4 Similarities: The World Cup 2014 Vs Peter O'Neill's Fight to the Last Breath

On Monday 16th of June I posted a blog post with opening line 'The Game Is ON’. This was in reference to two events (the World Cup 2014 Brazil and PO's political battle).

These two events have striking resembles from the beginning to the finals. Is it coincidence? I've highlighted the similarities and make reference to the political turn of events of late.

1. The ‘games’ begin at about the same time.

2. During the same week when Papua New Guinea police investigators issued a warrant of arrest on Prime Minister Peter O’Neill, FIFA’s (international football association) chief-ethics-investigator filed a report alleging corruption in… the ‘bidding process for the right to host the 2018 and 2022 World Cups’. According to this report there was no evidence to support the case and no one was held accountable.

Going back to when the Warrant of Arrest (WoA) was issued, the allegation has strong supporting evidence.  Task Force Sweep (TFS) produced strong evidence (contained in lawyers Sam Koim and Miviri's Affidavits and Court Files) indicating involvement of the prime minister in Parakagate.

This does not only mean that Peter O’Neill’s signature on a letter was confirmed, but also there are series of alleged collaboration between parties (of which PO was a participant) to defraud the state.
This is true because why should 3 law enforcement divisions (the then police commissioner, senior fraud squad officers and District Court) see it fit to take out a Warrant of Arrest on the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill? Why did National Court and District Courts dismissed Peter O'Neill's attempt to strike out the WoA on him?

Even to this day, Peter O’Neill and his lawyer have not challenged the findings of TFS. They have simply fought TFS- the establishment.  It completely defeats the purpose of establishing corruption investigation body (TFS) at the first place, when instead of challenging the findings Peter O’Neill (was advised by his lawyers?) to dismantle it. Where is sanity?

3. Cost Of Hosting The World Cup:The cost was both social and financial: Brazil hit by widespread protests and the cost of hosting the game was estimated to be about US$900 million (2.2 billion PNG kina)

Likewise, there are civil actions including the call by University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG) students. This calls are social indicators showing a rising tide against unpopular decisions. If you have hears, listen!

So, how much does it cost to play a 4-week political ‘game of thrones’ at the expense of taxpayers?
Take a look at this calculation, *estimate figures based on Lawyers and Legal Services Australia :

QC rate = Aust $1000 per hour
Senior Solicitor Large Firm = Aust $500 per hour
*these are estimate figures ONLY.

Take for instance the QC was hired by lawyers representing the police for two days taking into account the time he travelled back and forth. If he billed the police department for 8 hours work, that is AU$8000.000, give or take (PNG K18 286).

If the prime minister’s lawyer works a full 7 hours per day: 1 week would have been 35 hours (5 days x 7 hrs); 4 weeks = 140 hrs (35 hrs/week x 4 weeks)

Billing = $500 x 140 = $70 000 (PNG K160 000)

Again this is a calculation based on estimate figure online. More or less, the numbers gives readers an insight into how much the government spends within 4 weeks on lawyers.

4. Brazil’s loss was bitter: Brazil lost against Germany, 7 - 1. Again they were defeated by Netherland 3 – 0. Every Brazilian blames everyone for its exit in the finals, from the officials to players. The game is over for them.  In the latest turn of events, one of Brazil’s strikers has handed in his resignation from international football.

END: Peter O’Neill’s fight to the last breath did not happen. He lost. Has the ‘game ended for Peter O’Neill? His fight was strategized, structured and deliberate.  Even though he lost his fight at judicial front, he never lost the whole game.  He has his backside covered by NEC and institutions like the offices of the Police Commissioner, Attorney General, Speaker of Parliament and Governor General.

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