PNG Teachers Delayed Salaries and Allowances Amidst MPs' Salary Increases

Many Papua New Guineans eagerly anticipate the holiday season, but for some public servants, such as teachers, it can be a challenging time.

In a Facebook group called "PNG Teachers" with over 2500 members, teachers express their struggles with delayed leave fares and boarding/duty allowances, which are supposed to be mandatory entitlements. 

These delays have become a chronic issue that occurs every year, leaving teachers frustrated and struggling to make ends meet during the holiday season.

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PNG Teachers pay compared to PNG MPs salary - current members of parliament in png 2023

Disparity in Salary Increases Compared to MPs

In 2013, when Dr Puka Temu announced a 7.5% salary increase for members of parliament (MPs) along with a concurrent 2.5% increase until 2016, many teachers were hopeful that similar increases would be implemented for public servants. 

However, while MPs received their 7% increase backdated to January 1st of 2013 and continue to enjoy further increases, there are doubts about whether other public servants, including teachers, received their promised increments. 

This disparity in salary increases has left teachers feeling neglected and undervalued.

Challenges with Pay Grade and Pay Slips

Another challenge faced by teachers is the lack of transparency in determining their pay grades. Many teachers, especially new graduates and those in remote locations, do not receive pay slips and may not even know what one looks like. 

Salaries are calculated by adjusting to a midpoint salary, which has increased over the years, but it remains unclear whether teachers have actually received the promised increments for 2013 and 2014. 

This lack of clarity in pay structure and increments adds to the frustration and uncertainty among teachers.

Call for Action and Accountability

Teachers' representatives from the PNG Teachers Association need to highlight these issues and hold the government accountable for their promises. 

It is crucial to address the delays in leave fares and boarding/duty allowances, ensure that teachers receive their pay slips and that the promised salary increments are reflected in their pay. 

With the recent salary increases for MPs, there is a pressing need to ensure that teachers, who play a vital role in educating the nation's youth, are not left behind and are fairly compensated for their hard work and dedication.

As everyone prepares for the holiday season, many teachers are facing challenges with delayed salaries, allowances, and a lack of transparency in the pay structure. 

While MPs have received significant salary increases, teachers feel neglected and undervalued. It is imperative for the government to fulfil their promises and ensure that teachers are fairly compensated for their crucial role in shaping the nation's future. 

Final Words PNG Teachers Delayed Pay and Allowances

In conclusion, teachers' representatives must advocate for their rights and hold the government accountable for addressing these issues promptly. 

It is time to prioritize the welfare of teachers and provide them with the support and recognition they deserve.



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