Urgent Application | Who is Keeping Papua New Guinea at Suspense?

As much as he would like to remain prime minister, Peter O’Neill has never thought his action to evade the warrant of arrest on him would take this long. Let alone the unfolding events.
Also, O’Neill would not want the people of Simbu to block the nation’s highway. Leaving on the other side of a blocked road is not pleasant. Inland provinces (Jiwaka, WHP, Enga, SHP including parts of Simbu) will be at the receiving end if this goes ahead.
For those who may not know: parts of Okuk Highway runs from Kumul to Wara Simbu 3-2-1 in Sinasina Yongomugl district-  a distance of about 15 kilometres. Policing this section of Okuk highway will be a challenging task. I do not think any leader would want their people to take matters into their own hands.
Reported in the Post Courier [http://goo.gl/qUqLHz], the PM was given an ultimatum of 48 hours (ends Friday afternoon) by pressure group the Voice of Simbu for him to respond to their petition.
1. Calling for PM to resign or step aside and to allow police to question him
2. Reinstating Sir Tom Kulunga, Simon Kauba, Kerenga Kua, Thomas Eluh and Sam Koim, and re-establish Task Force Sweep.
What the people of Simbu do this Friday depends NOT only on O’Neill’s call, but also the work of lawyers.
Lawyers are playing ‘marbles’ with judiciary (as it seems). Since Monday the 16th brakes were out on warrant of arrest on the PM. Now there are attempts to strike out the warrant [http://goo.gl/8ODcyV].

In retrospect, it is PO’s individual right to seek judicial interpretation on this matter. These are attempts by the PM's group to fight for his right. There is no wrong in doing so. But, how long can this last?
All these adjournments – as Judge Kariko said rightly - "It’s (are) to do with lawyers, change of lawyers, lawyers not ready to proceed, it’s very disappointing to say the least," the judge said.
NO MORE: Do your job and do it right. You don’t need 21 days. You have until 1.30 pm, Friday. Or face the music.

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