New PNG Police and Correctional Service Recruitment 2024

Are you interested in becoming a Royal PNG Police Constabulary (RPNGC) Officer or Correctional Service (CS) Officer? Here is what you need to know about recruitment for Police and CIS in 2024 for 2025.

If you have any questions, leave a comment in the 'comment section'. Alternatively, follow the links to the other pages where you can get the answers.

police recruitment 2024 application form

When is Police and CIS Recruitment 2024/2025 taking place?

The date for 2024 police and correctional service recruitment for this year is not out yet. However, according to a Post Courier report dated 4th January 2024, the recruitment for the defence force (including police and CS) will be transparent unlike in the past.

In previous recruitment drives, the police and CS hierarchy hinted that the recruitment is likely to happen in August and September.

  • Police recruitment in August 2024.
  • Correctional Service Recruitment in September 2024.
Meanwhile, keep an eye out for media releases from the police and CS commissioners a month before the recruitment starts.

New information on Police Recruitment 2024 for 2025 training is now available here.

PONG CIS Recruitment 2024 application form

Number of regular police officers and CS officers to be recruited

The number of spaces available for the recruitment of police and CS officers is less than 400 every year.

You must have high marks in Grade 12 English and Literature and Mathematics to make it. 

You can also apply to train to become a police or CS officer if you are already working. You must have good Grade 12 marks and be within the age range indicated on the application form (this is not out yet).

The numbers of regular police and CS officers recruited each year:
  • Police 400 trainees
  • Correctional Service 100 trainees

Click here to check out the latest on the 2024 CIS recruitment name list and training. The article has the latest updates on the cause of the delay in the release of the selection name list and the commencement of the 2024 warder training.

2024/2025 recruitment of the new Police and Correctional Service officers

If you are asking when will be the 2024 recruitment of the new Police and Correctional Service officers, this information will give you some answers. 

In preparation for the release of the official media statements, here are some resources that will help you:

Police recruitment application form 2024/2025




What to do before Police and Correctional Service commissioners release media statements?

The police and CS will release media statements about the recruitment drive in August and September, respectively. Also, note that there are only 400 and 100 spaces. 

Preparation is important if you want to make sure you are one of the few selected for 2024/2025 police and CS training. 

Use the links  (in blue) to find out what eligibility criteria, age brackets, Grade 12 marks, referees and any required documents.

Prepare the requirements and get them ready. 



Danny Fiya said...

I'm 100% very intrest to join the Police Force to serve my Province and Country.... said...

I'm very interested in joining police force because to safe my people and country as a whole so please admin could you inform me about application form for 2022/2023 .tanks and may God blessπŸ™.

Kitaaforum said...

I'm interested to join police force.

Unknown said...

Iam Terence Jacob I'm from simbu and I'm very confident in joining the police force as it was my greatest admirable job of all.A police officer is simply a law keeper and that is my greatest desire for without Law there's no is worth living and that is secured through Law. That's why I'm proud to become a member of the police force to maintain law and order and so as justice for our people and country as a whole

Fabian said...

Requesting application form for 2022-2023 police force recruitment please..

Elyboy said...

I am very much interested in joining the Police recruitment training for 2022 - 2023 to carry out law and order duties within Nation. So admin kindly let me know if the application is open for 2022 - 2023 recruitment.

Iso said...

Dear Sir/Madam ..I interested to apply for 2022 police force to carry out my career to build good leadership in law and order to crub all criminal activities are very seriously in Papua New Guinea.
Here your repuiment is well prepared and await for a application form from 2022 ...
Please do not hesitate my comments and let mi know when application is ready on the mobile #74505535 or above email address.
Thank you and god bless
Interested comments
(Isso Warimbi)

Mekendi Peter said...

Hi, I'm Mekendi Peter. I'm currently residing at 8Mile (NCD). I'm interested to join Royal Papua New Guinea Police Force in the coming year.
I only need to know when will be released of application forms and recruitment date. Please I need someone can inform me about it. Thanks..

Samuel.Kunto said...

Dear Sir/Madam,
I'm Samuel.Kunto who have a keen interest to join Royal PNG Police Constabulary. It is a really my dream. With due respect, would you please send me the latest 2022 new intake application form on my Email address:

Your consideration greatly appreciated

Rosie said...

Hi, kindly please provide me with the New Application forms 2022/2023 for Police and CS New Intake/Recruitment. Please forward to this email address here,
Your consideration will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Rawneeyx said...

Sir/Madam I am very interested in the Police recruitment. Please could you kindly email me the police application form for the DIRECT ENTRY POLICE OFFICER CADET to this Gmail address

Thank you.

Othniel Malasa said...

Othniel Malasa is my name and I am a teacher by profession and taught for six(6) years. I am interested in joining the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary and be part of the Police force. I am requesting for information for the actual date for the next recruitment and when will the application be published. Thank you in anticipating and waiting to hear or receive from you. Here is my digicel number 71920788 and email,

Doreen Numdi said...

Dear sir /Medam .
I am Doreen Numdi ,I'm very much interested in joining the police recruitment for 2022 to 2023 to carry out law and order within the nation .Admin would you please whatApp me an application form please .
This my digicDinumber 73391257.Ta

Daniel jacob said...

Dear sir/madam i'm very intrested in becoming Police officer to stop criminal activities to protect My beautiful nation and My Province aswell.Here i'm Daniel Jacob and currently i'm woking with Guard Dog security under CIT Units(CASH In Transit).
I'm a ARMSMAN and woking herein kimbe, WNB and so many criminal activities happinging here can we heard from newspaper and media aswell..i as a security officer i tried My best to protect My clints life and properits as My company rules and regulation and clints telling me to do.
If you good officers accept My applicant then i strongly belive that i can carry out duties as to save our peoples life and our beautiful country.

Kelly Malachi said...

Hello Dear Sir/ Maddam iam very interested in joining the RPNGC in the coming year 2023 . Iam a young capable male aged 24 and am currently taking up studies at Datec Learning Center a s well as working as a lance private freeT Technician. I really want to put my skills plus the little knowledge I have to good use and that is to do whatever it takes to help my country and it's citizens through RPNGC . I would be really humbled and be grateful if given the opportunity .

If there's any application forms or anything that concerns RPNGC recruitment please contact me via WhatsApp on 70590894

Thank you and God Bless πŸ‡΅πŸ‡¬
May you all have a joyous , wonderful and safe festive season . πŸ™

Unknown said...

Dear Sir/Madam.
please assist in providing the latest update to the online police recruitment.
Thank you and cheers/.

Peter Philip Mane said...

I Mr.Peter Philip Mane who's interested to join police force in PNG, I am teacher by profession who is currently teaching in PNG Simbu Province Gumine District Kumai Bomai LLG
Very interested to join the RPNGC Cadet.
Years of teaching is eight. If any possibility for me to join if there's a space please do not hesitate to contact me cell phone number 79340136/70800137
Or you can email me on
Thanks for your concern
Your response is greatly appreciated
Thank you
Peter Philip Mane

Brian Lesley said...

I am very much interested to join any disciplinary force with 100% keen interest

Tonny Mare said...

Sir.Iam tonny Mare who shown interest to be part in Royal PNG Constabulary and also to be part of Disciplinary force, also to protect people in the Nation.

benbalam said...

Is online application for police recruitment close or not yet

Lance Tiberame said...

Hi there,regarding cs recruitment. When will the successful candidates namlist publishes out for 2023 training intakes???


Being a police man is my dream job when I was a kid. Therefore, Iam really interested to be a Police man to enforce law and order in my home province and the nation as a whole. My own province WNB is now called Cowboy country therefore I want to be a Police man to try and bring change in my province.


What will be the recruitment date

Georgina-Akoi said...

When is the final intake list be released for 2023?

Georgina-Akoi said...

What month will the list be put out for this year..I'm very interested to know because I'm one of the 2022 new intake for 2023.

Fabian Krawasi said...

Dear Sir/madam
I would like to know the 2023 recruitment result for RPNGC. Would you guys please inform us about the month and date so we can go on line and see...thanks.

Liplip Daniel said...

My applications on for Police recruitment 2023 is still pending
What's the hold up?

Georgina-Akoi said...


Vincent Kambe said...

I'm Vincent Kambe who is very interested to join our disciplinary force(Police). I was applying since 2023 and was left out when during an interview. Please I'm appealing to you (the recruitment team) if I given a a second chance for the 2024/2025 recruitment.

Let me know when the application will be out.

Here is my email

I thank you for your time and consideration.

Vincent Kambe (Interest applicant)

Karum donoven said...

Im interested to apply for polic



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