Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary (RPNGC) Reservist Recruitment FAQ

PNG PoLICE reservist training FAQ

What age do I need to be to apply? 

To be considered you must be between 25 to 50 years of age. 

Are there minimum education requirements for entry into the RPNGC? 

Yes. A minimum of a Grade Twelve Certificate or equivalent technical or vocational qualification. You must have achieved at least a Grade of C in English and Maths. 

You must be able to provide original academic transcripts as evidence of your grades. 

What are the language requirements? 

You must be fluent in spoken English and Tok Pisin and can write legibly with clear meaning in English 

Is there an application form I need to complete? 

Yes. You are required to complete a formal application form. You will find it in the Reservist Application Pack, which can be obtained by sending a request to: 

Alternatively, you can obtain a Reservist Application Pack from your Provincial Police Headquarters or the National Police Headquarters at Konedobu in the NCD 

You must sign the application form to confirm that the information you provided is correct. 

Only applicants who complete all parts of the formal application form will be considered. 

To where should I send my completed application? 

It is preferred that you email your application to 

Alternatively, you can send your application to PO Box 85, Konedobu, NCD 

By when should my application be received? 

Applications received after midday on the 14 July will not be considered. 

Do I need to be a citizen of Papua New Guinea to join the RPNGC? 

Yes. Proof of PNG citizenship will be required as part of your application. RPNGC Careers Material: FAQ Updated March 2017 RW 

Do I need to meet a medical standard? 

Yes. You may be required to have a medical examination as part of the recruitment process. 

Do I need to be currently employed to apply to become a Reserve Member of the RPNGC? 

No. You must have three years of employment history but do not need to be currently employed. In the case of those not currently employed, you need your former employer to be one of your referees. 

Do I need to be physically fit? 

Yes. Reservist Training will involve physical fitness tests. 

Do I need to be a minimum height? 


What if I have a criminal conviction? 

To be eligible you must have no criminal convictions. Background checks will be conducted and fingerprints may be taken as part of the recruitment process. 

If a criminal conviction is found, you will be immediately disqualified from the recruitment process and, or recruit training. 

What is the process to become a Reserve Member of the RPNGC? 

The RPNGC recruitment and selection process aims to be consistent, fair and transparent. 

  • Step 1 – Commissioner of Police publicly invites applications 
  • Step 2 – Interested applicants request a Reserve Application pack 
  • Step 3 – Applications are submitted 
  • Step 4 – RPNGC shortlists eligible applicants 
  • Step 5 – RPNGC interviews short-listed applicants and seeks verification of their eligibility and may require the applicant to undergo a medical examination 
  • Step 6 – RPNGC selects the successful applicants and places them in a pool 
  • Step 7 – Successful applicants are notified in writing and then await a vacant training position to become available 
  • Step 8 – Successful applicants may then be trained and if successful become a Reserve Member of the RPNGC RPNGC Careers Material: FAQ Updated March 2017 RW 

What does the interview involve? 

The interview will provide an opportunity for you to demonstrate the qualities and perspectives required for you to be a good Reservist e. Areas such as leadership, decisiveness, problem-solving, stress management and personal integrity will be explored during the interview. 

The interview is like any other professional job interview. You should, for example, come suitably dressed and on time. 

There may be large numbers of applicants to be interviewed so you should be prepared to be available throughout the course of the day. The interview will be conducted by a Panel. 

How long is the training and what are the daily hours of instruction? 

The training will take four weeks to complete. Daytime and evening hours will be used to deliver the content. 

Can my family stay with me while I’m at the training venue? 

No. It would be allowable for family members to visit you outside of training hours. 

Can I visit my family during my training? 

Yes. One day leave passes can be issued at weekends at the discretion and approval of the Chief Instructor. You must return to the training venue before four o’clock on a Sunday. Failure to abide by this rule would lead to your removal from the course. 

Will I get paid? 

A Reservist is a voluntary position. You will not be paid a salary. If you are engaged in a Special Police Operation you may be entitled to receive Special Event Allowances. While you are undergoing Reservist Training you will receive a per diem of K50 per day. 

Do I need to wear a uniform? 

During Reservist Training, you will be issued with a training uniform. It is compulsory to wear your uniform as directed by your trainer. 

Reservists are issued with a Reservist uniform. 

Can I choose where I am posted as a Reserve Member of the RPNGC? 

No. Reserve Constables are engaged to work in or close to their own communities. 

Source: The FAQ original appears on the RPNGC Careers Material: FAQ Updated



If you are a non-school leaver looking for an opportunity to study in PNG, check out the list of application and admission info.


Rupert said...

Dear Admin, could you please send me an application for RPNGC Reservist Recruitment. I am unable to access this through the addressed provided in commissioner Manning's public advertisement.


Unknown said...

Dear Admin, could you please send me an application for RPNGC Reservist Recruitment


Email Address:

Emmanuel Pep said...

When will 2021 PNG police reservist shortlisted name list be out.

Unknown said...

Can the RPNGC reservist programme notify me via email if I'm shortlisted.. thanks!

Unknown said...

Hi Admin,

I believe the duly process of shortlisting police reservist is already nearing or completed. As such i request can you send me copies of Eastern Highlands shortlist.

thanks in advance

Hubert Junior said...

Can I apply for regular police officer after joining in police Reservist.

Unknown said...

Iam volunteer advocator on campaign against violence crimes and corruptions for a decade...Iam humbly going to apply if successful i will give my best in the community and country

Unknown said...

Thankyou RPNGC Reservist Programe for granting my application, I am looking forward for the screening & interviewing process.
Congratulations on thos successful candidates in Lae Morobe.

Kind Regards,



Unknown said...

Im very interested in applying for police,so when will the application form for 2022 will come out,I'm completing my grade 12 in 2015 and they select me in madang technical college for studying building and construction trade for two years and I've completed my studies in 2018 and applying for jobs, and the parohu Pacific pick me and I've worked with the company for almost two years,so im interested in applying for police so i want to know when will is the conform date for the application form for police will come out for 2022

Gordie said...

Please I need regular police application form I'm really interested in becoming a police officer please consider my request I'm really interested
My email address
Please email it to me
Gorden Haffie

Gordie said...

I'm also have trade course as electrician and finance agent officer please help me my name is Gorden Haffie

Amos Win said...

Hi Admin

I Amos Win currently employed by G4S as Control Operator after the completion of Gr 12 at 2015.Im interested in joining RCPNG in 2023 intake and kindly requesting if you could send me an application form through my gmail below or text me up for any latest update on my ph#73171661


Clinton Simpson said...

Iam Clinton Simpson and I complete my grade 12 at 2022 and Iam very interested in joining a police so please I a assistance from you.please could you send me a application form to my Gmail below

Fredrick Jacob Barn said...

Iam Fredrick Jacob Barn and I complete my grade 12 with Kimbe secondary school since 2022 and Iam very interested in joining a police so please I need a assistance from you.please could you send me any lates about the application that we sent it allredy to my Gmail below...



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