Integrity, Reputation & Respect: PNG Hunter Constricted And Subdued by a Moran but Lived

A Hunter on his hunting trip went straight into a trap. It wasn’t an ordinary trap. A large snake ‘the Moran’, hoping to catch Wild Pigs in their tracks, grabbed the Hunter.

The Hunter's reaction is something to contemplate. Any wild pig would have squealed, oinked and wrestled with the snake until it could fight no more. But the expert Hunter did the opposite. He didn’t make a noise or move one bit. He held his breath and played dead.

Moran’s strong muscles contracted to drain the life out of the hunter's body. With every tightened grip his bones seemed to have snapped. In fact, it was NOT his bones that broke but bow and arrows he was carrying.

Satisfied that the Hunter was constricted and subdued, the Moran relaxed its grip and jaw muscles before swallowing its catch. In that split second the Hunter had escaped. His experience didn't scare him. It made him stronger. You could guessed what happened...he trapped the monster snake and took it, alive, to the village for everyone to see.The Hunter's reputation in the village was intact. He is not only revered, but also respected

Cool, calm and collected: this story reminds me of the three Cs. If you are faced with a constricting situation, you can hold your nerve, analyse the treat, use what you have and live. Or you can fight it till you can not fight it anymore.

Fighting a losing battle is just stupid. Keep your integrity in any confrontation: keep your reputation, earn respect. 

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