Make Money Online Instagram, YouTube, Shorts and more

A young man called Gabriel said most people (especially the social media savvy generation) don’t believe you can make money doing what you love.

They just don’t know how to.

Here is how he intended to show you a few different ways that you do it๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿผ. (Reposted from Gabriel Twitter thread)

Instagram money making idea

First, I want to say that this isn’t some way that you’ll make millions.

But this is a way that you can do what you love and make money.

1. Instagram

With Instagram, creating a page to showcase your work or sell your service can be huge.

Instagram is a lot less work than most other platforms.

You just have to learn how Instagram works.

2. YouTube

With YouTube, it’s the same concept a8 Instagram but you’re spending more time creating content.

YouTube is probably the hardest platform to learn but also the best.

You don’t have to rely on sales as much because of YouTube ad revenue.

Latest On YouTube - Monetise Shorts

If you love to share photos and short video from your mobile phone, YouTube #Shorts is going to be your thing.

In 2023, YT will monetise those videos - check out how to get into the YouTube Partners Program for Shorts.

3. Digital Products

If you know what you love to do, create digital products around it.

Courses, online guides, playlists, etc.

Basically, you just have to find an area that most people struggle in.

Then fill the gap with your product.

Find your interest, early

If I love music (which I do) I could create a playlist full of good songs and send it out to people.

Once it gets enough subscribers, artists will pay to be featured.

This is just one example, but this can be executed in almost every niche!

Now, these are just ideas and there’s a lot more to learn about each one.

The most important part is getting started with learning them and applying them.

Blog note: Hope this post motivates you to harness the power and creativity in you. It is a better way toward self-realisation, instead of looking for jobs.

Remember, what you create is yours. Working for a company or Gov't will one day come to an end.


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