Teachers Colleges Operating Illegally in PNG

In a disconcerting revelation, it has come to light that six teachers colleges in Papua New Guinea (PNG) are operating illegally. These unregistered institutions include Katagu Teachers College, Goroka Teachers College, Jiwaka Teachers College, Kelua Teachers College, Bismarch Teachers College, and Kumul Teachers College. 

This alarming information was shared at a week-long conference held in Goroka, where education officials and various stakeholders gathered to discuss the challenges faced by the education sector. 

The revelation serves as a reminder of the importance of adhering to proper registration processes and ensuring the quality of teacher education in the country.

Illegitimate Institutions Fail to Meet Registration Requirements

According to Joseph Moide, the acting first assistant secretary of the teacher education and inspections wing, the aforementioned unregistered colleges have failed to meet the necessary terms and conditions for registration. 

Despite enrolling and training teachers, these institutions have not obtained the official recognition of the Education Department and Teaching Services Commission. 

Consequently, any teachers graduating from these colleges would be denied full teacher registration status and the opportunity for employment within the Teaching Services Commission.

Recognised and Affiliated Institutions

While the existence of illegal teachers colleges raises concerns, it's important to acknowledge the numerous registered colleges that have met the required standards. 

PNG boasts a total of 16 registered colleges that have gained recognition from the Education Department and Teaching Services Commission. 

These institutions include the:

Additionally, there are nine teacher training colleges that are affiliated with other institutions. 

These colleges have established partnerships with prestigious universities and organisations such as the University of Goroka, Divine Word University, Pacific Adventist University, DWU Kaindi campus, DWU Kabaleo campus, Sonoma Adventist College, Jubilee Institute of Higher Education, and Don Bosco Technological Institute

Such affiliations contribute to the overall quality of teacher education by ensuring rigorous standards and curriculum alignment with recognised institutions.

The Implications of Unregistered Colleges

The existence of unregistered teachers colleges raises serious concerns about the quality and credibility of teacher education in PNG. 

Teachers who graduate from these institutions may face limitations in obtaining proper teacher registration status or securing employment within the Teaching Services Commission. 

Furthermore, it casts doubt on the curriculum, teaching methodologies, and overall educational standards maintained by these colleges. 

As education plays a crucial role in shaping the future of the nation, it is imperative that all teacher education institutions adhere to the prescribed guidelines and maintain high standards of excellence.

Final thought

While efforts should be made to address the challenges faced by these institutions, it is crucial to recognise and support the registered colleges that have met the necessary standards. 

By ensuring that all teacher education institutions operate within the legal framework and maintain the highest standards of quality, PNG can strive towards providing an exemplary education system that nurtures and empowers its students.

Here is a circular from the education department

registered teachers colleges in png

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