2022 Grade 11 Selection List PDF or login

This brief post aims to give an update on the trending stories we are following in regards to 2022 Grade 11 selections for high and secondary schools in the country. The Education Department (through the ICT and General Education Services Divisions) have not released the selection listing in PDF on the department's website, yet. 

Last year (2020), the education department had hinted that the Grade 11 students for 2021 would be using passwords to log in and see their Grade 11 selections status. However, this did NOT happen. The selection list was, in fact, published in PDF files.

Information is sketchy for this year's (2021) Grade 11 selection for the 2022 academic year. If nothing is happening, we would like to think that the 2022 Grade 11 selection listing will come out, as usual, published as PDF files. 

Latest update NOV 2022: The Grade 11 selection listing for 2022 is NOT now out yet. Here is the date the selection will happen - read this latest article.

Grade 11 Selection List 2022 Published

IMPORTANT UPDATE 22 DEC 2021: The Grade 11 Selection Lists for all the Regions and Nationa High Schools are OUT NOW (22nd DECEMBER 2022). 

As we predicted, the list came out 2 weeks after the Grade 11 Selection Committee had completed the selection. 

The education department website is slow due to a high volume of traffic. You may find this frustrating, so go easy.


There appears to be a new *Grade 11 selection menu* (marked in the image below). But, detail on how to access the final listing for 2021 is sketchy at the moment.

Please note that we will keep our visitors updated as soon as we see the Grade 11 Selection published (and or released officially) for public benefit. 

Latest Update - Grade 11 Selections PDF List

Grade 11 selection PDF List 2022

How past Grade 11 selection list published

The 2020 Grade 11 selection list was published in PDF form similar to other lists published in the past years. And the lists are arranged in regions like the Grade 11 Selection List For Secondary Schools in 2020 shown below.
  • 2020 Grade 11 Selection List For Highlands Region
  • 2020 Grade 11 Selection List For Momase Region
  • 2020 Grade 11 Selection List For New Guinea Islands Region
  • 2020 Grade 11 Selection List For Southern Region

There was no need to log in or anything. You just download the PDF file and search for your name, like what we show our readers earlier here

How to access PNG Grade 11 selection list 2022

Official Release Date of 2020 Grade 11 Selection

The official announcement of the date for the release of the Grade 11 selection was published on the Education Department website,  dated 07/12/2020. 

The public notice indicated December 18th 2020 (today) for the release of the selection listing.

The listing was not released officially by the Education Department at the time of this article. Meanwhile, we wait patiently for the official release of the Grade 11 selection list for 2021.

Grade 11 selection list 2021 PDF download

Work in progress?

At the moment, we think that the ICT Division of the National Education department is working on their website to get the list up. This is what we see...

Date for Grade 11 selection list 2022
The best thing to do is to check the department's website for the latest on Grade 11 Selection listings.

If you have any questions, please check out the articles here:

Grade 11 Selection Login 

A new menu for *Grade 11 selection* appears on the education department website. There is no instruction about how students, parents and citizens will log in. We can only infer (guess) that it will be the same step (for login) as the Grade 10 online selection where a student uses:
  • Surname,
  • Given-name, and
  • School Leaver's Number
We are NOT clear about how the login works. So, stay in tune or check out the education department's website for FULL DETAILS. As mentioned, we will let you know if/when we know what is happening.

New Login Menu for Grade 11 selection 2022

The above is the new login menu for Grade 11 Selection checks. No clear detail has emerged yet, even the date (Friday 18th December 2020) has lapsed. 

This blog hopes that the department apologises, and immediately releases the 2021 Grade 11 selection listing.

If the Education Secretary nominates a due date, it is ONLY right that the divisions/sections responsible for facilitating the release of the Grade 11 national online selection MUST (and should) meet the deadline. No excuses!

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