Judge: Return Tomorrow

WHAT IS EXPECTED ON TUESDAY: Lawyers representing the Prime Minister Peter O'Neill have been told to return and make submission to dismiss his warrant of arrest at 10. 00 am PNG time today, Tuesday the 17th.
He was taken by heavy police escort to an 'undisclosed' location yesterday (Monday) after an unsuccessful bid to overturn the warrant.
There is no real reason why he was at the parliament house after returning from Lae? Is he naïve when he wanted heavy police presence? Is there are a real treat from the public that he was escorted to an undisclosed location?
Instead of willingly go down to Konedobu to answer a series of questions at the request of police, the PM saw it fit to remain at Waigani.
PNG politics is frustratingly interesting - follow it closely and you can immediately predict the next move.

TODAY (Tuesday 17th): His lawyers are entering Court House today at 10.00 am. Their main aim is to strike out the warrant. To do that PM's lawyer are going to test the legitimacy of the Police Commissioner's (PC) signature. 
THEIR CASE: Likely his lawyers are going to argue that signature of PC on the warrant is void. They will substantiate their argument by stating that warrant was signed along the same time as when PC was convicted. That means that he is a felon - his position as the PC is compromised hence his signature is null and void. Fair enough, they have a case. PM's lawyers will find ways to hide their man - but even if they come up with one, every eye is watching.
WHAT NEXT? Remember that the PC had not resigned immediately after convicted by the same court, the same judge - he had never resigned during the signing of PM's warrant of arrest. This is where someone with legal knowledge is needed to clarify IF the PM has a strong case.
Can the judge dismiss PM's warrant of arrest sighting the PC's conviction and his position at the time of signing the warrant?

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