ECZ Exam Results 2020: Grades 7, 9 and 12 Updates

We have some visitors from Zambia on our blog lately. We infer they are checking the 2020 Grades 7, 9 and 12 results from the Examination Council of Zambia (ECZ). This post is an attempt to help our visitors from Zambia to find the right information about 2020 ECZ examination results.

ECZ Grade 12 Exam Results 2020

Grade 12 results 2020
Grades 12 results 2020 update

Grade 12 marking is going on at the moment. The examination marking is a delicate work and has to be handled with care. Here is what is likely to happen before the 2020 Grade 12 results are released to the public:

  • Making of the Grade 12 Examinations (in progress, done by markers)
  • Processing of examination marks and students school data (pending, done by ECZ)
  • An announcement that Grade 12 results are ready (pending, done my govt/education minister)
  • Release of Grade 12 results (after the announcement, done by ECZ)
  • Access Grade 12 results (by students)

The process needs to be followed thoroughly before the final results are released online to students to access. 

In the meantime, the Grade 12 exam results for 2020 are not out yet, together with the Grades 7 and 9 examination results. ECZ categorically dispel the message on social media that the exam result was released. (see below for more info) 

are grade 9 exam results out yet

2020 Grade 9 results - updates

Update #2: ECZ released a stament on its Facebook page on the 12 February 2021. See below

Minister of General Education, Hon. Dr Dennis M. Wanchinga, MP is today Friday, 12th February 2021 scheduled to announce the 2020 Grade 7 and 9 Examination results at 14:30 hours.

Candidates and parents will be informed on how results can be accessed once released.

The announcement will be covered live on this page.

By Corporate Affairs Unit


Update #1: The ECZ released a statement on their Facebook page, stating that the Grade 9 exam results for 2020/2021 are not out yet. Nor the results for Grade 7 and 12.

As mentioned above, the announcement circulated through social media has misled the students and stakeholders. In regards to the misleading announcements, Nicolas Nkhuwa  - spokesperson for Examination Council of Zambia (ECZ) - said the 

'“ECZ is concerned with the announcement circulating in some sections of social media purporting that 2020 Grades seven and nine examinations are out and available on mobile platform.

Mr Nkhuwa warned that the public should disregard the announcement because the examination council is working on the Grade 7 and Grade 9 examination results. See the screenshot.  

how to check grade 9 results

Are the Grade 7 results out?

Many students, parents and stakeholders are asking are the Grade 7 (and Grade 9) results out yet. From the outset, two events must take place before the exam results come out:

  • ECZ Completes processing of examination results, and
  • Ministry of General Education officially releases the results.

The ECZ spokesperson dispelled the announcement circulating about the results being available on the mobile platform. 

Past ECZ result dates

Here are the dates when the Grade 7 and 9  students accessed their results in the past, 2016 - 2019:


Dates results accessed




29 Dec 2019 – 4 Jan 2021


23 - 29 Dec 2018


17 - 25 Dec 2017 


18 - 25 Dec 2017 

Since 2016 the Grades 7 and 9 examination results have been released before the school year starts. Meanwhile, the best thing to do, now, is to wait and get an OFFICIAL announcement from the Examination Council of Zambia (ECZ) and the Ministry of General Education. 

We recommend checking the ECZ website for the latest news and updates on when the Grade 7 and 9 examination results are going to be released to you. 

Note: We also saw the Ministerial Statement (dated 20th October 2020) that you might find useful.

How to Check 2020 Grade 7 and Grade 9 results online

Here is how to check the results on the mobile platform when the exam result for Grades 7 and 9 are released. Importantly, note that the Transcripts of results are to be collected from the EXAMS CENTRES of candidates not form the  Examination Council of Zambia (ECZ), nor the Ministry of Education.

How to check the results in 5 steps

1. You open the new message pad on your Mobile Phone

2. Type the full Examination Number (Leave Space)

3. Type the Examination Year (Leave Space)

4. Type the Examination Grade and

5. Send to 8383

For example:

17345678912 2020 G7 and send to 8383

17345678912 2020 G9 and send to 8383

The checking of results is available to all networks with a service charge.

6 Steps to access ECZ Grades 7 and 9 e-statement of results

1.  Visit: Examination Council of Zambia (ECZ)

2. Click on the number 4 link which reads “e-Statement of Results” on the list of links available on the portal

e-Statement of Results 2020


4. Select the level you want to check the results for in the select box example, Grade 9 or GCE

5. Then click on “CONTINUE”

6. Enter the correct “EXAMINATION NUMBER” and click on “CONTINUE”

The result will display, showing all the details of the candidate.


Note: The document is in PDF format, so you must have a PDF reader installed on your device.

For more information and inquiries, please visit the official website 

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