Non School Leavers Acceptance List 2024: PNG Universities and Colleges

Securing a place in a university or college in Papua New Guinea as a non-school leaver (NSL) requires upgrading marks and navigating the acceptance and admission processes. It can be daunting with high anticipation to see your name on the non school leavers acceptance list 2024.

This article aims to provide key information on the PNG Universities and Colleges non school leavers acceptance lists and what to expect between December (this year) and January (next year). We'll explore the:
  • six different lists,
  • organisations responsible for them, and 
  • crucial download locations so that you have an idea of what is happening.

Have You Applied to a PNG University or College as a Non School Leaver for 2024?

  • Lists to watch: Look for the non school Leavers acceptance lists coming out before the third week of January 2024.
  • Where to find the NSL Acceptance List: Check the website, notice boards, or social media of your chosen university or college.
  • Ask if unsure: Don't hesitate to contact the admissions department for any questions. Or leave a comment below to get clarification.
  • Scholarship info: The DHERST TESAS Awards Lists in January 2024 will confirm your acceptance along with your scholarship status.
PNG Insight updates this 'dedicated page' for all the universities in PNG. To know if you university release its acceptance lists, visit this download page.

UPNG non school leavers acceptance list 2024 - Non-School Leavers Acceptance List PNG 2024!  Check UPNG, UoG, UNITECH & more! Download PDF list & track your application.

Understanding the Different Acceptance Lists

The Department of Higher Education, Research, Science, and Technology (DHERST) and individual institutions play a central role in disseminating information about admission through a variety of acceptance lists:
  • Re-enrolling Students: For students resuming their studies after dropping out of their university and college studies.
  • Online Student Acceptance List: For applicants who applied to specific institutions to study online.
  • Non School Leavers Acceptance List: This crucial list details NSL placements across PNG's universities and colleges.
  • Continuing Students Progression List: For existing students successfully transitioning to the next academic level.
  • New Intake (Grade 12 School Leavers) Acceptance List: For recent secondary school Grade 12 school leavers.
For a more detailed breakdown of these lists, visit this page.

Accessing the Lists

The channels for accessing these lists vary depending on the releasing authority, the PNG universities and colleges, and DHERST.

1. Colleges and Universities:

The universities and colleges are responsible for the following lists: Re-enrolling Students, Online Student Acceptance List, Non School Leavers Acceptance List, and Continuing Students Progression List. To access your specific acceptance list (Re-enrolling Students, Online Student Acceptance, Non-School Leavers Acceptance, or Continuing Students' Progression), visit the official website, notice boards, or social media pages of the institution you applied to. Don't hesitate to contact their admissions department for any further questions.


The Department of Higher Education, Research, Science, and Technology (DHERST) released two important lists that you should know about:
  • The higher education department published the Grade 12 Acceptance List (New Intake) on the 23 of December 2023. Check out the DHERST website. or download it here.
  • Also, note that the DHERST TESAS Awards List for 2024 consolidates the Tertiary Education Student Assistance Scheme (TESAS) awards across all the PNG Higher Education Institutions. The list includes the scholarship status for both the selected School Leavers and Non-school Leavers.

PNG Universities and Colleges Non School Leavers Acceptance Lists 2024

As for the exact release date of the PNG Universities and Colleges Non-School Leavers Acceptance Lists for 2024, it remains uncertain. Different institutions release these lists at varying times between December and January. 

However, it is crucial to note that the non-school leavers' acceptance lists must be made public before the DHERST TESAS Awards Lists 2024, scheduled for the third week of January 2024. This implies that the acceptance lists for non-school leavers should be available by the end of the third week of January 2024. 

Prospective students will then be informed of their TESAS status on the DHERST TESAS Awards Lists just before the end of January or early February.

Key points: 2024 PNG Universities and Colleges Acceptance

Colleges and Universities release the following lists:
Any inquiries should be directed to the specific institution you are applying to for the most accurate and up-to-date information. 

DHERST releases the following lists for 2024:
Importantly, the DHERST TESAS Awards Lists 2024 consolidate the TESAS scholarship awards' status for students across different categories, combining acceptance from both colleges and universities (including the Non-school Leavers) and DHERST Grade 12 School Leavers intakes.

Non School Leavers Acceptance List 2024 for PNG Universities and Colleges 

In conclusion, regularly check with the respective institutions and DHERST for the latest information. We hope that this article provides some answers to the six different acceptance lists, expected dates and education organisations involved with the lists. 

This video provides a summary of information on the school leavers and non-school leavers selection - check it out.

PNG Insight will also bring the latest information on Education and Development leading up to the start of the 2024 academic year. Join PNG Insight on YouTube for updates on tertiary institution acceptances and releases.

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