MPs Base Pay: PNG 111 MPs Share Over K15 MILLION Every Year - Should They Get Another Pay Increase?

Papua New Guineans want to know how much their MPs are receiving every fortnight and rightfully so as tax payers. Two articles on MPs annual salary made it to the top 10 on PNG Insight. The articles dated December 2014 and January 2015 took into consideration all increments from Somare government (52% increase, November 2010) to O’Neill government (30% increase, November 2013 – 2016). If you would like to get details of MPs pay increment, follow this link or those at the bottom.

Perhaps it is widely known MPs are highly paid national earners among other well-to-do public servants like the Chief Justice and Chief Secretary. This article shows how much each MP would have earned every fortnight in base pay, ending 2016.

In number terms the calculation is based on 2010 base pay compared to over 80% increments in six years to 2016. It does not include allowances and packs and privileges they are entitled to at the moment. As mentioned earlier, the figures are to show MPs base salary.
So, the question now is ‘do the MPs need another pay increase?’ You be the judge. The figures in the table speak volume:
  1. The 111 MPs share over K15 million every year, over half a million Kina every fortnight.
  2. Prime minister earns the highest salary and probably the highest paid public servant in the country, not the Chief Justice. 
  3. Provincial governors are at the bottom of MPs pay scale earning 5 times less than the PM at nearly K3000.00 every two weeks.
  4. Deputy prime minister and Opposition leader earn about the same in base pay.
  5. Nearly half (47.53%) of the total pay is paid to the 33 government ministers.
  6. At the current salary rate, over K75 million will be paid to these 111 people in the next 5 years.
Some background information on MPs pay increase:

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