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2021 Grade 10 and Grade 12 Exam Results Login VIDEO Guide

In this article, you will find out how you can log in using your school leavers number to login to MyPNGExamResults website. The video explains how you can assess your results.

2021 Grade 10 students results

If you are a Grade 10 student checking on your 2021  exam results, follow these steps to access your results:

  • Visit the MyPNGExamResults website
  • Click on the green button to go to my exam result interface 
  • Take note of the login format (four digits of the year, provincial code two digits, school code three digits and candidate number four digits)
  • Enter your surname, given name and the 13 characters password
  • Click 'Get My Result'.
You will have 13 characters altogether you're a grade 10 student you should have 13 characters for your password with NO space.

By clicking on Click 'Get My Result' with the right password will give you access to the website where you can view your 2021 Grade 10 exam results.

Here is information that you will have to read if you want to know more about Grade 10 and 12 results and selections.

2021 Grade 12 students results

If you are a Grade 12 student, you will have 12 characters for your password - four digits of the year, two digits of the province, three digits of the school, and your candidate number will be three digits.

You must get the password to access your 2021 Grade 12 Exam Results

What to do when you access the MyPNGExamResults website?

There are two important things you should do when you ever access your results. The first thing is to download the pdf version of your Grade 10 or Grade 12 exams results. 

You must have a copy of your exam results on your phone or on your computer all the time. Avoid taking screenshots because it will do you no good. Show the PDF to your parents, teachers and principal. Even, go ahead and get the principal to sign and stamp the results. 

This is the result that the Grade 11 selections and tertiary schools selections are based on - if you do that, you have grounds to stand on when things go wrong. 

The second thing is to ensure that you change your password. Change it to a more secured password that only you can remember. Do not share your password details or even your marks with your friends

What to do if you STILL cannot log in

In a case where you cannot log in, try to interchange your surname and give-name, and check your SLF number. If you have three names and have problems, try several combinations before seeking help. 

If you are really stuck, one way is to go back to your school and confirm your password by checking your SLF number with your teachers or the deputy principal and the principal of your school.

Ask them to try the combination of your password and your username. After all the attempts, you still cannot access your results, the teachers at your school, deputy principal or the principal will have to call MSD (Measurement Services Division) and fix your problem.

We also compiled some information about Grade 10 and 12 selection that you will find useful, check it out.

NESA 2021 HSC exam results, timetable and Exam Dates

The NSW Education Standard Authority (NESA) has released the 2021 HSC exam timetable, exam dates, and the action plan for schools’ online data submission.

The official NESA Exam timetable can be found on their website. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the authority cautioned stakeholders and students to be aware that the key dates and deadlines currently listed are subject to change.

See the original information on PNG Insight

As per NESA 2021 HSC timetable, the School Online data submission will conclude in September 2021; and the examinations will begin on the 12th of October 2021. Read on to find HSC Board Exam Dates 2021 and Timetable.

HSC exam results 2021

HSC 2021 exam timetable

Higher School Certificate (HSC) key dates published by NESA include the start and finish of the written exam period, publication of timetables, and when results are released. View the different HSC exam timetable via the links provided:
• Important dates for the practical and performance exams.
• See 2021 School terms and public holidays for NSW Government schools.

‘Please be aware that the key dates and deadlines currently listed are subject to change due to the COVID-19 outbreak. NESA will continue to update you with exceptions and changes to relevant deadlines.’ NESA 2021

Term 4 Written Examinations dates

Access the written exam timetable here. The important dates are from 12th October to 4th  November 2021.

  • Tuesday, 12 October 2021 HSC written examinations commence.
  • Monday 1 November 2021 HSC student entries open.
  • Thursday, 4 November 2021 HSC written examinations conclude

NESA indicated that after the last HSC written examination, the HSC Assessment Ranks will be released to students via Students Online for 4 weeks. Students are to access their results by early December 2021.

NESA School Online data

Follow the Timetable of Actions for Secondary Schools timetable for the Year 12, 11 and 10 student data-related activities and deadlines that schools need to complete via Schools Online (Administration).
How to get your NESA School Online user ID and PIN/password?

  • Years 10 - 12 Principals call (02) 9367 8001.
  • Years K - 9 Principals call 1300 119 556.
  • Staff contact your Principal to create your Schools Online profile.

If you have forgotten your password, use the 'Forgot your password' recovery facility. This may help you to recover your online password, otherwise, your Principal can reset it for you.

2021 HSC exam results & school ranking

The HSC school ranking for 2021 comes out after the examinations and results are realised to students. Here is how Matrix Education is ranking the top 150 schools in NSW. They are using the performances of students in the end-of-the-year examinations to rank the schools (Note that the ranking given in brackets are the ranks by each category for 2020):

  • Breakdown of Top 150 NSW Schools (In 2020 Independents schools makeup 72% of the 150 schools analysed, followed by Govt/selective schools 18% and Govt/non-selective schools 10%)
  • Selective Schools/Government TOP 10 (James Ruse Agricultural High School, Carlingford, #1 in 2020)
  • Non-Selective Schools/Government TOP 10 (NBSC Mackellar Girls School, #1)
  • Independent Schools TOP 10 (Sydney Grammar School, Darlinghurst, #1)
  • Most Improved Schools (Sydney Grammar School, Darlinghurst, #1)
  • Top 150 Schools by Success Rate James Ruse Agricultural High School, Carlingford, (#1)

The 2021 HSC Rankings for schools are likely to follow the same ranking scheme. It is important to note that the ranking of schools is determined by the ‘performance’ of the students in the national examinations.

NSW Visitors note

We compile this information for our visitors from Australia and especially New South Wales. We hope that it gives you an idea about the 2021 NESA Exam timetable, key dates, 2021 result dates and schools’ ranking categories. Here is what NESA said and we thought we would repeat it for our visitors:

‘Please be aware that the key dates and deadlines currently listed are subject to change due to the COVID-19 outbreak. NESA will continue to update you with exceptions and changes to relevant deadlines.’ NESA 2021

If you need more information regarding the exams and 2021 Key Dates, please follow the direct links we provided here to NESA website.

The Mathematics Examinations Resources (MER) website has a good collection of HSC past exam papers, exam topics and study guides. Check out the link to the HSC Advanced Maths and General examination papers.

ZIMSEC November 2020 Results 2021 Release

Update #3: Zimbabwe Schools Examinations Council (ZIMSEC) on Monday 3rd May 2021 announced that the November 2020 Ordinary Level Results are out. Candidates who sat for the 2020 O Level examinations can collect their results from their respective schools and or the centres starting  3 May 2021.

Candidates can also get their results online from the Zimsec Results Portal.

Update #2: 22/04/3021: According to report by The Herald, the November 2020 Zimbabwe School Examinations Council (ZIMSEC) Advanced Level (A-Level) results will be out on Friday 23rd April 2020.

ZIMSEC Chairman Professor Mwenje is expected to issue a statement on the results.

Update #1 12/04/2021: Zimbabwe A-level and O-level students who sat for the November 2020 ZIMSEC (Zimbabwe School Examinations Council) examinations will get their results at the end of April or early May 2021. This update was made by the examination council early this month.

Updates: ZIMSEC O-Level and A-Level 2021

  • ZIMSEC A-Level results: April or early May 2021
  • Ordinary O-Level results: Mid May 2021
  • 2021 O-Level and A-Level  June Examinations suspended due to Covid-19 and school closures
  • Students to sit for November 2021 Examinations
zimsec o level results 2021

The examination council said 'preparations for the release of the results of the examination were at an advanced stage.' In an interview with the Herald, the Public Relations officer of the examination council said

“We [ZIMSEC] are expecting A-Level results end of this month or the first days of May, then Ordinary level results will follow later, we do not have the exact dates, but we are assuming everything will be in order by end of this month,” said Ms Dlamini. (15 April 2021)

ZIMSEC November results 2020

The examination council in the statement above gave the expected time of releApril or early May 2021ase of the results for November 2020 examinations. However, the exact dates for A-level and O-level results are yet to be made known to the public. 

We understand that ZIMSEC will communicate this to the public as soon as the release dates for 2021 are finalised.

ZIMSEC November 2021 examinations info

The June examinations are suspended. The students who had wanted to sit for June examinations will now join the large majority who are being prepared to sit in November 2021. That means that the students will have to get updates from their schools and ZIMSEC for any news before the end-of-the-year examinations.

Why is June 2021 Examination Suspended

ZIMSEC hinted that the suspension of the June Exams was due to Covid-19 and the closure of schools in the country in 2020. As a result, schools and students may not have covered the syllabus contents (topics). 

Here is the report from Zimbabwe Herald...

The decision to suspend the ZIMSEC June examinations arose from the delays in sitting for the public examinations at the end of last year [2020] and the alterations of the standard calendar for education this year caused by schools having to be closed for the first two and half months of this year to combat the second wave of Covid-19. (15 April 2021)

ZIMSEC A-level and O-Level results 2021

In the meantime, the one platform to get the latest updates in A & O - levels results is Zimbabwe School Examinations Council website ( But, ZIMSEC website and  Facebook page had not been updated regularly. 

In fact, the best place to get the latest news and updates is the Zimbabwe Herald and other mainstream news outlets. Or bookmark this page and check back for the latest news on examinations and results dates 2021.

About this blog.

We are an education blog. Our primary audience is Papua New Guinea, PNG. Lately, we saw a lot of visitors from Zimbabwe (and you are probably one of them). We created this article to point our visitors from Zimbabwe in the right direction. 

If you find this article useful, please share or join us on YouTube.

ZIMSEC Portal Results 2021 Online Login

This article attempts to help our visitors from Zimbabwe with information about ZIMSEC portal results for 2021. If you are visiting this blog from Zimbabwe, we hope you find the info helpful.

How to login to ZIMSEC Portal Result 2021

#2: Zimsec results are out on May 3 and will be available for 5 days.
#1:The results 2021 ZIMSEC O-level and A-level will be released in late April or early May. See the latest article here for more information.

ZIMSEC Grade 7 results portal login infographics

Readers can click here to select your region or direct to ZIMSEC Result Portal. There, you can follow the prompt and login to the portal. If you have not registered or got your login credidentials yet, see below the steps for registration.

How to register for ZIMSEC result portal 2021

zimsec portal result 2020

ZimSEC result portal is an initiative of the Zimbabwe School Examination Council (ZIMSEC)  started in November 2018. ZIMSEC the examination board of Zimbabwe. The board is responsible for examination and assessments; and certification at different levels of schooling. 

Students can access their Ordinary (O) level and A-level exam results for November 2020 where there is an internet connection using their computers, smartphones or devices that supports the internet.

The O level results for November is in view mode only. That means that students cannot download or print the ZimSec portal results but only view their results online. 

Register to access 2020 results

To access and view the 2020 O level results, students must register by creating a user's name and password. Here are steps for creating a new user name and password:

1. Register as a new user- Go to 'register centre'
2. When you have created your login details, you'll have to go to the 'home page' and sign-in to ZimSec Portal to view your Results

The students who have got the ZimSec Portal login details can go straight to the 'home page' and sign-in.

How to Register on ZimSec online portal

Here is how to register on the ZIMSEC online portal. You will need your examination details (Statement of Entry) to create your account. 

1. Visit Online Portal 1 or Portal 2

2. Enter the 6 digits Centre Number

3. Enter your 4 digits candidate numbers

4. Choose the correct session, level, year

5. Enter the Candidate Name as it appears on your Statement of Entry (You will have problem IF the Candidate Name is NOT the same as the name of the SoE)

6. Enter the date of birth in the format dd/mm/yyyy

7. Enter  User and 'strong' Password

8. Confirm password

9. Click on 'Register'

You can now go to the 'home page' and login to ZIMSEC portal to view your result. 

What to do if you have problem login to ZIMSEC portal

If you cannot create an account as a new user, the best thing to do is to check the details on your Statment of Entry again. Make sure the 6 digits of the Candidate number and your name are correct. Also, check ALL the registration requirements on the ZIMSEC online portal you have entered are correct. 

If you'd tried everything and you still have a problem, get in touch with the fantastic staff at ZIMSEC. They will be able to help.

ZIMSEC Grade 7 Results for 2020 - out

In an online conference on Friday 5th February 2021, ZIMSEC (Zimbabwe School Examinations Council) board chairman Professor Mwenje announced 2020 Grade 7 results were out. The students can access their ZIMSEC results for 2020 via the board's,

ZIMSEC arranged the 2020 Grade 7 results in 10 regions, R1 to R10. Check out the 2 steps infographics for more info. (Note: If you need to register, or have lost password, read on to find out how you can get help).

Meaning of acronyms/words
  • ZIMSEC - Zimbabwe School Examination Council 
  • O level - Ordinary (O) level 
  • The Council/Board - Zimbabwe School Examination Council 
  • Portal - Online platform for login & accessing examination results (See links in article)

About this blog.

We are an education blog. Our primary audience is Papua New Guinea, PNG. Lately, we saw a lot of visitors from Zimbabwe (and you are probably one of them). We created this article to point our visitors from Zimbabwe in the right direction. 

If you find this article useful, please share or join us on YouTube.