PNG Telikom TV Info and FAQs

Telikom TV is a television service offered by the PNG Telikom. Telikom TV uses the internet to deliver 20 television channels. You can access and view the 20 channels, including the most popular being Netflix and Youtube. Telikom TV services are available in Port Moresby and recently launched in Lae.

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Here are the 7 FAQs from Telikom PNG about the IP TV service it offers to customers in POM and LAE:

Q1: What is Telikom TV?

Telikom TV is a value-added product that is offered on Telikom’s Fixed Broadband Internet (Copper & Fibre) service. Telikom TV provides Television Channel entertainment over the Internet.

There are 20 Channels that can be viewed via an Android TV Smart Box which is connected to the internet access (ADSL2+/GPON) and connected via HDMI cable to the HDMI in-port of a Television set.

Q2: What are the Channels currently available on Telikom TV?

The Channels currently available are:
  • EMTV
  • NBC
  • Pasifica TV
  • 9Life
  • 9Go
  • 9GEM
  • Channel 9
  • ABC
  • Euro News
  • Arirang TV
  • Channel 7
  • Russia Today
  • DW
  • Day Star
  • Aljazeera
  • NHK World TV
  • France 24
  • Hope Channel
  • EWTN
  • TRT News.

Q3: Do I require Internet Data to view Telikom TV?

Yes, you will require internet data to be able to view the Channels because Telikom TV is provided over the internet. The Android TV Smart Box has the Telikom TV android application pre-installed.
Accessing the Channels will be via the Telikom TV app. There are other Android applications that are installed in the Android TV Smart Box like Netflix, YouTube, FITE, TED, Red Bull TV, and Haystack TV that can be accessed using internet data.

Q4: How much is the Android TV Smart Box?

The Introductory price is K150.

Q5: Are there TV Plans to subscribe to?

No, there aren’t any TV Plans yet. For now, you only require internet data to access the 20 Free of Subscription Channels.

Q6: Will there be other Channels added to the current 20?

Yes, additional TV Channels and VOD contents will be offered soon.

Q7: Is the soft Launch in NCD only and is Telikom TV available in other centres

Telikom TV has been soft-launched in NCD only and will soon be rolled out to other Provincial Regions where ADSL2+/GPON is present.

Unlike the television services we are all accustomed to which uses antennas, satellite dishes and cables, Telikom TV provides these services through the internet. This form of television service is technically known as IP TV or Internet Protocol Television.

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