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My PNG Exam Slow: What to Do

The My PNG Exam Results.Com portal has been experiencing a significant increase in traffic, leading to slower response times and delays in accessing exam results. This surge in visitors can be attributed to the portal's popularity and the release of exam results. 

While the portal's infrastructure has been designed to handle regular traffic, the sudden influx of users has put a strain on its resources.

My PNG Exam Results.Com portal slow 

The My PNG Exam Results.Com portal's slow performance has caused delays and frustration for students seeking their exam results. Most websites on shared hosts and slow cloud servers often do not perform well under heavy traffic. 

A dedicated cloud server close to or within PNG can resolve this issue by providing exclusive resources, ensuring faster response times even during peak traffic. The education department should prioritise this migration to guarantee a seamless user experience for all.

Here are suggestions to help you check your exam results. 

Access your PNG exam results quickly and easily through the My PNG Exam Results platform, available at Get your exam results anytime, anywhere, and stay updated on all the latest information regarding PNG education.

2G/3G Network Users

If you're on a 2G network, it may be difficult or impossible to access the portal. Consider moving to an area with better network coverage, preferably near a telecom tower, to improve your connection. 

For those with a 3G or faster network, try accessing the portal during less congested periods, such as early mornings or late evenings.

My PNG Exam Result App

Smartphone users can now access their exam results with greater ease and efficiency by utilising the My PNG Exam Result App. This mobile application, available on the Google Play Store, offers a streamlined experience tailored specifically for mobile devices. 

Unlike accessing the portal through a web browser, the app significantly reduces loading times and provides a more stable connection, ensuring that you can quickly retrieve your results without the frustrating delays often encountered on the web portal.

Mobile-Laptop Hot-Spotting

If you need to access the portal on your laptop, consider using mobile data to hotspot the device. This method allows your laptop to connect to the internet through your mobile phone's data connection. 

While it may not be as stable as a dedicated internet connection, it can provide access to your exam results when alternative options are unavailable.

This uses up a lot of data, but it will work fast.

Best Practices for Optimal Performance

If the portal remains sluggish, try clearing the cache and cookies on your device before attempting to access it again. 

This simple step can often resolve temporary performance issues. Additionally, avoid refreshing the page excessively, as this can further slow down the portal.

Urgent Access for Grade 12 Students

For Grade 12 students, particularly those seeking admission to higher education institutions, accessing their exam results promptly is crucial. 

Knowing your exam results can provide valuable insights when adjusting your NOAS applications

If you have urgent needs, consider accessing the portal during off-peak hours or through the My PNG Exam Result App.

Patience and Understanding

The My PNG Exam Results.Com portal is currently experiencing congestion due to high traffic volume.

Please be patient and understanding as it will improve when internet traffic slows down. In the meantime, consider using the recommended alternative methods to access your exam results.

My PNG Exam Results 2023 Grade 12

The Grade 12 Exam results 2023 for Grade 12 for Secondary Schools and National Schools of Excellence were released on the 8th of December 2023. This also includes the National Schools of Excellence STEM results. 

Parents and students can now access the results at online portal. It is not a government website, but an outsourced gig, an initiative of the Measurement Services Division. To access the Grade 12 results, 
  • visit the online portal, 
  • enter your username and password and 
  • login. 
It is as easy as that! If you have any problem, check out the instructions here, as well as a video guide by PNG Insight.

The education department has also released the ranks of the top performing secondary and national schools of excellence during the release of My PNG Exam Results 2023 Grade 12. 
Below is the list of top Grade 12 Schools in the country. 

Check out PNG Insight on YouTube for information on Grade 10 & 12 Selections - click here

top 20 secondary schools in png 2023

Top 10 Govt and Agency Schools, Grade 12

  • 10. Goroka Secondary School (EHP)
  • 9. St Gabriel's Secondary School (Western/North Fly)
  • 8. Marianville Secondary School (NCD)
  • 7. Lihir Secondary School (New Ireland)
  • 6. Cameron Secondary School (Milne Bay)
  • 5. St Ignatius Secondary School (Sandaun)
  • 4. Busu Secondary School (Morobe)
  • 3. St Charles Secondary School (NCD)
  • 2. Mt Hagen Secondary School (WHP)
  • 1. Paglum Adventist Secondary School (WHP)

Private Schools: Top Performing Secondary Schools in PNG 2023 

  • 10. OLSH Vunapope Secondary School (ENBP)
  • 9. Nonu Institute Private School (NCD)
  • 8. Sacred Heart (Vunapope) International (ENBP)
  • 7. Goroka Grammar (EHP)
  • 6. Pom Grammar (NCD)
  • 5. Highlands Lutheran International School (Enga)
  • 4. OLSH International (New Ireland)
  • 3. St Joseph International Catholic College (NCD)
  • 2. Hagi  International School (WNBP)
  • 1. Paradise College (NCD)

National Schools of Excellence Rank 2023

  • 6. Wawin (MRI 93.53%)
  • 5. Aiyura (MRI 94.96%)
  • 4. Port Moresby (MRI 97.13%)
  • 3. Passam (MRI 98.16%)
  • 2. Kerevat (MRI 98.37%)
  • 1. Sogeri (MRI 99.17%)

The compilation of the top-performing schools from 2019 to 2022 is available here. Check to see which schools have been performing consistently in the Grade 10 and Grade 12 exams.

My PNG Exam Results 2023 for Grade 10 and Grade 12: Release Date

The much-anticipated My PNG Exam Results 2023 for Grade 10 and Grade 12 will be released on the 8th of December 2023. The Education Minister, Jimmy Uguro made this announcement during the 28th graduation ceremony of Port Moresby National School of Excellence in the National Capital District.

Want to know, exactly, how the Grade 12 selection takes place? Find out here

My PNG Exam Results 2023 

Minister Uguro stated that the results would be published online, allowing parents and students to easily access them. He also mentioned that the Education Department is currently working on a system to recognise the country's top-performing students, teachers, and schools.

First Assistant Secretary of the Measurement Services Division of the Education Department, Arulappan Packiam, said that his division is still conducting quality checks and data entry to ensure that students receive accurate marks.

MSD plans to publish the 2023 Grade 10 and Grade 12 exam results on the scheduled date which is the 8th of December, 2023.

My PNG Exam Results 2023 Grade 10 Exam results online

Impact of Grade 11 Selection 2023/2024

The General Education Services Division, a sister division of MSD, scheduled the Grade 11 selections for 2024 from the 4th - 8th of December 2023. However, with the release of the Grade 10 results pegged to the 8th of December, GES will have to re-schedule the Grade 11 selection. 

This means that GES selections for Grade 11 students to the National Schools of Excellence and Secondary Schools will start after the exam results come out. 

If you are a Grade 10 or Grade 12 student who wants to get your final marks (and Grades re-checked), here is how to do it.

My PNG Exam Results 2023 - Grade 12 results online

Grade 12 (DHEST) Online Selection 2023/2024

The Grade 12 students will have plenty of time to adjust their choices on the National Online Application System (NOAS).

As soon as students see their results, they can log in to their NOAS accounts and adjust their school leavers' choices by checking their ''My Back Up Programmes" and "My Eligible Programmes". Read about the difference between these two choices here.

Fr Jan Czuba, Acting Secretary of the Higher Education, Research and Science Technology Department (DHERST), stated that tertiary student selections would be made after receiving Grade 12 exam results from the Education Department.

NOAS My Back Up Programmes" and "My Eligible Programmes - DHERST

Check My PNG Exam Results

Students can check their Grade 10 and Grade 12 results online. Here is an article that explains how to check the My PNG Exam Results 2023 online.

In conclusion, the release of the My PNG Exam Results 2023 for Grade 10 and Grade 12 is eagerly awaited by students and parents. The Education Department is working diligently to ensure that the results are accurate and published on the scheduled date of the 8th of December.

My PNG Exam Results 2023: When to Expect Results

The National Department of Education in Papua New Guinea (PNG) is currently cleansing exam data for the 2023 Grade 10 and Grade 12 exams. This is a routine process to ensure the accuracy and reliability of results. Once the data cleansing process is complete, the results will be uploaded to the My PNG Exam Results website (

PNG Insight Updates on: 2023, my png exam results 2023 grade 12, my png exam results 2023 grade 10, my png exam results 2023

Important Dates 2023

The following are important dates related to the release of the 2023 Grade 10 and Grade 12 exam results and the selection process:

The release of the PNG Exam Results 2023 is the work of the Measurement Services Division (of the NDoE). They will make an announcement about when to check the exam results before (or during) the selections.

Update 02.12.2023: Education Department has announced the Grade 10 and Grade 12 Exam Result release date, get the details here.

Grade 11 & DHERST Selections Impacts on Results Release Dates

The release dates for Grade 10 and Grade 12 exam results have important implications for the selection process. MSD must meet the deadline set by its sister division, General Education Services, and Higher Education Department, DHERST.

Grade 11 selectors need the Grade 10 results before the 4th of December 2023 to begin the selection process for the 2024 academic year. Similarly, DHERST needs the Grade 12 results for selection, but more importantly, students need their results between the 12th and 15th of December 2023 to adjust their preferences during the NOAS Grace Period.

Therefore, the exam results must be released before the selections begin. Any delay in the release of the exam results will have ripple effects and cause delays in the release of the Grade 11 selection lists and DHERST Grade 12 Selection.


Ensure accuracy in your Grade 12 results by requesting a re-check or re-marking. While underutilised, this valuable service can rectify errors. To find out how to request this service, click here.

Grade 12 Exam Results 2023 PDF

Availability of Results

The exact date for the online release of Grade 10 and Grade 12 exam results has not yet been announced. However, based on past release dates, students can expect their results to be available in early December 2023.

Once the My PNG Exam Results website is reactivated, students can check their results by following these steps:

1. Go to

2. Enter your School Leaver's File (SLF) number and name

3. Click on the "Check Results" button to login

Here is how to check the Grade 10 and Grade 12 exam results

In conclusion, the Measurement Service Division of the Department of Education will communicate the exact release dates for the 2023 Grade 10 and Grade 12 exam results. 

Students, parents/guardians, and educators are advised to stay tuned for official announcements for the release of the Grade 10 and Grade 12 exam results for 2023.

Key Points

  • The My PNG Exam Results website is currently offline.
  • Exam results are typically available in early December.
  • Grade 11 selectors will need access to  2023 Grade 10 exam results before the 4th of December to participate in the Grade 11 National Selection.
  • Grade 12 students will need access to their results before the 12th of December to adjust their preferences during the NOAS Grace Period.

Here is a video that you will find useful. 

My PNG Exam Results 2023 - Grade 10 and Grade 12 Login

The PNG Department of Education and Measurement Services Division (MSD) initiated My PNG Exam Results website (URL: This is the website Grade 10 and 12 students in the country use for checking the 2023 results. It is wholly paid for by the NDoE/MSD and run by a group called Pure Maths.

This article will help you understand the exam, marking and exam data as you anticipate the  My PNG Exam Results 2023 and what to do if you have problems logging in.

png grade 12 exam results 2023 - png results pg - how do i get my png exam results?

Login and check Grade 10 and Grade 12 Exam Results 2023

Read the latest on Exams, Exam results and Grade 11 Selections on PNG Insight, follow the links.

PNG Insight has covered this topic extensively in the past four years. It has been a source of information for the Grades 10 and 12 students in the country.

You can watch the video on the PNG Insight YouTube channel or the embedded video below. It shows Grade 10 and Grade 12 students how to login to the PNG Exam Results website and what to do with their results.

What does My PNG Exam results website do?

The PNG Exam Results website is an online platform for checking the Grade 10 and Grade 12 provisional exam marks. It also has the capability for MDS data officers and provincial exam coordinators can input data into the system - but these functions have not been fully utilised at present.

The online results website started in 2018. This year will be the 5th year running. 

In brief, exam data sheets enter the MSD office after marking Grade 10 and Grade 12 exams and also from the schools in the country. The Students' Data from the internal school-based assessments and external examinations are manually entered, checked, re-checked and finalised for the final Grade 10 and Grade 12 results.

It is intensive work that the MSD officers and schools do to ensure all the marks, grades and certificates are ready.

My PNG Exam Result Website (

An external developer controls the backhand of the Exam Results website. They upload the Grade 10 and Grade 12 students' examination data files to the website. This happens after MSD's checks and balances. It is the final step before the students can check their results online.

MSD does most of the work as it is its responsibility.

Notably, the website's URL does not have like the NDoE website ( and other government departments do. 

As mentioned, the platform belongs to the NDoE and houses the Grade 12 and Grade 10 examination data. But, hosted on a different WEB-HOST and URL.

It is a matter for the education department to localise the HOST and URL. Hence, localising the students' data.

When is PNG Grade 10 and Grade 12 results coming out?

From past experience, the Grade 10 and Grade 12 results usually come out at the same time, in December every year. It is a time-bound activity that the education department (NDoE) had to get it right so that the higher education department (DHERST) could do the Grade 12 selection on time.

MSD gives the results to the Grade 11 selection committee and DHERST. They will use the results for the 2023 Grade 11 selection and Grade 12 selections.

The students can access their PNG Exam Results 2023 when (as soon as) the Grade 11 and Grade 12 selections are happening.

As for the Grade 12 student, this is the right time to log in to NAOS and make changes to your choices - this article will help you with that!

MUST do - Grade 10 and Grade 12 students

Here are three things you must do upon login to the MY PNG EXAM RESULTS website (

  • 1) You must change your password to a more secure one
  • 2) Download a PDF version of your exam results 2023
  • 3) Grade 12 students, you must log in to NOAS and make changes to your choices where necessary.

Comment and questions

If you have a question, write it in the 'comment' section. Or, follow the links to PNG Insight's videos. Get more info on Grade 10 and Grade 12 exam results and Grade 11 and Grade 12 (DHERST) selections 2023.

MEHRD Exam Results 2023 and Form Placements 2024 Updates

PNG Insight has seen many visitors from the Solomon Islands, especially to check on the study in higher institutions in Papua New Guinea. Here is some additional information on MEHRD Exam Results 2023, Forms 4, 6, 7 Placements 2024 and the Scholarships Offer Letters that you may find helpful.

New information available here pertaining to 2024 Placements for Forms 4, 6 & 7 - CLICK HERE to find out.

form 4 placement 2022-2023 solomon islands

Here is some information about SITESA and SIG Scholarship. Click on the links to find out about each scholarship for Solomon Islands citizens in the country and overseas.

MEHRD Exam Results 2023

The secondary school exams ended in November. Many students are anticipating the MEHRD exam results 2023.

But, when will the exam results come out? MEHRD publishes the exam results in March every year. Last year's examination Results for Years 9,11 & 12 were ready on the 8th of March 2023. So, expect this year's results to come out early in March 2023.

The best place to check is the Solomon Islands government's website (MEHRD news page). They usually do a 'press release' to keep the public informed.

How to Check MEHRD exam results?

The 2023 exam results are in PDF. You can download and check your names. To check the MEHRD exam results for 2023, follow the steps below.

  • Step 1. Go MEHRD website, click here
  • Step 2. Click on 'Exam Results'
  • Step 3. Hit the blue link ' access exam results...'
  • Step 4. At the download page, open the examination folder 
  • Step 5. Open the 'Exam Results 2023' folder
  • Step 5. Check for your school's name and download the PDF file.
Now, you can check for your name.

Form 4, 6, 7 Placements 2023

The MEHRD Form Placements are out at the same time as the exam results and are available on the education department's website. 

To check the Form 4, 6, and 7 placements, follow Steps 1 - 3 outlined above. From Step 4, instead of opening the Exam Folder, you have to open each Form's placement folder. The image shows the folder that contains the Form 7 placement.

MEHRD Form 7, Form 4 and Form 6 placements 2022-2023

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People - Feature Video

This is a must-watch video - it is a powerful summary of the inspiring book The 7 Habits to Highly Effective People.

 Offer letters for the 2023 scholarships 

The Solomon Islands Tertiary Education Skills Authority (SITESA) will announce the dates for issuing scholarship offer letters. 

In practice, SITESA will prepare the 2023 scholarships before April and advertise the awards thereafter. 

You can also find out about SIG Scholarship and how to apply online, here.

New Zealand NCEA Results 2023: When does NCEA results come out 2024

When does NCEA results come out in 2024: More than 160,000 students can view their 2023 NCEA results on the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) website. Here are some details of the NCEA results release date and how to check the results.

NCEA results 2024 release dates - when does ncea results come out 2023

When Does NCEA results come out 2023/2024?

Last year,  NCEA exams were released on the same date. In addition, significantly more students showed up to sit for the exams unlike the COVID years, 2020 - 2022.

According to NZQA, NCEA results will be released online on 17 January 2024 and New Zealand Scholarship results will be released on 8 February 2024. Students can access their NCEA results online at the NZQA website. 

The scholarship students will wait three weeks longer. Their results won't be available until the end of the first week of February 2024.

How to check your exam results on NZQA student portal

  • Visit the NZQA website.
  • Click on 'Students and Learners Login'.
  • Enter your Email or Username.
  • Click Login.
That it!

If you have difficulty accessing your results, contact NZQA.

NZQA NCEA results 2023 - when does ncea results come out 2023 - 2024

Need help with NCES results 2024 release date?

NZQA’s call centre will stay open until 8pm tonight.
It has been expanded with trained staff to ensure we can answer students’ queries about their results, as well as a specialist team of experienced advisors to offer further guidance.

Contact NZQA

Students unsure of their National Student Number (NSN) or Student Login password can contact NZQA’s contact centre:

  • through the website’s ‘chat’ function,
  • on 0800 697 296 or 
  • by emailing 

For privacy reasons, NZQA can give results and NSNs only to the students themselves.

NCEA marked papers, reviews & considerations

Students can view marked NCEA exams through the Student Login late in January 2024, a change from previous years, where these have been returned through the post.

After their marked papers are available, students have until 25 February to apply for a review or reconsideration.

New Zealand Scholarship exam results date

Students who sat New Zealand Scholarship exams will be able to view their results online in February, and after the papers are returned, they can apply for a review or reconsideration until March.

The scholarship students will wait three weeks longer. Their results won’t be available until Wednesday the 8th of February 2024.

Readers note:

This information is provided for the benefit of our visitors from New Zealand. This information is updated to fit the format we use on PNG Insight. If you have any questions about the 2023 NCEA exam results and 2024 results release date, please contact NZAQ directly.

PNG Written Expression Papers and 2024 Dates

The Grade 10 and 12 students do their Written Expression Examination (WEX) every year in June and August, respectively.

The Written Expression Examination for 2024 is as follows:

  • Lower Secondary School Certificate Written Expression (Grade 10): Thursday, June 6, 2024
  • Upper Secondary School Certificate Written Expression Exam (Grade 12): Monday, August 5, 2024
  • See the national exam dates for Grades 8, 10 and 12

Where to get the Written Expression Exam Papers?

The WEX past exam papers are available in schools. You will have used the past year's paper in your Mock Exam. 

So, in preparation for your Grade 10 (or Grade 12) WEX papers (which is your first proper national examination), you should ask your English and Literature teacher for a copy.

This will help you familiarise yourself with the type of reading materials (scripts)  and format that you are likely to come across in the real exam.

Who sets the Written Expression Examinations?

The Department of Education, through the Measurement Services Division, sets the WEX for Grade 10. 

The Grade 12 WEX is set by an external (English and Literature) subject expert from the University of Goroka.

The Education department depends on provincial education officials and schools to conduct the examinations.  

Students have been encouraged to give their best in honesty and let their talents shine through.

png grade 12 written expression exam papers 2024

How do markers mark the Written Expression?

Selected English teachers mark the Grade 10 written expression exam papers in each province. On completion, the provincial examination officer in the province sends the marks to the MSD office in Port Moresby. 

As for the Grade 12 WEX, the MSD selects English and Literature teachers from each province as markers. The markers go to Port Moresby for a week to mark the WEX papers.

They mark the WEX papers in regional groups - Southern, Momase, New Guinea Islands and Highlands.

It is an intensive marking where the papers undergo several checks before the final marks are awarded to each script.

Grade 10 & 12 Written Expression concerns

Provincial authorities and schools have to run a fair and cheat-free written expression examination. 

The education department often encouraged local education authorities to be vigilant and security conscious from the storage in school to the actual completion of the Examination. 

To ensure the smooth running of the examination, the Head Teachers, Principals and Deputies are advised to remain within the school campus during the conduct of all Examinations.

However, many principals, headteachers and deputies tend to leave the school grounds on exam days.

Who ensures cheat-free exams in PNG?

The following provincial education officials and school heads are responsible for a cheat-free and fair Grade 10 and Grade 12 written expression examination, nationwide.

  • Provincial Education Advisers, 
  • Provincial Examination Supervisors, 
  • Senior Secondary Schools’ Inspectors, 
  • Guidance Officers, 
  • Principals of Secondary Schools
  • Head Teachers of all Provincial High Schools.

For the Grade 10 and Grade 12 students sitting the National Written Expression Examinations this year, we wish you 'all the best!'

NESA National Examination 2023 Results - RWANDA

NESA Rwanda Exam 2023 Results is the work of the National Education and School Inspection Authority of Rwanda. This statutory body organises and runs school inspections and examinations (P6, S3, S6 GE, TVET or TTCand reports on them to the people and govt of Rwanda. 

IMPORTANT: We are an education blog and do get some visitors from Rwanda and Africa, generally. This article serves as an info-service for our visitors from the beautiful country of Rwanda. 

Check out the latest on Rwanda's NESA exam results 2023, click here.

When will NESA national examination 2023 results come out? result 2023

The National Education and School Inspection Authority released the Rwanda NESA result in 2023.

Meanwhile, students log in to the exam portal or use SMS to get their results for P6, S3, S6(GE), TVET and TTC for 2023. 

Note that NESA released the 2022 exam results on Tueday, September 12th 2023. Parents, teachers, students and all stakeholders have been waiting for the 2022/2023 NESA results to come out. It is out now and everyone should check their results online or via SMS. Read on to find out how to check NESA EXAM RESULTS.

Visit this page for more updates...or check this website for more info on Rwanda Schools and Results.

The S6 and P6 results should be available anytime from now. 

If you want to follow-up, go to the:

For the 502 Bad Gateway, see below why it happened.

NESA Rwanda Exam 2023 Results

The National Education and School Inspection Authority (NESA) of Rwanda has a nice website with up-to-date information for exam takers, schools and other stakeholders.

If you would like to check your results ONLINE or by SMS, you'll find the steps below helpful. result 2023 - nesa national examination 2022 results

How to Check NESA 2023 Results?

Go to >>>

1. Choose a 'Level' (P6, S3, S6 GE, TVET or TTC),

2. Enter 'Registration' Number (Your candidate/index number)

3. Click on the blue 'search button'

Now your selected NESA National Examinations Results will appear. You can download the result or print it for future use.

How to Check NESA Rwanda Exam 2023 Results by SMS?

Students can access their 2023 NESA Rwanda exam results by SMS to 4891.

 P6, S3 and S6 – index number and send SMS to 4891. Here is how to do it:

1) Open your text message box.

2) Enter the SMS number: '4891'

3) Enter 'level' and 'registration number (NO SPACE)

4) Press 'send'. result 2023 - nesa results 2022 s3 rwanda national examination

There may be a network charge for this service, your results will be sent to your phone. 

Contact NESA Rwanda

Contact NESA by email or reach the Rwanda Ministry of Education on Twitter via the handle @Rwanda_Edu

We hope you find this info helpful. If you are coming from Rwanda, please leave a message below and let us know what you think. This will help us to provide the relevant information in regards to the NESA Exam Results from your country.

We would advise you to check out NESA website for any latest news and updates in regards to the 2023 NESA Exam Results.

502 Error Bad Gateway

result login error- result 2023

If you see the 502 messages, it means a huge volume of traffic is visiting the website at the same time.

All you have to do is try again at a later time when there is no internet-traffic queue for your chance to log in and check your results. Alternatively, use SMS to get your results.

How to Check Matric Results 2023 Online and via SMS in January 2024

What to find out how to check matrics results for 2023? This article will help. Candidates can check their matric results in 2024 online or via USSD and SMS. This year, you can also see your results published in the newspapers.

This article (linked) provides a step-by-step guide to how to check your Matric Results.

matric results 2023 release date - matric results isolezwe news today matric results news 24 matric results 2022 news

When is the Matric result 2023 coming out?

The Department of Basic Education announced that the national matric results for learners in public schools are expected to come out on the 19th of January 2024 like they did last year (20th January 2023). In fact, the 2021 Matric results were released on exactly the same date too. 

The individual results will be made available online the day after the announcement of the release of the matrics results, 2024.

Grade 12 students (the Matric Class of 2023) can access their results online or via mobile phone. Also, the results can be collected at your local schools.

As expected, the Minister of Basic Education Angie Motshekga will announce the outcome of the final exam on the 18th of January 2024.

A new article is available here for the ''2024 Matric Results Release Dates'' and ''How to Check the Results via SMS/Online'', click here to find out.

How to check Matric results via SMS and online

The Department of Basic Education staff and support staff will provide help to students and stakeholders who may face problems accessing their results online or via USSD and SMS. 

The best way to get help would be to, directly, contact your school or provincial education authority.

In case you want to get in touch with DBE, send an email to

Here are some clear instructions for accessing Grade 12 results online and via USSD or SMS. This article also has links to reliable sources where you can get the latest updates.

Past updates: 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023

The updates below are from last year. The dates will give you an idea about when the results came out; and how the Grade 12 students access their results.

More details via the link 

  • Update #2: The Minister of Basic Education, Angie Motshekga, will announce the release of the 2020 matric results on the 22nd of February 2021.
  • Update #1: Students will be able to access their results on the 23rd of February via SMS, USSD, newspapers or at their examination centres.

Exams Results and 2024 Selections Dates - Grade 12, 10 and 8

The period from October 2023 to January 2024 holds great excitement for students in Papua New Guinea as they await the release of the 2023 Exam Results and the commencement of the 2024 Selections. 

Students in Grade 10, Grade 12, and Grade 8 eagerly anticipate the opportunity to progress in their education. 

2023 DEC Updates: List of 2023 Top Performing Schools in PNG now available - click here. You can also find out about How the Grade 11 Selection Committee does the selection in this article.

Exams Results and 2024 Selections Dates

For Grade 10 students, this means transitioning to Grade 11 or vocational centres, where they can further their academic pursuits or acquire practical skills. 

Grade 12 students, on the other hand, aspire to secure admission into tertiary institutions, which will pave the way for their higher education journey. 

Similarly, Grade 8 students eagerly anticipate moving up to Grade 9, marking a significant step in their educational progression.

Click here for the latest update on ''2024 Selections Dates''. 

Alternative Pathways

However, it's important to note that some students may explore alternative options, such as enrolling in programs like the Flexible Open and Distance Education (FODE), or in some cases, returning to their hometowns to pursue other avenues. Each student's unique circumstances and aspirations play a role in determining the path they choose.

Overall, this period is marked by anticipation and optimism as students in Papua New Guinea strive to continue their educational journey and unlock new opportunities for personal and academic growth.

Grade 10 National Exam Results and Selections

The Grade 10 national yearly exam results are usually released just before the Grade 11 Selection Conference on the first week of December.

The 2024 Selection lists for National High and Secondary Schools are, likely, to be published 2 weeks after the release of the results. That means that the selection committee will take a week to finalize the selection, and the education department will take another week to publish the list.

Here we take a look at why the Education Department needs to set the publication dates for the Release of Exam Results and Grade 11 Selection Lists, read about it here.

Grade 12 National Exam Results

The Education Department through the MSD will release the 2023 Grade 12 exam results to the Department of Higher Education, Research, Science, and Technology (DHERST) around the second week of December.

The Education Department (MSD) conducts the exams, coordinates marking, compiles students' exam marks and sends them to DHERST.

DHERST then uses the marks to select students for higher institutions.

2024 Grade 12 Selections Date

The Grade 12 students can check their examination results on/around December via the Education Department's (NDoE/MSD) website called My PNG Exam Results. This year the results came out on the 8th of December 2023.

Note that DHERST does not process the marks. DHERST usually takes less than a week to process the selection listings for tertiary institutions in the country.

It works in collaboration with universities, colleges, and other tertiary institutions to do the selection. But, first, the institutions MUST tell DHERST their quota - how many students they will accept for the academic year 2024.

So, unless the institutions provide the quotas on time DHERST will not release the listing.

It is important to note that the higher institutions NOT sending the quotas often resulted in delays.

2024 Grade 12 selection list download - png results

2024 Grade 9 Selection List

The Grade 8 exam marking, results, and Grade 9 selection are the responsibility of the respective provinces. The Department of Education passed this responsibility to the provinces.

The education department will send the Grade 8 certificates to the schools/provinces before the end of December every year. However, many provinces have failed to issue Grade 8 certificates to students.

Read about this failure and how the Education authorities Do the Grade 9 Selections.

2024 Grade 9 selection list download

2023/2024 Important dates Dates & Expectations

PNG INSIGHT UPDATES: Here are some important dates for examinations, results, and selections in Papua New Guinea. The expected dates are in reverse order and based on the past dates since 2021.

  • NDoE/MSD publishes Grade 10 national exam results: Late Nov - Early December 2023 DONE
  • Grade 10 and 12 Exam Marks and Data Cleansing: Completed by late Nov 2023 in time for the release of 2023 exam results to students, selectors and stakeholders. DONE
  • Grade 8, 10 and 12 Exam marking: October  - Nov 2023 DONE
  • Grade 10 National Examinations: October 2023. DONE
  • Grade 12 National Examinations:  October 2023. DONE
  • Grade 8 National Examinations: 24th to 27th October. DONE

Update 09.12.2023: All the exam processes are completed and results are released, here is what you expect to happen between now and January get the details here.

When is the 2023/2024 Grade 11 Selection list coming out?

Based on the dates above we can infer that the Grade 11 selection lists will be released before the mid- December 2023.

Bookmark this page or join PNG Insight on YouTube and stay tuned, we will bring you the latest updates as they happen. 

Here is further information about the Grade 11 selection that you may find helpful. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

You can also find out about PNG Insight's *NEW* maths exam resources website for Grades 12, 10 and 8 students in Papua New Guinea.



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