MONDAY 16th June 2014: Peter O'Neill Evade Warrant of Arrest - Parliament House

GAME IS ON: World Cup 2014 began with allegation about bribery and corruption labelled against FIFA executives. The official/s are not going down easy with denial of any wrongdoing.

As I write, the prime minister of PNG in evading police warrant by hiding within the precinct of the house of parliament. He is, for now, protected by parliamentary privilege he enjoys as parliamentarian.

Reason: This warrant of arrest is issued because (I believe) police have reliable evidence to prove PM Peter O'Neill signed the letter authorising release of money to Paul Paraka law firm -  a collaborative effort to fraudulently bill the government from work the firm had not done.

Peter O'Neill denied he signed the letter. He said this letter of authorisation was forged. He called for evidence to prove the signature was his.

Reported in the Sydney Morning Herald [], private investigators have CONFIRMED the signature belongs to the Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea, Peter O'Neill.

This is BIG: he knows his days as the PM are numbered whether he plays his cards well or not.
Meanwhile, the police can do little than waiting for Peter O'Neill to give himself in for questioning. Pity!

From his hideout, he is using government lawyers including govt machinery exclusively to lessen the grip on him. He is looking for a breather.

As a Papua New Guinean, I have the right to ask: why is the Peter O'Neill evading police warrant? What is he afraid of if he has nothing to hide.

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