will be the most closely watched election unlike others in the past.

The international (Australia and Pacific) media outlets will be watching and reporting. They can make their own stories, but what matters the most is a successful election.

That means that the electoral commission must be decisive, and be confident in the date it set earlier. There is no need to change it.

There is no room to move things around now.

Why is mobile phone & internet important for 2022 PNG election?

News and information travel fast on the internet. But importantly, social media in PNG will be lit with election-related events.

In fact, the internet coverage in PNG is much better than it was 6 years ago. Also, the recent inception of Vodafone PNG is an added bonus, it cannot come at the right time. 

It is going to be an interesting election.