PNG Government: 8 Months to the End of 30 Months Grace Period - Peter O'Neill & His Tactics to Remain in Power

It has been almost *22 months [August 2012 to June 2014] since O’Neill became Prime Minister. Many ministerial changes (sack and reshuffle) have taken place. Also, since early August 2012 several wheeling and dealing took place. The prime minister either was directly involved or kept an eagle eye on everything that transpired – he is a cunning man.

Unfortunately, he has only 8 months before the grace period of 30 months expires. A vote of no confidence is looming in February 2015. Has anyone seen what I’ve seen? Time & Timing

The sacking of member for Sinasina Yongomugl and Minister for Justice and Attorney General couldn’t come at a better time, including termination of Sam Koim and Simon Kauba.

Any contemporary minister in current parliament may have accepted their removal by simply saying ‘okay boss mi kaikai bol blo yu na bai mi go aut’, but not the sacked AG.

In his own words he said

“It was in the exercise of your discretion that you choose to appoint me as the country’s Minister for Justice and Attorney General about *18 month ago. You have today felt it appropriate to terminate my commission. I have never asked you for your reasons behind my initial commissioning but now I feel that it is appropriate that you state your reasons for my removal in the next few days. This will enable me to correct myself going forward if I have made some mistakes in the administration of my role. It will also be useful to those who replace me to know these reasons as not to repeat them”.

Tanim ap tok antap lo Tok Pisin na skelim: Kerenga Kua is a real PNG man. If Peter O’Neill is a real Highlands man he must understand the words therein and resign, forthwith.

TIME IS NOT PETER’S FRIEND: Peter O’Neill has almost 8 months to remain as prime minister if he does not temper with the Constitution again.

Two dates are important next week - Parliament resumes on Tuesday 24th of June at 2.00 pm. Court hearing for the PM at 11.00 am, Wednesday 25th June. Interesting times ahead, embrace for the storm if Peter O’Neill remains stubborn.

It has been a week, many things have happened. Politics is not meant to be mean and nasty – especially to these 3 men - the way it is played out as seen last week. I hope week coming is a pleasant one.

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