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2022 UNRE Application: Part-time Degree and Certificate Bridging Courses Open

UNRE (the University of Natural Resources and Environment), previously called the Vudal Agriculture College in Rabaul, has called for interested students to submit applications for the bridging programs for 2022. 

PNG UNRE's Centre for Self Education (CFSE) is running an Off-season intensive learning program for students who have passed through the institution or other agriculture and fishery institution on PNG with a diploma. It calls it the Taubar Session. Read on to find out how to apply.

2022 UNRE Application Form PDF

About UNRE Taubar Session 2022

The Taubar session is an off-season (part-time) intensive learning program designed to externalize mainstream graduate programs that the university offers to its undergraduate full-time students. 

The program runs through a 12-weeks period using a modular block approach and can be completed over a period of 2 - 4 years, depending on how the block courses are scheduled for a particular year.

What is the aim of the program?

The intensive part-time program is aimed at providing learning opportunities for potential students who are unable to take up full-time studies at the university. 

The program is facilitated by PNG UNRE CFSE. It starts on Monday 3rd of January 2022. 

Part-time intensive Degree and Certificate program January 2022

UNRE Taubar Session will have 5 programs running concurrently. 

  1. Bridging to Bachelor Degree in Marine and Fisheries
  2. Bridging to Bachelor Degree in Sustainable Tropical Agriculture (majoring in Agribusiness and Entrepreneurship)
  3. Bridging to Bachelor Degree in Sustainable Tropical Agriculture (majoring in Fundamentals of Para Veterinary Technology)
  4. Certificate in Fundamentals of Para Veterinary Technology
  5. Certificate in Fundamentals of Statistics Research/Experimentation 

2022 UNRE Entry Requirements for part-time programs

  • All applicants to the Bridging to Degree Programs shall possess a diploma (in Tropical Agriculture/Fishery) from PNG UNRE or other recognised institutions. 
  • All applicants to the Certificate in Fundamentals of Para Veterinary Technology shall possess a Bachelor in Tropical Agriculture from PNG UNRE, Bachelor of Agriculture Science and or two years of work experience in a related field. 
  • Certificate in Fundamentals of Statistics Research/Experimentation shall possess work experience.

UNRE Application and Admission Contact

If you have any questions about UNRE 2022 application form or any other queries relating to this part-time intensive program, contact the program facilitators directly. 

Ms Stephenie Tringin
Director, Centre for Self Education 
P- 987 1342 / 987 1343 / 987 1344 / 987 1200

Application closing date: 12 November 2021.

(Source: This information was first released to the public on the 3rd of July 2021, @UNRE Facebook page)

2022 PNG colleges and universities application info

Check this link (PNG Universities) and this link (PNG Colleges) for 2022 application requirements, and the selection and admission information.

Online Application for Unversities and Colleges in PNG 2022/2023

2022/2023 Online Application for Universities: Several Papua New Guinea universities are accepting online applications for postgraduates, non-school leavers and discontinuing students. 

Over the years, many students have had difficulty getting a Non-School Leavers Application Form. Let alone applying to universities and colleges in time. This can be a thing of the past as several universities in PNG have gone online.

University online application 2023
Check out the link to the online application for 3 PNG Unis

In this article, we provide a snapshot of the Online Application for Universities and NSL application for colleges in PNG.

2023 Online Application for Universities

In the last 4 years, 3 universities are facilitating online applications for their new postgraduates and non-school leavers' intake. 

There is a significant improvement in the design and implementation of the PNG Universities' websites, too. Notably, the University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG) and the University of Technology (Unitech). 

Here is a list of PNG universities that offer online applications for postgrads and non-school leavers. 


Manual NSL Application Forms

We understand that the other universities and all colleges in PNG are still accepting manual applications. 

If you want more info about application and admission to the universities, click on the links provided: 
  • University of Goroka (UoG)
  • Divine Word Universit (DWU
  • Western Pacific University (WPU)
  • Pacific Adventist University (PAU)
  • University of Natural Resources and Environment (UNRE)
  • PNG Colleges Application information for new students (Sl and NSL)

 NSL application for colleges in PNG

We researched the information provided by universities and colleges for  Non-school leavers (NSL) and put them here. In fact,

Check this link (PNG Universities) and this link (PNG Colleges) for 2023 application requirements, and the selection and admission information.

Our observation over the year has shown that there is a  demand for students to have the latest information when applying to universities and colleges in PNG. The information provided by most universities and colleges can be coordinated properly. That way the new students/applicants can find it easier to access application forms and apply with ease.

Having said that, several universities in PNG (mentioned) have done a fantastic job with their websites and social media messages.

About us

We are an education blog. We strive to point you in the right direction as you are researching your university or college to study in PNG next year. 

Leave a comment and let us know what you think about the application and admission process of your university or college 

We wish you nothing, but the best in your application!

Lae School of Nursing 2023 Online Application and Admission Info

Non-school leavers who want to apply to Lae School of Nursing for 2023, the application is NOW ONLINE. In the past, the nursing college used to accept the application form, PDF. However, the Lae School of Nursing is now going online. They have a brand new website and are accepting applications online.

How to apply to Lae School of Nursing for 2023?

The information below is all you need to know to apply successfully as a non-school leaver (NSL). Read on to find out.

Lae school of nursing application form online 2023

To apply to Lae School of Nursing:

  • Visit this URL (It will take to you the college's website)
  • Click on the 'Apply Now' Button
  • Fill in the Google Form & complete the application for 2023.
Check out all the colleges and university information for non-school leavers applying to study next year.

Requirements to Apply online to Lae School of Nursing

  • All applicants are required to have a Gmail account in order to access the online application. You can create one if you don't already have one. This is so we can automate immediate confirmation notifications to your Gmail account as well as store your data for future reference concerning applications. If you are not already signed in to your Gmail account, you will be asked to before you can fill in your online application
  • You will only be allowed a single application per Gmail account. After you submit, you will not be able to submit another application.
  • However, you will be able to edit your submitted application for the remainder of the application duration. Meaning that when the application closes, you will not be able to do any edits to your application

The Closing Date of the Online Application is 17th July 2022

Nursing Program at Lae School of Nursing 

The Lae School of Nursing offers three (3) years Diploma in General Nursing. 

The course curriculum is based on PNG Nursing competency standards as a bench mark which a student must achieve in the following areas of knowledge, skills and attitudes.

During the first two (years) of training, year one and two students are sent to urban clinics, Angau hospital and rural communities to gain clinical experiences.

In the third year of study, students do their clinical practices at Angau Memorial General Hospital and Lae urban clinics. For rural block practicums, students are usually sent to rural health facilities in Morobe, Madang and highlands Provinces for 8 weeks.

The academic program in a year has two semesters. Semester 1 begins in February and ends in June and 2nd semester begins in July and ends in November. 

Course fees

lae school of nursing course fees 2023

Teaching and learning facilities

The campus has teaching and learning facilities which have, two-story buildings; one located on the southern end caters for, on the 2nd floor has three lecture rooms and the ground floor has two practical laboratories and a tutorial room. 

The second academic building, on the 2nd floor, caters for a library, ICT, conference room and post-graduate midwifery course practical and lecture rooms and academic staff office. 

On the ground floor, it has a kitchen & dining hall, administration office and academic staff office

About Lae School of Nursing

The Lae School of Nursing is an affiliated college with the PNG University of Technology. It was established by the Australian Government under the Ministry of Health in 1964. 

From 1965 up to 1980, it ran several different nursing programs: 
  • Nurse Aid Training and Hospital nursing, 
  • Community health nursing,
  • Community health worker training, and 
  • Certificate in General Nursing. 

The GN certificate program was upgraded to the Diploma of Nursing in 2001. The first intake for the Diploma of General Nursing was in 2002.

In 2004, the course program was transferred to PNG Unitech and the first Graduates were in 2005 after the Students successfully completed three years of studies. The Diploma of General Nursing qualification was conferred by PNG University of Technology Lae.

The school is situated 30 meters away from the main town shopping Centre and 30km from the Nazab airport (Lae) and three minutes walk down steps to Angau Memorial Hospital.

This information is compiled for non-school leavers wanting to study at Lae Nursing College next year. For more information please visit the college's website. 

Study at DODL UoT 2022 Application, admission and study information

 DODL Application UoT Pathway: The Department of Distance Learning (DODL) at the University of Technology (UoT/Unitech) is an important partway for Non-school leavers who want to pursue a study at UNITECH.

DODL application form 2022

UoT/Unitech Non-school leavers & DODL selections

The grade 12 students and undergraduates selections fall into three main categories of applications: Grade 12 School Leavers, Matriculation/DODL, and Non-school leavers

The School Leavers are the Grade 12 students whose selection is done by DHERST (Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology) and passed onto UoT. 

The non-school leaver's applications are through UoT and done by the university. So, if you are a DODL, students you'll find it easy to apply given that there is a clear pathway to get into a first-year program. 

The Grade 12 school leavers (and non-school leavers) selections for UNITECH happens (around November) of each year based on the result of the Grade 12 national examinations (in October). 

DODL Matriculants Apply to UoT 

For the DODL students, apply to Unitech or other tertiary institution in the country before the due date. Usually, the Grade 12 students selection take precedence. (See the links for information about Unitech DODL).

PNG UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY has a limited number of spaces given the availability of learning spaces, boarding and lodging rooms, academic resources, etc. This means that the competition for admission to a program of study is usually very high.

Students aspiring to enter UNITECH through DODL must compete against the Grade 12 school leavers and non-school leavers in the country to secure a space. In order words, DODL students at UNITECH must perform exceptionally well in the national examinations to get a UNITECH placement.

Do prepare well, study hard and apply for further study.

DODL Study Centres in PNG

Currently, DODL has 21  affiliated study centres and Adult Matriculation centres around the country. Check out your location study centres in your province for more information. 

•Bugandi Secondary School •Bulolo Study Centre •Dregerfhen Study Centre •Elison Enterprise •Enga DODL Centre •Gerehu Study Centre •Goroka Secondary School •Hutjena Study Centre•Institute of Continuing and Further Education •Kainantu Study Centre •Kimbe Study Centre •Kundiawa DODL Study Centre •Lae Secondary School •Tusbab DODL Study Centre •Malabunga Secondary School •Malahang Technical High School •Markham Open and Distance Learning Institute •Mogol Secondary School •Mt Hagen Study Centre •Nimamar Franchise University Centre • OTDF Community Education Services •Sepik Matriculation Centre •Port Moresby Institute of Matriculation Studies

Appy to a college in PNG as a non-school leaver - opportunities 

Hope this information helps you to apply DODL matriculation study centres and complete your education. 

If you are a non-school leaver looking for an opportunity to study in PNG, check out the list of application and admission info.

Here is the page where you can get more information about the 2022 application form. Please, visit the Unitech DODL page here. If you have any questions, leave a comment below. 

How to enrol at FODE?

If you want to upgrade your marks at FODE or at any University Open and Distance Learning Centres, here is some information that you'll find useful. Click on the link to read more. 

Leave a comment and let us know what you think about applying as a non-school leaver or upgrading your marks for next year. 

Study at Simbu Teachers College | Application Form and Admission Info

Simbu Teachers College Application & Program: The college offers are 3-year Diploma in Primary School Teaching. This program is accepting Grade 12 students and non-school leavers who aspire to become Primary School Teachers. Simbu Teachers College (STC) is located near Wara Simbu, and within a walking distance to Kundiawa Town. 

simbu teachers college 2022 application form

STC Academic programs/strands

The college offers 5 core programs from Year 1 to Year 3. The programs are compulsory for all students, including the teaching practice (practicum). Students must maintain an acceptable Grade Point Average (GPA) to graduate. 

The Academic Programs offered in Simbu Teachers College are delivered through the following five Strands:

  • Professional Development
  • Language Development
  • Social Spiritual Development Studies
  • Mathematics & Science
  • Community Development
School experience and practicum is a vital part of the training for primary school teachers offered at the college. Here is what the STC said about the training and teaching experiences (extract)
We have school experience and teaching practice programs for students to experience teaching environments. During teaching practices and school experiences, the student teachers are given six weeks opportunity to part take in the classroom practices and the school each year for three years. (STC website)

How to get the 2022 application form

The Simbu Teachers College has a standalone website that provides some basic information about how to apply. If you want the 2022 Simbu Teachers College Application Form call or email the college directly. 

Call the admin office on +(675) 725 74707 or write to STC on The Principal, Simbu Teachers College, P.O.Box 158, Kundiawa, Simbu Province.

If you do not get a response, here are some suggestions to get the latest application form.

  • Ask a friend/family in Simbu to go to STC Wara Simbu and get an application form for you.
  • Contact a student of STC on Social Media and ask him/her to help you.
  • Contact a Lecturer, tutor, registrar or an employee of STC to help you out.
  • Visit Simbu TC and get an application form.

How to apply as non-school leavers

STC requires that you apply before the due date. The steps for applying and requirements will be listed clearly on the application form. So follow the steps and do not leave out are required documents when submitting your application. 

Here are a few things that you should take into consideration when completing your 2022 non-school leavers application from Simbu Teachers College. 

Requirements for S.T.C
  1. Grade 12 certificate with a GPA of 2.4 and above.
  2. Grade 10 certificate.
  3. 3 references from the pastor/teacher/reliable community leader.
  4. Medical report/police clearance.
  5. A passport size photo of you.

Application fee & Current Grade 12 applications

Application Fee: In the previous years, STC charged an application fee of K50.00. This fee is non-refundable. If the fee is not stated clearly on the application form, call the college admin and find out before handing in your *completed* application form.

School leavers applications: If you are a present Grade 12, you are a school leaver. You must apply to Simbu Teachers College (STC) through your final school leaver's choices. This is done before the examinations, so see your Guidance Teachers or School Deputy Principal to assist you. If you are successful, your name will come out in the 2022 Simbu Teachers College Selections List

Appy to a college in PNG as a non-school leaver - opportunities 

Hope this information helps you to apply to the SimbuTeachers college. 

If you are a non-school leaver looking for an opportunity to study in PNG, check out the list of application and admission info.
Here is the page where you can application form on STC website. If you are unable to get the latest application form, try and contact the college using one of the ways suggested above. 

If you have any questions, leave a comment below. 

Madang Teachers College | Application Form, Acceptance List and Admission Info

Study at Madang Teachers College (MTC): Want to study as a non-school leaver or school leaver at the Madang Teachers College? PNG Insight provides this information to help you plan and submit a successful application to become a primary school teacher. This article contains the eligibility criteria,  application attachments, admission info, course programs; and how to contact MTC and get the 2023 application form. Contact details are given below if you have a query or want to request an application form.

madang teachers college application form 2023

Applying to MTC: School Leavers vs non-school leavers

School Leavers and Grade 12 (FODE) Matriculants: The Madang teachers college does NOT facilitate the application for School Leavers (Grade 12). The selection of Grade 12 school leavers is done in Port Moresby by the Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology (DHERST). 

If you are a student of Matriculation (FODE), you will also have to apply using the School Leavers Form (SLF) like the mainstream Grade 12 students. 

Non-school Leavers: NSL is the group of students who CAN apply DIRECTLY to MTC. If you are a Grade 12 students who left school in the last 3 years, you are an NSL. Or if you are coming through the Open Colleges, you *maybe* classified as an NSL. For the open college students and self-sponsored students, please seek further information from your school/college before applying.

See this article about How to Secure a Scholarship as an NSL or Self-Sponsored Student. A must-read. 

Programs of study at Madang Teachers College (MTC)

As mentioned, MTC accepts both school leavers and non-school leavers into their programs. The college offers both bachelors in Education degree (BEd Primary Education/Teaching) and Diploma in Teaching (Dipl). You must have a Grade Point Average GPA of 2.4 (with NO FAILS) and above to apply for the Diploma in Teaching program. The Bachelors in Primary Education (Pre-service) requires a GPA of 2.5 (with NO FAILS) or above.

To be eligible for Bachelors in Primary Education (Pre-service) NSL selection 2023, you must have the following prerequisites. The Applicant must:

  • be Grade 12 School Leavers between 2018 and 2020.
  • NOT be a Grade 10 or matriculation student (matriculant).
  • have a GPA of 2.5 or higher.
  • have NO FAIL grades in ANY of the subjects studied at Grade 12.
  • disclose any disability you have in the 2023 application form.
The 5 points are mandatory. Count yourself ineligible, if you do not meet ALL the eligibility criteria. 

Madang Teachers College application form 2022/2023: ATTACHMENTS

The attachments are the requirements that you should include with the MTC application form 2023. Both the eligibility criteria and attachments will determine whether your application is successful, or not. 
What you attached with your *completed * 2023 application form:
  • Copy of Grade 10 and Grade 12 certificates (from MSD).
  • Copy of Grade 10 and Grade 12 'Official Transcripts' (from your school).
  • Two references (from reputable referees).
  • Certified Medical Certificates (from a doctor or medical practitioner).
  • Police Character Check Certificates (see here how to get a Police Check and Clearance Certificate).
  • Recent passport size photo.
  • Receipt of Application.

Important college admission documents on registration day

The students who are registering must be able to present all the necessary documents that are required of them. These documents are mentioned in the above article and they are as follows: Upper Secondary School Certificate, Medical Report, Acceptance Letter from the college, and Former school ID.

This article contains the Full Admission Information for New Students. Must read

In most cases, the documents that are required upon registration are usually mentioned in the college acceptance letter to students. The list below puts in perspective the required documents for registering at a college in PNG.

Get in touch and ask for MTC application form 2023/2023

Perhaps it is important to get in touch with the Students' Admin and registrar at Madang Teachers College before submitting your application form and attachments.

Contact details:

Madang Teachers College, P O Box 218, Madang, Madang Province, Papua New Guinea

Phone: (675) 422 229 / 852 2539 / 4228082

Mobile : 71411171  / 79792925

If you do not get a response, here are some suggestions to get an application form.
  • Ask a friend/family in Madang to go to MTC and get an application form for you.
  • Contact a student of MTC on Social Media and ask him/her to help you.
  • Contact a Lecturer, tutor, registrar or an employee of MTC to help you out.
  • Visit Madang TC and get an application form.

You must use the official application form to apply. Make sure that the form has the recent date and year, college stamp, PNG Education Department Emblem and College Emblem.

General info for school leavers and non-school leavers

Some of this information (contact details, eligibility, attachments, etc) is provided on the application form, but here are five things that you should know. So, ask your Guidance teachers or the college registrar prior to applying to MTC these 5 questions.

  1. What is the CUT-OFF GPA for this year?
  2. Can I submit my college Application Online too?
  3. Who can I contact to know my 2023 Madang Teachers Collection Selection list/status?
  4. From your experience, when will the Madang Teachers College 2023 Non-school Leavers selection list come out?
  5. What can I do if I am not selected?

About Madang Teachers College

The college is within Madang and easy to get to from the town centre. It offers a wide range of student facilities and activities throughout the year. Students' amenities are basic but clean. The facilities meet the requirements and standards to offer a 3-years diploma in teaching. 

Recently, MTC offers a 4 years Bachelors in Primary Education. Practical teaching (Practicum) is assessable in the third year. Students are sent to primary schools in Madang and nearby provinces to do their practical teaching. 

The college fees per year range between K5,000 and K10,000 and depending on whether you are on TESAS/HELP or self-sponsored. 

Appy to a college in PNG as a non-school leaver - opportunities 

Hope this information helps you to apply to the Madang Teachers college. 

If you are a non-school leaver looking for an opportunity to study in PNG, check out the list of application and admission info.
If you have any questions, leave a comment below. 

PNG Police Reserve Training Application Form

Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary (RPNGC): The police constabulary is calling interested applicants to apply for the police reserve training. Below is a brief eligibility criteria in an advertisement in the newspaper on the 14th of June this year.

Police reserve training application form 2022/2023
Police Reserve Application Open

The Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary (RPNC) Reserve common characters

 The  applicants for the police reserves should have:

  • High integrity
  • Community focussed
  • Against provincialism or tribalism
  • Must be able to lead
  • Must be able to deliver Policing in Partnership with the Community
  • Must know that the uniform belongs to the People. (Sic)
Former police reservists with clean disciplinary records are encouraged to apply.

What the police constabulary is looking for:

  • Placed high importance on the rule of law and strong community-based values;
  • Support initiatives to prevent sexual violence and discrimination against females and minority groups; and
  • Believe in the injustice of sorcery allegations.

Who can apply for Police Reserve Training 

The former police reservists are encouraged to apply. But the reservists must have good standing in the community and a clean policing record.

The Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary (RPNC) embraces the national govt Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) policy. Thus, RPNGC encourages women and anyone who believes they can contribute meaningfully to apply.

How to get the RPNGC Reservists Training Application Form 

To get the police training application form, email

Police college bomana application 2022

The successful applicants will be placed in a pooled and notified when training spaces are available. The applicants may be required to travel.

You can also ask for a Police Reserve Application Form at your nearest Police HQ.

If you have applied and are waiting for a response from the training facilitators, you will be informed of your application via the contacts you provided. Furthermore, check out the PNG Police Reserve Training Frequently Asked Questions and the Application Process about your application.

Source: This application info appears in one of the daily Newspapers/reposted

UPNG Open College Application open for Grade 12 School Leavers

The University of Papua New Guinea, Open College (UPNG –OC) informs 2020 Grade 12 School Leavers, that Applications to the External undergraduate degree programs is open and will close on the 30th of January 2021. 

2022 UPNG OPEN COLLEGE Application: We will bring you the update for the UPNG Open College 2021/2022 Application when it opens. Share this page and bookmark it for more info, coming.

If you are interested in enrolling, download the Application form and fill it in and lodge it at your nearest Open College Centre.

UPNG Open college application

UPNG OPEN COLLEGE Application 2021

Call for Applications to UPNG OPEN COLLEGE Undergraduate Degree/Diploma Programs 2021 (for 2020 Secondary High School Leavers)

Download the application form here. See the original message on the UPNG website.

 Applicants must take note of the following important points

1. Only 2020 Grade Leavers will be considered in this application call.

2. The following programs are on offer; Business Management Foundation Year, Science Foundation Year and Bachelor of Arts – Year 1

3. Science Foundation Year (SFY) is only offered at NCD OC Centre. Applicants must study ALL the following five subjects (L&L, Advance Maths, Chemistry, Physics and Biology in Grade 12 in order to be considered for UPNG Science Foundation.

4. If you are intending to enroll in any of the Open College Certificate programs, you must go to your nearest OC center with your grade 12 certificate and enquire about the programs on offer and you will be advised accordingly. Do not use this application form.

5. CTCS program will no longer admit new students in 2021 and onwards, only continuing students will enroll in this program.

6. UPNG-OC is no longer offering any upgrading of courses. You are advised to pursue a degree or complete a certificate program.

7. Navigate through our Open College website to confirm Entry Requirements and Eligibility criteria to the programs.

8. The normal fee for diploma and degree courses in K600 per course per semester. Science practical (Laboratory) based courses fee is K900 per course.

9. If you register in NCD Campus or Morobe University Centre, a compulsory surcharge fee of K60.00 is applicable in addition to your course fee.

10. The decision of the selectors is final. Any appeals will not be entertained.


This announcement was originally published on UPNG website.

ISB University and IBS College Student Application and Courses Info

Acronym: IBSU
Established: 1st December 2016
Location: Port Moresby, National Capital District
Vision:  To enrich lives through World Class Education, Training and Research.

IBS University Application and course information

The institution started as a revision centre for professional examinations in accounting and business in the late 1980s. By 2003, the IBS University has offered certificate courses in Accounting and Business for Grade 10 and 12 school leaver.

The certificate course (Cert in Accounting and Cert in Business) has formed the basis of the institution's core studies. Here is what IBS university said about the two courses at their inceptions:
'IBS developed and offered its Certificate in Accounting, based on the syllabus of Accounting Technicians of [the] United Kingdom in 2002. Certificate in Computing course was introduced in 2003.
These two courses evolved as the primary wheels of IBS then.' (IBS University website)

IBS University - 12 Mile, Port Moresby

The IBS University (formally Institute of Business Studies, IBS) is located at the foot of Mt Eriama, opposite to Marianville Girls Catholic Secondary School just outside Port Moresby. It is about 30 - 45 minutes by PMV from Gordons Market (the bus stop), Port Moresby.

IBS University offers certificate, diploma and degree courses at its Saraga (6 miles) campus and Eriama (12-mile) campus. More course details for the IBS College of TVET and Career Development training are given below. 

First, here is a quick listing of programs offered at IBS University's 12-mile campus. 

IBS University Courses

IBSU had three faculties or schools offering four-degree programs:
  • School of Business (Bachelor of Accounting and Finance)
  • School of Accounting and Finance (Bachelor of Business and Management; and Bachelor of Economics and Development Studies)
  • School of Information Technology (Bachelor of Information Technology)
The institution also offers other degree programs through its affiliation with the University of Southern Cross. It cost over K24,000 to enrol on one of the programs through this affiliation. 

The programs are:
  • Bachelor of Business Major in Accounting (School of Business)
  • Bachelor of Business Major in Management (School of Business)
  • Bachelor of Information Technology Major in User Experience (School of I.T.)

IBS College of TVET, 6 Mile Port Moresby

The IBS college of TVET (Technical and Vocational Education and Training) at 6 mile offers certificate and diploma courses for Grades 10 and 12 students wanting to pursue studies in business and accounting.

The IBS college of TVET  is an education and training focused on providing primary knowledge and skills for employment in areas of Accounting, Business, and ICT and computing. 

The IBS college is the pathway to the IBS University's diploma and degree courses offered at their Eriama 12-mile campus.

Affiliate - Southern Cross University

IBS University created a diploma pathway for its certificate courses. And has affiliated with the Southern Cross University in Australia to further its Technical and Vocational Education and Training

Certificate Programs Info

There three certificate programs offered at IBS College of TVET. Each certificate program is classified as Certificate 3 and certificate 4. That means that if you are a Grade 10 or 12 students, you’ll have to start with certificate 3, then do certificate 4.

After completing the certificate programs, you can move on to the diploma courses at the IBS university at 12-mile. 

IBS Certificate Programs for Grade 10 and 12 students

The 3 certificate programs are:

1. Accounting 
  • Certificate in Accounting 3
  • Certificate in Accounting 4

2. Qualification in Business 
  • Certificate in Business 3
  • Certificate in Business 4

3. Information Technology
  • Certificate in Information Technology 3
  • Certificate in Information Technology 4

IBS College of TVET Career Development Training

The IBS college takes the initiative to provide on the job training for its students. Here is what the college said about Career Development and Training:

'IBS College of TVET offers Career Development Trainings programmes for the students who are looking for further practical exposure to be work-ready. 
These programmes are focused on Certificate 3 and 4 graduates from IBS or any other institutions who would like to enhance their skills prior to joining new employment. 
Our trainees are trained on essential skills that are required in their related field and IBS Team will guide them up to the interview process of potential employers. 
IBS College of TVET Certificate 3 and 4 students are entitled to receive a special discount on Career Development Programmes offered by IBS College of TVET.' (IBS College Website)

How to Apply - IBS University & IBS College of TVET

Potential students can apply either online or by filling in the IBS Application Form. Here is some important information to consider before (and when) filling the IBS Application Form:
  • A soft or hard copy of your certificate: If you are applying online, you will be required to upload the soft copy as an attachment.  
  • Photo ID: can be driver's license, passport, National ID with a file size less than 1 MB.
  • Supporting ID such as old school ID, pastors reference letter  with a file size  less than 1 MB
The online application does not require applicants to create an online account. You have to complete an open application by only submitting your personal details and supporting documents.

That means that applicants must have all the requirements available at the time of completing the application form, so that all details are captured and sent online. 

However, the best way to apply if you are in Port Moresby is to complete and manual application form and submit it yourself, either at IBS University or IBS College of TVET.

Papua New Guinea Police Application Form and Recruitment info

Police recruitment in Papua New Guinea has been an ongoing initiative the  Government of Papua New Guinea has put in place. The main purpose of PNG police recruitment is to increase the police force in the country.   

The police department through the Royal Papua New Guinea Police Constabulary (RPNGC) has taken the responsibility to recruit new officers every year. We provide some information on Police Recruitment you should know before applying.


Police Recruitments Eligibility Criteria

Application Form & Requirement: To be eligible for consideration for police recruitment into the RPNGC, you must meet the following eligibility criteria. You must

  • complete Grade  12.
  • be  18 to 23 years old
  • be physically well built.
  • not hold criminal records.
  • have good behaviour records
  • complete Grade 12 in the last two years, and your height must be at least 164 cm and above.
Being a policeman/woman is a higher calling. It is a call to serve the people. It is about respecting the public. 

How to apply to become a policeman or woman

Papua New Guinea Police Recruitment: Applications are open for recruitment twice are year. Usually, calls for recruitment are published in the local newspapers or you can write directly to the headquarters in Port Moresby for the latest application forms.

  1. Write to the Police headquarters for application forms. If the application forms are available in the newspapers, cut out the form.
  2. Fill out the forms and attach two references and all your academic transcripts and certificates. 
  3. Send your applications to the address given below.

Shortlisting and Interview: If you are shortlisted for an interview, the officer in charge of the screening process will notify you either by phone or through print media.

  • First, you will be interviewed
  • Second, you will do an entry  test

If you pass both the interview and the entry test, you will be shortlisted to undergo training at the Bomana Police college for six months.

Check out how to get a police clearance check certificate and the info about the application for PNG Police reservist.

Contact for police application forms, recruitments and queries

The address for the police recruitment is given below. You can use this address to do the following:

  • Request for the latest police application form, 
  • send the complete application forms and documents
  • For applications and general queries. 
Write to

Recruitment  Officer

Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary

Police Headquarters

P O Box  85


Papua New Guinea

You can also call the phone:  322 6100 /321 1222

Tips for successful application Papua New Guinea Police Recruitment

The best way to apply for the PNG Police Recruitment is to get as much info as you can. Once you know what to do, you can do it right the first time. So, call or write to the police HQ or, better still, contact the recruitment officer directly. 

When you deal with recruitment officers (or proxies) DO NOT pay a bribe. This is a community service - the officers are public servants - and they'll help you. 

Attach all the necessary documents. Take your application to your teacher, pastor, policeman, magistrate or senior citizen to check before you make the submission. When you have submitted the application form, follow up immediately. Ask when the selection list is coming out.

Hope this helps you when you are applying for the Papua New Guinea Police Recruitment. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below. 


Australia Awards Scholarships 2023-2024 is now open for applications. The Australian Government Scholarship is open to students of Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and the Pacific. The Australia Awards Scholarship is a fully-funded scholarship for international students and is administered by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Check out the latest updates on Australian Awards Scholarships via this link.

australia awards scholarship 2023/2024

The Australian Universities Scholarships are highly paid international scholarships in 2023 for Masters/MPhil or Short Course (Some Regions) in Specific Fields in Australia. Selected students will be studying in top universities of Australia on fully-funded scholarships.

Please check the official website for the detail deadlines as it varies from region to region. The application deadline for most countries is in June.

A piece of information for potential student - reposted for students information ONLY.

The Australian Government offers full tuition fees, return air travel, establishment allowance, Contribution to Living Expenses (CLE), etc. This is the most competitive and best international scholarship program in the world. 

They aim to contribute to the development needs of Australia’s partner countries in line with bilateral and regional agreements. They provide opportunities for people from developing countries, particularly those countries located in the Indo-Pacific region, to undertake full-time undergraduate or postgraduate study at participating Australian universities and Technical and Further Education (TAFE) institutions.

The study and research opportunities provided by Australia Awards Scholarships develop the skills and knowledge of individuals to drive change and contribute to development in their own countries.

ADMINISTERED BY: Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Australian Government


  • Australian Catholic University
  • Aviation Australia
  • Bond University
  • Box Hill Institute TAFE
  • Bureau of Meteorology
  • Canberra Institute of Technology
  • Carnegie Mellon University
  • Central Queensland University
  • Charles Darwin University
  • Charles Sturt University
  • Chisholm Institute of TAFE
  • Curtin University of Technology
  • Deakin University
  • Edith Cowan University
  • Federation University
  • Flinders University
  • Griffith University
  • Holmesglen Institute of TAFE
  • James Cook University
  • Kangan Institute
  • La Trobe University
  • Macquarie University
  • Melbourne Polytechnic
  • Monash University
  • Murdoch University
  • Queensland University of Technology
  • RMIT University
  • Southern Cross University
  • Swinburne University of Technology
  • TAFE Queensland
  • Tasmanian Polytechnic
  • The Australian National University
  • The Gordon Institute of TAFE
  • The University of Adelaide
  • The University of Melbourne
  • The University of New England
  • The University of New South Wales (including ADFA)
  • The University of Newcastle
  • The University of Queensland
  • The University of Sydney
  • The University of Western Australia
  • University College London
  • University of Canberra
  • University of South Australia
  • University of Southern Queensland
  • The University of Tasmania (including the Australian Maritime College)
  • University of Technology Sydney
  • University of The Sunshine Coast
  • University of Wollongong
  • Victoria University
  • Western Sydney University
  • William Angliss Institute of TAFE


Short Courses (For Some Countries)

SCHOLARSHIP VALUE/BENEFITS: The Australian Government Scholarships will cover all the costs of the selected candidates. It includes:

Full tuition fees

  • Return air travel—payment of a single return, economy class airfare to and from Australia, via the most direct route
  • Establishment allowance—a once only payment as a contribution towards accommodation expenses, textbooks, study materials
  • Contribution to Living Expenses (CLE) – a fortnightly contribution to basic living expenses paid at a rate determined by the department.
  • Introductory Academic Program (IAP)—a compulsory program prior to the commencement of formal academic studies covering information on living and studying in Australia
  • Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for the duration of the award (for award holder only)—provided to cover the scholar’s basic medical costs (with the exception of pre-existing conditions)
  • Pre-course English (PCE) fees—if deemed necessary PCE may be available for students for in-country and/or in-Australia training supplementary academic support may be available to ensure a scholar’s academic success or enhance their academic experience
  • Fieldwork (for research awards and Masters by coursework which has a research component where fieldwork is compulsory) may be available for eligible research students for one return economy class airfare via the most direct route to their country of citizenship or within Australia.

ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA: To be eligible to receive an Australia Awards Scholarship, applicants must: 

  • Be a minimum of 18 years of age on 1 February of the year of commencing the scholarship;
  • Be a citizen of a participating country (as listed on the Australia Awards website) and be residing in and applying for the scholarship from their country of citizenship;
  • Not be a citizen of Australia, hold permanent residency in Australia or be applying for a visa to live in Australia permanently;
  • Not be married to, engaged to, or a de facto of a person who holds, or is eligible to hold, Australian or New Zealand citizenship or permanent residency, at any time during the application, selection or mobilization phases (note: residents of Cook Islands, Niue, and Tokelau with New Zealand citizenship are eligible but must apply for a Student visa [subclass 500]);
  • Not be current serving military personnel;
  • Not have previously received a long-term Australia Award unless they have resided outside of Australia for twice the length of the total time that they were in Australia (for example, a previous awardee who has been on an Australia Awards Scholarship in Australia for four years will not be eligible to apply for another Australia Awards Scholarship until they have resided outside Australia for eight years);
  • Have satisfied any specific criteria established by the Program Area or the government of the applicant’s country of citizenship (e.g. having worked a certain number of years in an appropriate sector);
  • Be able to satisfy the admission requirements of the institution at which the award is to be undertaken (this may mean that Program Areas will need to withdraw an award offer if the recipient cannot satisfy the institution’s admission requirements. This may not be known until Program Areas request a placement at selected institutions);
  • Be able to satisfy all requirements of the Department of Home Affairs to hold a Student Visa. This may mean that the Program Area will need to withdraw an award offer if the recipient cannot satisfy the visa requirements;
  • Not be applying for a scholarship for a course of study at an academic level lesser than they have already achieved (eg be applying for a Master’s scholarship when they already hold a PhD); and
  • Applicants must inform the Program Area of any connection or relationship to staff employed at Program Areas (including locally engaged staff at the post) or with managing contractors so that the application may be properly and transparently managed

Eligibility Criteria for Australia Awards Scholarships varies from country to country. Please visit the Australia Awards Scholarship participating country profile for more details about the scholarship requirement. 


Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Maldives, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Timor-Leste, Vietnam, Federated States of Micronesia, Fiji, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Nauru, Papua New Guinea, Republic of Palau, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tonga, Tuvalu, Vanuatu, Wallis and Futuna, Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, Mauritius, Mozambique, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia, Palestinian Territories

Applicants who want to accept an Australia Awards Scholarship will need to sign a contract with the Commonwealth of Australia declaring that they will comply with the conditions of the scholarship.

Scholars are required to leave Australia for a minimum of two years after completing their scholarship. Failure to do so will result in the scholar incurring a debt for the total accrued cost of their scholarship.



Go to the Online Australia Scholarships Information System (OASIS). When you register online, you will be required to answer some questions to establish your eligibility. You will then be given a unique registration number, username, and password.

You do not need to submit your application immediately. You can set up a draft application form and update it, and your supporting documentation, until the designated closing date as on the relevant participating country profile.

Once submitted, your application cannot be changed. We strongly advise applicants applying online to do so well before the closing date. OASIS experiences peak usage in the days leading up to the closing date and applicants may experience delays.

Refer to the Applicant’s Online User Manual if you need help.

If you are unable to submit your application online, you can apply by mail. Please check your participating country profile for contact details to obtain a hardcopy application form and any other templates such as referee reports (if applicable).

Completed hard copy application forms and supporting documentation must be submitted by the deadline specified by your country. See the opening and closing dates for each country.

Want to study in Hungary? Apply Now for the Fully Funded FAO Hungarian Government Scholarship 2023-24 

Please check the official website for the detailed deadlines as it varies from region to region. The application deadline for most countries is in June every year.

Reposted for students' information ONLY.