Calculate Grade 12 GPA based on Subject Combination

Grade Point Average (GPA) is converting your grades to an average value by using the Grade Points System explained below. But first, it is useful to know your GPA value for the purpose of selection to tertiary institution, applying for scholarship or finding job. (Click here for the reasons why you should know your GPA).

The Grade 12 Grade Point Average (GPA) is calculated based on certified grades students get having sat the national exams for each subject studied at the upper secondary school. 

Take for instance, a student's subject combination is Language and Literature, Mathematics A, Physics, Chemistry, and Economics at Grade 12 in a particular year. The certified grades from the student's subject combination were as follow: 

1. Language and Literature    = A
2. Mathematics A                     = B
3. Physics                                  = C
4. Chemistry                              = D
5. Economics                            = E

This particular student's GPA is 2. Here is how the calculation was done based on the Grade Point between 4 and 0. 

Hope this helps as you attempt to find out your GPA. If you have any question relating to GPA and selection to tertiary institutions, kindly see the discussions here. Or, you could leave a comment below and I'll respond in due course. 


Unknown said...

If my GPA is 3.2 from internal assessment and 2.2 from external assessment, what will be my final GPA?

Admin said...

Hi, use your final online results - the grades from Online Results - to work out your final GPA.

Unknown said...

What is the GPA for all tertiary institutions?

Wild Imagination said...

Does advanced maths and General maths has the same grade points for a their A
i.e adv maths for a A is 4 points like gen maths right?