How to Submit Articles and Earn Money or Mobile Credits

PNG Insight is calling for awesome PNG Writers, bloggers and students to submit articles (assignment or research work) to us. We pay. 

How much money can you make (updated 2022)

In this update, we hope to encourage the young PNG Writers to write and enjoy the art of writing. And also earn a reward every time they submit an article to us. 

We believe this small reward is the first of its kind in PNG, aimed at getting students and esteemed writers to write and earn a small reward for every qualifying article. The payment break-down is as follows:

Make money writing

More information available on our website here

Established Writers

The benefits are many. For writers, we are thinking of giving you quality publicity and linkbacks to your social media profile or blogs and websites. In addition, if your articles have not been published anywhere, we would be happy to pay for the articles and publish them here.

Students Writers

We also would like to encourage student writers to write for us. Universities, colleges or secondary schools' students are encouraged to write and submit their work to us.

Class Submissions

If you are an English teacher, working on Class Topical Write-up with your students, you can choose your best work and submit to PNG Insight. We pay for every article. It would also be a good fundraiser for your Class/Grade.

Hobby Writers

We classify Hobby Writers as the unemployed and students who left school at Uni, colleges or grades 10 and 12. If you have time and want to develop your writing skills, why not write for us?

You do not have to be perfect. Write and submit your work to PNG Insight. We will review your work and if your story or topic appeals to us, we will edit it and publish it on our website.

PNG Students and Academics overseas

Writing is an important part of academia. Therefore, the challenge is to see PNG students and academics who have the opportunity to study overseas write and tell their stories. 

In that way, you help others who are trying to get to follow your footsteps.

Perhaps the most important aspect of this initiative is to inform policy and decision making in your area of expertise. See below for the examples of discussion papers on Education and Development (SDG4) we published before the change in TFF policy. 

Why Write for Us

Perhaps the important reason is to help others who are seeking information on education and development in the country - the main aim for establishing PNG Insight.

Furthermore, this initiative creates a network of awesome PNG writers, hobby writers and students. All articles in this category aim to give the writers the publicity they need. This is also important because the writers can use that as a stepping stone for greater work in the future.

Individual writer's work can be added to their CV/resume when applying for jobs. For example, the potential employees, these days, are looking at your Facebook and Twitter profiles to see what kind of person you are. 

Published work gives employers the first impression of their potential employees.

Payment - receive money online

In the 'Paid Category', we are looking for UNIQUE articles. The articles will have to be more than 800 words. (I'm sure you can fork-out an 800-word article in under 1.5 hours). 

Unique articles are the ones that are not published online yet. And, the articles must be from the person who is submitting it. 

More information on PAYMENT can be found here.

Website Link back and Networking 

One of the ways to give prominence to your writings and blogs/website is to establish quality linkbacks and network online. As mentioned earlier, established writers and bloggers submit their published articles to get linkback to their blogs and social media profiles.

We started this blog in 2014 and our website in 2018. Both platforms, combined, have visits of over 200,000 visitors in the peak months of December 2019 and January 2020. Mostly from PNG and Australia.

Therefore, if you are a PNG Writer or blogger, get in touch. Submit an article and we'll link it back to you. 

Some examples

Here are some work on Education and Development (research work) and guest articles we published earlier. 

Article submission 

All articles submission should: 
  • have a brief writer's bio
  • be submitted as Word file to
writing for living
Earn Real Money Writing for us

Review stages

The articles submitted to us will be reviewed. It can take up to a week to get a response from us, and up to a month to see your article online. 

Meanwhile, we'll be in contact with writers who submitted articles to us to talk about payment. The payment can be either
  • online back deposit into personal accounts or
  • direct mobile phone credit top-up. 

More information is available on our website here.

Recommended articles for successful young people

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If you have a talent for something or someone tell's you that you are creative, these ideas will make you successful. CLICK ON THE LINKS TO GET FREE INFO.


Hilda David-Aipi said...

i would like to submit a draft resource guide and report that I have drafted but the Commission that I am working with has not endorsed or disregarded my work.
is it possible?

Hilda David-Aipi said...

Thank you for creating this website for us to use.
I am blessed to know that potential writers and thinkers will have their articles and thoughts paid for which will motivate them to write more.

I also would like to know if resource guides,reports,etc that are done in the course of work but not being used or approved by bosses can be submitted here to share the content of the write ups as time and effort have been spent in writing those documents and it would be a waste just to let them sit in out computers.

PNG Insight said...

Thank you Hilda. The articles must be about education and or development in PNG.

You can submit your work to us at

Unknown said...

Hi there, can I write about my life experiences as a young Papua New Guinean?



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