The Papua New Guinea Civil and Identity Registry released this notice on requirements for registering marriage. The documents are important. 

How to register civil marrage

Here are the 6 important information supplied by the PNGCI registry office.

1) Birth Certificate

2) Death Certificate: if widow or widower 

3) Divorced:
• Dissolution order from the National Court if previous marriage was registered.
• District or village court order if customary marriage.
• Decree Nisei (court order) if foreigner.

4) Consent if minor.

5) Foreigner:
• Letter of single status from High Commission, Embassy from their country of origin.
• Birth Certificate
• Copy of Passport/visa/work permit * Has to be residing in the country more than two years.
• Confirmation letter from employer

6) Disciplinary Forces
If one of the couple is a member of the disciplinary forces (defence, Police or CIS), he or she needs to get a referral letter from the chaplain or immediate sectional head/commander to show that: 
• The chaplain is not available to perform the marriage.
• The groom/bride is legally free.

Refer to Marriage Act Part III for more information.

If you are in Port Moresby and would like to visit them, see the location below. The location of Moale Haus & NID Haus

Civil registry and identity location nid haus

The Yellow Circle is where the NID Haus and Moale Haus is. Red paint is the Footpath known as Melanesian Way.

Source: PNG Civil Registry, Facebook


The University of Papua New Guinea wishes to advise that applications are now open for Lahara 2019-2020, two sessions back-to-back, to be conducted from November 2019 to February 2020.

UPDATED: Please note that this information was provided for students the year ending 2020. We believe that new information will become available for 2020 - 2021 Open College application. 

Please skim through are take note of the courses and their names. Particular, take note of the starting dates. It could be the same for this year 2020.
Upng open college courses application form 2020


UPNG Open College-based Certificate Courses will be available on-demand, where a minimum of 10 students register. 

Continuing CTCS/CTS Students do not need to complete application forms. Please consult your respective study centres.

Continuing Diploma and Degree students and interested applicants who meet the UPNG entry prerequisites can seek further advice, as well as collect, complete, and submit their application forms at any UPNG Study Centre in your locality or near you. 

Completed application forms can be submitted at the same study centre, before the closing date. Separate applications must be lodged if courses are taken from different schools. 

Please note that a student can only enrol for two courses per session. Courses will be offered if there are a minimum of 10 students accepted in NCD and 20 in other centres.


IBS University & IBS Courses for Grade 10 and 12 Students


National Capital District (NCD)

Course No   Course Name   Session 1/2

3.20331 Principles of Microeconomics 1
3.20332 Principles of Macroeconomics 1
3.21209 Principles of Marketing 1
3.21208 Sales Management 1
3.21203 Quantitative Method for Business 2
3.21202 Entrepreneurship and Small Business 1
3.31201 Elements of Business Finance 1
3.21207 Office Management 1
3.10301 Introduction to Tourism & Hospitality Mgmnt 1
3.40705 Tourism and Hospitality Practicum 1
3.10301 Introduction to Government Management 1
3.33402 Government Budget & Fiscal Management 1
3.33403 Decentralization Policy 2
3.33404 Public Enterprise Management 1
3.43005 Public Service Conflict Management 1
3.43401 Project Management 1
3.43403 Comparative Public Sector Management 2
3.43408 Ethics in Public Sector 2
3.43402 Government Business Relations 2
3.43406 Public Procurement Management 2
3.12204 Introductory Accounting 1
3.22201 Financial Accounting 1 1
3.32203 Quantitative Analysis 1 1
3.32204 Quantitative Analysis 2 1
3.11301 Principles of Human Resource Management 1
3.21301 Introduction to Industrial Relations 1
3.21305 Human Resource Economics 1
3.21305 Human Behaviour in Organisations 2
3.20603 Introduction to Banking 1
3.20605 Introduction to Finance 1
3.40606 Financial Risk Management 1
3.40603 Financial Modelling 1
3.10803 Systems Thinking 1

National Capital District and Kokopo

3.10301 Foundation Economics 1
3.11203 Principles of Management 1/2
3.20801 Business Research 1
3.10801 Principles of Strategy 1


National Capital District (NCD)
Foundation Mathematics 1 1
Foundation Mathematics 2 1
Computer Literacy and Numeracy 1

National Capital District (NCD), and Mt. Hagen

Applied Finite Mathematics 1


National Capital District (NCD) Campus

4.14001 Study of Human Society 1/2
4.14002 Modern PNG Society 1/2
4.17104 Introduction to Media Arts 1/2
4.10602 Introduction to Pacific History 1/2
4.10601 PNG History 1/2
4.14202 Gender Issues in PNG 1/2
4.11801 Logic 1/2
4.13701 Information Literacy 1/2
4.13702 Introduction to Information and
Communication Studies 1/2
4.12801 Mass Communication 1/2
4.11407 Language, Culture, and History 1/2
4.11403 Language, Power, and Development 1/2
4.11404 Introduction to Sociolinguistics 1/2
4.21433 Language, Mind, and Society 1/2
4.11103 South Pacific Literature 1/2
4.10405 Introduction to English Language 1/2
4.15503 Introduction to Government, and Politics 1/2
4.11701 Introduction to Psychology 1/2
4.11702 Developmental Psychology 1/2
4.21702 Learning, and Cognition 1/2
4.21701 Quantitative Methods in Psychology 1/2
4.11001 Community Empowerment 1/2
4.11002 Social Development 1/2
4.41203 Assessment, and Evaluation 1/2
4.41204 Aspects of Classroom Learning 1/2
4.41206 Education, and Society 1/2
4.41207 Instructional Leadership 1/2
4.10407 Communication Skills for SHSS 1/2
4.13902 Communication, and Life Skills 1/2
4.23904 Civics, and Ethics 1/2


National Capital District (NCD)

5.30716 International Law 1
5.40738 International Humanitarian Law 1
5.30717 Criminology, and Penology 1
5.30720 Women, and The Law 1
5.30721 Business Law 1
5.30718 Law of Industrial Relations 1
International Human Rights Law 1
5.40732 Mining, and Petroleum Law 1
5.30717 Maritime Law 2
5.30730 Company Law 2
5.40735 Customary Corporations,
Cooperatives & Public 2
5.40726 Conflicts of Laws 2
5.30722 PLLG & Administrative Law 2
5.30719 Succession Law 2


Applications close: 4 October, 2019
Registration: Session 1 23 October – 25 October, 2019
Classes: Session 1 4 November – 13 December 2019
Registration: Session 2 2 January – 6 January 2020
Classes: Session 2 8 January – 14 February 2020


• Degree/Diploma courses: K660.00
• Certificate courses: K310.00
• Application Form: K10.00 per School

Please pay fees to: UPNG Distance Education Tuition Fee Account: BSP Waigani, Account No: 1000585159

NOTE: Board and Lodging will not be available on Waigani Campus for Lahara courses in 2019-2020. Please make your own arrangements for accommodation. 

For further information contact 3267350/3267110 or email:

Ms. Eshwin Enoch
Acting Registrar

Graduate Diploma of Economic and Public Policy UPNG

Applications for scholarships for the Graduate Diploma of Economic and Public Policy at the University of Papua Guinea are open to middle and senior managers in the PNG public service.

Diploma in economics and public policy

PNGAusPartnership is supporting ten places in the 2020 academic year for the program that is designed to develop professionals with the knowledge and ability to create and implement effective policy in the national interest. 

Apply through the link:

More information and course guidlines can be found here.

PNG Immigration and Citizenship Authority New Location Port Moresby

The PNG Immigration and Citizenship Authority informed their clients in the National Capital District (NCD) that all PNG Passport lodgement and collection would now take place at the new Passport Service Centre.

Koitachi Haus, Spring Garden Road port moresby

The new PNGICA centre is located on the first floor of Koitachi Haus, Spring Garden Road, Gordons, along Poreporena Freeway. 

All payments and applications for PNG Passports must be lodged and collected at this venue. 

Furthermore, all other applications for migration services will continue to be at the Central Government Office (CGO) at Waigani. 

The new Passport Service Centre at Koitachi Haus will open every working day. Take particular note of the following times:

  • 8:00 am to 12 noon for Passport lodgements and 
  • 8:00 am to 4:00 pm for collection and follow-up. 

Clients are advised to lodge all Passport applications (including renewals) at the Passport Service Centre at Koitachi Haus effective as of 16th August 2019. 

For any further information or query contact Client Services on:
  • telephone +675 3276101 or 
  • email:

Australia Awards Short Course Awards - Certificate IV in Agribusiness

Australia Awards Short Course Award Certificate IV in Agribusiness is seeking potential participants who are working in the agricultural industry who would like to develop their knowledge and skills in agribusiness.

Australia awards png

To be a successful applicant for this Short Course Award you must be an owner or manager working in an agribusiness or an employee of an organisation supporting the development of the agricultural sector in PNG.

You must also:

Have a minimum of Grade 12 qualification with five or more years of experience working in Agriculture/ Agribusiness.

Have a commitment to prepare and implement a project as part of the course requirement.

Engage actively and foster networks with multiple stakeholders, including in Australia and to disseminate learning from the course with colleagues and peers.

Have an endorsement letter from your current manager/supervisor or employer
Have demonstrated ongoing commitment to the development and progress of an agribusiness

Applications close at 5pm on Friday 11 October 2019.

Find out more and download an application form using the links below.

The factsheets listed in bullet points below can be downloaded here

  • Download Application Form (PDF) – Private Sector and Civil Society
  • Download Application Form (Word) – Private Sector and Civil Society
  • Download Application Form (PDF) – Public Sector
  • Download Application Form (Word) – Public Sector
More on Australian Awards click here.