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DHERST Selection Lists 2023 Release Date [Acceptance Lists]

Grade 12 students are anticipating the release of the DHERST's Selection Lists 2023. The higher education department published the dates for Grade 12 Grace Period and release of the names of students selected highers institutions in PNG. 

The 2022 Grade 12 Students must adjust your School Leavers Choices on DHERST's national online application system. Read on to find out about the crucial dates between now and February 2023.

DHERST selection list 2022 release date - 2023 acceptance list

What's best about DHERST Grace Period 2022

The Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology (DHERST) released the dates for the Grace Period and 2022/2023 Selection Lists.

In hindsight, DHERST pegged the Grace Period to Monday the 12th of December 2022. It ends on Thursday the 15th of December 2022. 

The date for Grace Period means that the Education Department (Measurement Services Division) must release the Grade 12 results before the 12th of December 2022. 

DHERST will not be happy if NDoE delays the Grade 12 results beyond the date they set for the Grade Period.

DHERST Selection Lists 2022 Release Date

The higher education department scheduled the release of DHERST selection lists 2023 to Wednesday the 21st of December 2022.

Grade 12 students have 4 days to adjust their school leavers' (SLF) choices to higher institutions. And, wait 10 days before the PNG Universities and Non-universities Acceptance Lists 2023 come out.

Check Grade 12 (and Grade 10 Exam) results 2022

Grade 12 exam results and Grade 12 selection
Screenshot of NDoE Result Portal 2022

The Grade 12 and Grade 10 exam results will come out on the 11th of December 2022. According to the MSD's Results Portal, the students can check their results from 11 AM.

The release of the exam results and the Grade 12 Grace Period are just a day apart - perfect. DHERST will be happy with the result release date.

So, if you are a Grade 12 student, you must check your online results at the MSD's results portal and adjust your SLF choices at the DHERST NOAS login portal before the end of the Grace Period.

Aiyura Aircraft Maintenance Engineering School Application info

Aiyura Aircraft Maintenance Engineering School is a certified Aviation Training Organisation in Papua New Guinea. It provides standardised aircraft maintenance engineering training in the country.

The school achieved its registration and certification from the Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology (DHERST) on the 9th of February 2022

Aiyura Aircraft Maintenance Engineering School Application Form PDF

Aiyura Aircraft Maintenance Engineering School Application Form

Download the application form PDF

This application is only for Non-School Leavers. Current Grade 12 students will apply through the School Leavers Form and will come through the Department of Higher Education Research Science and Technology (DHERST). 

The school will take only 40 Non-School Leavers in this application. The next 40 spaces are offered to School Leavers who will be graduating with Grade 12 Certificates.

What are some requirements?

we are basically getting Grade 12 certificate holders in both Science and Social Science streams and providing them with aircraft maintenance engineering knowledge so they can pass the licensing process here in PNG.

The GPA for Aiyura Aircraft Maintenance Engineering School for 2022 was 2.0. 

The school fee is K20,000 for boarding students and K17,200 for day students.

Application Checklist

  • 1. Download and fill out all information requested in this application form. Only skip sections that are not applicable to you. 
  • 2. Attach a clear passport-size photo in the box labelled ID Photo in SECTION 1. 
  • 3. Write your names in their correct order and must be spelt correctly. Your first name is the name you go by, and your surname is your family name. The school will address you by your first name and surname only. 
  • 4. Attach a certified copy of your Grade 12 Certificate when submitting your application. No Grade 12 certificate disqualifies your application. Additional certificates are accepted where needed.
  • 5. All your names should correspond with the names on the Grade 12 Certificate. 
  • 6. Current Grade 12 students will apply through the School Leaver’s Form selection process that will be facilitated by the Department of Higher Education Research Science and Technology (DHERST).
  • 7. Medical Certificates are only required if you have a medical issue that you wish the school should know when processing your application. No medical certificate will mean you are well and healthy.
  • 8. All applications should be submitted via email or hand delivered to the school reception desk before 3:00pm working days during the application period. The email address to submit your application form is 
  • 9. ORIGINALS of your application forms will be collected on registration day along with your school fee receipts and Grade 12 Certificates for proof if your application is successful. Do not discard the application form once you have submitted it. 


Aiyura Aircraft Maintenance Engineering School 

P.O.Box 450, 

UKARUMPA, Kainantu, 


Papua New Guinea

Ph: +675 7271 0572

Email: (note that they are using Gmail)

Western Pacific University 2023 Non-school Leavers Online Application

This information was published by the Western Pacific University (WPU) for Non-School Leaver Applicants 2023. The new PNG university started taking in students in 2020 for 2021. This is their second batch.

Non-school leavers (NSL) can apply online for next year - the online application is now open. 

Western Pacific University Non-School Leavers online application 2023

Western Pacific University Non-School Leavers Online Application System

Before you apply, make sure you understand the following instructions. 

Applications will be denied if all needed information is not provided

  1. Non-school leavers can only submit one application form
  2. Ensure all information in the application form are current and valid (Validity of information must be current and accurate in the last 6 months)
  3. The outcome of the application will be communicated via email
  4. Copies of documents must be officially certified by a registered Commissioner of Oaths
  5. All copies of documents must be scanned in pdf file format
  6. Statutory Declaration Forms will be rejected if the documents are not officially stamped and signed by a Commissioner of Oaths
  7. Hand-delivered or post-delivered applications will not be accepted
  8. Non-refundable application processing fee of K50.00 must be deposited into

Account Name: Western Pacific University Tuition

 Account Number: 7021394221

 Branch: BSP Port Moresby

 BSB: 088-294

Applicants must write their name on the deposit receipt as a description when making payment for the application fee. Copy of the receipt must be scanned and uploaded on the application form

Required Documents for the application 

  • A recent, clear passport-size photograph
  • Receipt of application payment
  • Transcripts/certificates of academic records. (college/university studies, vocational training, distance/open learning courses)
  • Grade 10 certificate
  • Grade 12 certificate
  • Recent Character references from two (2) referees. (eg priest, pastor or ward councillor)
  • A current Police Clearance report
  • A current Medical status report

APPLICATIONS ARE OPEN ALL YEAR for the 2023 Academic Intake

If you require more information about the application you can contact us at

How to Apply Online

  1. Ensure you have a valid email address before you register
  2. Register (Click here) 
  3. Check your email for the reset password link
  4. Click the link to reset your password in your email and change your password
  5. Login and proceed to access the application form under the 'Apply' submenu in the 'Application' menu
  6. Fill in and upload the required details and documents and submit your application.

Authorised by Management

Source: Western Pacific University Website (follow the direct links to apply to study at WPU in 2023)

How to Get 2022 Acceptance List - NSL, New Intake, Contining, Re-enrolled Students

The University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG) usually releases the acceptance lists after DHERST release the original selection listings. The national event occurs around mid-January every year. 

Last year, UPNG Acceptance List came out on the 19th of January 2021.

2022 UPNG Acceptance list now out
Arrow showing where to get the lists

How to download UPNG acceptance lists

To download the list you can go to the main page. 

Alternatively, click on the links below:

How to find your name?

  • Download the PDF file. 
  • Search the PDF - use your SLF number.

NSL, re-admit and continuing students TESAS status

For the non-school leavers, readmit and continuing students, you'll have to confirm your TESAS status. That means that you need to know if you are either on AES or HECAS.

In addition, you should find out how to apply for HELP - the PNG govt's students loan scheme. 

This article shed some light on TESAS and HELP - you will find the information useful.

If you have any questions, leave a message or comment and let us know what you think.

University of Papua New Guinea New Intake Selection List Now Out

DHERST has released the NEW INTAKE name list for the HEIs including the University of Papua New Guinea's (UPNG) list. Note that the actual  2022 Acceptance List is NOT out yet.

This listing does not show the new students' TESAS statuses. Instead, it only contains the names of the  2021 Grade 12 students who are selected to UPNG and other higher education institutions (HEIs) in the country.

2022 UPNG Selection list

New Intakes, NSL, readmit and continuing students TESAS status

For the non-school leavers, readmit, school leavers and continuing students, you'll have to confirm your TESAS status before the end of January 2022. 

Here is what DHERST said:

Be advised that the TESAS list will be published before the end of this month (January 2022). Students whose names do not appear on the TESAS Award list should consult their respective institutions’ directly and confirm their admission status for 2022. [DHERST press release, 11/02/2022]

In addition, you should find out how to apply for HELP - the PNG govt's students loan scheme. 

This article shed some light on TESAS and HELP - you will find the information useful.


To download DHERST's New Intake 2022 list you can visit the website. [Source: DHERST, 11/12/2021]

Note that some smartphone visitors to the DHERST website have difficulty viewing and downloading the New Intake PDF list. If you have the same issue, you can download the list directly from the link below.

How to find your name?

  • Firstly, go to the DHERST website,
  • Secondly, download the PDF file, it is 139 pages and 5MB. 
  • Then, do a PDF search (use your SLF number or your full name to search and confirm your name on the list)

Check DHERST website or download the 2022 DHERST New Intake Selected Students HEIs PDF List 👈via this link.

We keep a checklist for the other universities. Find out if the other 2022 acceptance lists are out.

If you have any questions, leave a message or comment and let us know what you think.

Papua New Guinea University of Technology 2022 Acceptance List Out Now

The Papua New Guinea University of Technology (UoT) has officially announcement of the Acceptance List for 2022 Semester 1 on the 12th of January 2022. 

Degree online MBA - Scholarships

The School leavers, Non-school leavers and Readmit students can access the 2022 acceptance list.

Download the 2022 Acceptance List here or visit the Papua New Guinea University of Technology website. ( Source: Student Admission, 12/01/2022)

Degree online MBA - Scholarships

The names of successful applicants who have been accepted to study at the PNG University of Technology First Semester, 2022 was released. NSL, SL and Re-admit students can check now.

Orientation & Registration will be conducted from 7th February to 14th February 2022. You should plan to be on campus for the orientation & registration.

We keep a checklist for the other universities. Find out if the other 2022 acceptance lists are out.

NSL, re-admit and continuing students TESAS status

For the non-school leavers, readmit and continuing students, you'll have to confirm your TESAS status. That means that you need to know if you are either on AES or HECAS.

In addition, you should find out how to apply for HELP - the PNG govt's students loan scheme. 

This article shed some light on TESAS and HELP - you will find the information useful.

If you have any questions, leave a message or comment and let us know what you think.

2023 DHERST Acceptance List for PNG Universities and Colleges Information

Our readers have asked about the 2023 Acceptance List for PNG Universities, especially the PDF lists for Non-school Leavers, School Leavers and Continuing Students. 

In this article, we provide brief responses to some of the frequently asked questions. The responses will give you an idea about what to expect between now and early February 2023. 

So, read on and be ready as a non-school leaver, school leaver or continuing student.  

Also, check out the RECOMMENDED BLUE LINKS in this article. They give in-depth details to the pressing questions many students and parents are asking at present.

IMPORTANT: The 2023 Acceptance Lists for all the Tertiary Institutions will FIRST appear on the university's website or in the newspapers before they are shared through social media channels and other websites. Be reminded that it is important to check the non-school leavers, school leavers and continuing students' acceptance list from the university's website or in the newspapers. 

2022/2023 UPNG Acceptance List PDF - Online MBA Degree

Non-school Leavers Acceptance List

The 2023 non-school leavers' acceptance list contains the names of students who are NOT the 2021 Grade 12 students. This list also includes foreign students and PNG students who apply from the US, NZ, Australia, Singapore or other overseas schools.

The NSL list is usually published by the university of your choice, not DHERST. That means that the universities (that you applied to) will publish the non-school leavers' selection list PDF before the academic year starts. So you must check with the university!

One top tip is to check your preferred uni website for the past year's NSL selection lists if it is still up on their website. 

The publication date will give you a good idea about WHEN they are likely to release the 2023 selection list for the non-school leavers' intake. 

Alternatively, PNG Insight keeps a checklist to help you follow up. You can check IF your university's Non-school Leavers Acceptance List is out.

2022 UPNG UOG Non school Leavers acceptance list - MBA Online Degree

2023 Continuing Students Acceptance List

If you are a continuing student, your university will put out the continuing students' acceptance lists at the end of the academic year or over the 2022/2023 Christmas holiday. It is your responsibility to find out your GPA and possible TESAS Status for the academic year 2023.

The best thing to do is to contact the Student Admin or the university or college Registrar and find out if they've released the Continuing Students Acceptance List. And importantly, check to see that your name is on the list. 

The University of Goroka (UoG) did well last year by informing its continuing students about their status before they went home for the Christmas holiday. We hope UoG does the same this year because it helps massively with the registration and orientation of its NEW students.

In fact, the other universities and colleges in PNG should do the same by informing the Continuing Students to avoid the long queues and unnecessary delays during the registration week.

2023 School Leavers Selections Lists - DHERST

The Grade 12 School Leavers Selections is solely done by DHERST (Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology) through its National Online Application System (NOAS) and National  Online Selection System (NOSS).

If you are a 2021 Grade 12 student, your selections and the announcement of your TESAS status will be formally done by DHERST. 

When is DHERST Acceptance List PDF coming out?

By now the Grade 12 Schools Leavers should know whether they are selected to a University or College, or not. 

In fact, the higher education department launched the Grade 12 National Online Selection on the 21st of December 2021. 

But the non-school leavers and continuing students will have to wait until ALL the names (quotas from each university and college) have been confirmed, compiled and released to the general public. 

Only then, the students should be able to know their confirmed SELECTION STATUS, as well as their final TESAS STATUS.

Here is a detailed article about when DHERST is likely to release the Acceptance List for PNG Universities and Colleges

Check out this video info we provided last year - it is still relevant to this year's selections and release of the Acceptance List PDF

Are you on TESAS?

DHERST used different statuses to indicate the TESAS Awards for selected students. 

The awards are based on the PNG govt’s yearly sponsorship for students under the AES and HECAS categories, excluding the self-sponsored or corporate and overseas govt sponsored students. 

Read this article for the meaning of the acronyms (TESAS, AES & HECAS) and what they mean.

So how will the NSLs, Grade 12 SLs and Continuing Students know if you are on TESAS or not? You can CONFIRM your scholarship status (whether you are on TESAS or self-sponsored) through the final (official) Acceptance List released by DHERST. 

lae school of nursing application form 2023

What to do as a Self-sponsored student?

Perhaps the important thing is to confirm your PNG GOVT SCHOLARSHIP (TESAS) status on the 2023 Tertiary Institution's Acceptance List

As the name implies, if you are a self-sponsored student you'll have to pay your own fees before the registration and orientation. 

If you do not pay the required fees, your place will be forfeited - another student in the admission pool who has the money will take your place.

Check with your university or college to confirm how much you MUST pay to register. In addition, this information will be contained in the Acceptance Letter your institution sends to you. Make sure you read and understand what you must do before admission.

The best tip is to pay only the required amount, register and apply for the PNG govt's HELP program - read how to apply below.

Secure HELP - PNG Govt Scholarship

DHERST will facilitate the Student Loan Scheme (HELP or Higher Education Loan Program). 

If you are a self-sponsored student, you'll have to pay your fee for the first semester of 2023 and apply for the HELP loan.

The Continuing students and School Leavers can apply for the HELP loan program through their university or college. This also includes those who are doing their masters or doctorate studies. 

Check with your institution and ask for a HELP student loan application form. Also, find out about the due date and what to do so that your application is successful.

How to apply for student loan - MBA Online Degree Online

What to do if you are on DHERST's Admission Pool?

If you are a student on DHERST's admission pool, you'll have to log in to your National Online Selection Account between now and before the academic year 2023 starts to see if you have been offered a placement at a university or college in PNG.

The 2021/2022 selection had 
  • 31, 817 students were nominated to sit the exams; 
  • 26,544 students certified; 
  • 16,171 total HEI quota for 2021; and
  • 10,373 Grade 12 students will NOT be selected for 2022 HEI studies.
The good news is that there are 6,319 spaces (formally called quotas) to be filled via the Admission Pool. 

So, keep checking to see if you are one of the lucky ones from the admission pool admitted to a university or college. 

admission pool 2023 - Online MBA Degree

Registration and Orientation info for new students

Congratulations if you are selected to continue to a tertiary institution in 2023. There are several things that you should find out. 
  • Are you on TESAS (AES, HECAS)?
  • Will you be a SELF-SPONSORED student?
  • When are you likely to see your name on the DHERST selection list?
  • Should you inform your institution that you've accepted that offer?
At least, try to find out the answer to the 5 questions as you prepare to go to your new school. 

Here is an article that can help you prepare for registration and orientation week. It gives details on documents you need to present at registration, fees and what to do to get yourself prepared for the new academic year. 

Recommended reading for NSL, School Leavers and Continuing Students

Additional information for Non-school Leavers, Continuing Students and Grade 12 School Leavers are provided in the LINKS within this article.

Check out the links if you need more information on TESAS (HECAS & AES), how to get the  HELP govt loan or about being a SELF-SPONSORED student.

You can also leave a comment to let us know what you think.

(Follow PNG Insight on YouTube here)

Read about PNG Insight's *NEW* maths exam resources website for Grades 12, 10 and 8 students in Papua New Guinea. (Plus, lots of students and teachers maths resources, free to download)

2023 PNG Universities and Colleges Acceptance List: DHERST, Govt, HEIs and Stakeholders Challenges

2023 Acceptance list dherst - Study Online in PNG

RECOMMENDED ARTICLE: PNG Universities and Colleges Acceptance List Info, TESAS, HELP Loan and Registration and Orientation - ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW.

Acceptance list for PNG Institutions discussion

In this article, the Acceptance List 2023, we attempt to discuss the nature of the 

  • Grade 12 selections, 
  • the 2023 Acceptance List and
  • challenges of releasing the acceptance list on time. 
The aim is to address many of the 'why' questions (see the comment thread in this article) relating to the (LATE) release of the selection list and acceptance list in 2021.

The opinions are based on our personal experience since the inception of DHERST's online selection systems. We hope that it gives you an understanding of the whole process. 

For the status updates of PNG universities acceptance list, click here.

Grade 12 selections to the tertiary institutions

The selection of Grade 12 students takes place before the Acceptance List 2023 comes out. DHERST used the National Online Application System (NOAS) to capture students' school leavers' choices. And uses the National Online Selection System (NOSS) to, electronically, select students according to their choice on the online school leavers' form, the NOAS.

Before 2018, the Grade 12 students have only 1st, 2nd and 3rd choices they pre-fill on a manual school leavers form. The manual SLF is sent to Port Moresby where tertiary institutions in the country scour over the paper forms and select students - this is long gone. 

The online selection and 2023 acceptance list compilation will be the 5th year DHERST runs the online selection. 

The online selection system and acceptance is the best technological intervention implemented by the higher education department, DHERST. 

However, there seemed to be a certain weakness in the selection process as seen in the release of the 2020 and 2021 acceptance lists. We do not know exactly what caused the delay but we can only infer that it may be due to the Public Holiday. 

2021 Acceptance List Release - Case Example

The 2021 acceptance list will be published before the TESAS Award list. The Post Courier reports on a statement by the higher education department secretary mentioned that the 2021 acceptance list will be published in two parts
  • Acceptance List of School Leavers: formal list of all the students who will be enrolled for the first time at tertiary institutions in the country. 
  • TESAS Award List 2021: The final list of the students in the 2021 acceptance list including their 'indicated' TESAS Award status.
DHERST indicated to have released the acceptance list on the second Friday of January 2021. This has not happened. 

We believe DHERST was working to get the 2021 acceptance list out to the public. Meanwhile, students, parents and citizens have to wait for the higher education department to make another announcement. 

The Post Courier reported that the TESAS Award list will be released in late January or February 2021. The reason is that 'DHERST will wait for all the Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in the country to confirm their selection listing before the final TESAS Award List comes out.

Waiting for the HEIs in the country to send the confirmed list to DHERST can take ages. But, the Post Courier hinted that the final list could come out by late January or early February before the academic year starts.

Why Acceptance List Not Released on time?

Many students, parents and stakeholders were asking the same question, why was the list acceptance list not released on time. As mentioned, the process of selection, quality checks, confirming availability of spaces with HEIs, etc is challenging. DHERST must get it right so that they do not mess up the final acceptance list.

The final acceptance list for students to enrol at the universities (including the PNG Govt's scholarship details) should/will come out a few weeks before the academic year starts. 

If you are someone with a special circumstance (non-school leaver, school leaver, self-sponsored, etc ) and needed more time to prepare; make sure you mitigate the risks in good time before the academic year starts.

DHERST Acceptance list 2023 Key Points

In a press release two years ago, the department of higher education said the students whose names appeared on the Grade 12 selection list must take note of the three points
(1) Your personal details contained within your application has been forwarded to the Higher Education Institution which has selected you.
(2) You should expect to receive an admissions offer letter directly from your Higher Education Institution (HEI). The HEI will communicate directly with you to inform you on specific details. 
(3) If your Study Program receives scholarship awards from the National Government, you may be eligible for financial support through the Tertiary Education Student Assistance Scheme (TESAS). Your TESAS status is also indicated in this National Selection List. Please log in to the NOAS ( and check MyStatus section any time before the 22nd December 2018 for further details on how to access your scholarship. [DHERST , Press Release 2018]


Concerns if DHERST race past February 2023

In the meantime, there is no need to worry, even though the school year is approaching fast. Citizens and stakeholders must be patient. DHERST, since 2018, has done a fantastic job with the:
  • Online School Leavers Application (NOAS),
  • Online Selection System (NOSS),
  • Compiling and quality-checking the selection listings
  • Liaising with HEIs in the country, 
  • Publishing the acceptance listing for ALL the HEIs 

Of course, there should be concerns raised IF DHERST has gone past mid-February. But for now, the department needs all the support it can get from the PNG govt, institutions in the country, parents, citizens and stakeholders.

We ask that you join us on FacebookTwitter or YouTube for up-to-date education info on tertiary institution selections in the country, as they happen. In addition to PNG Insight Blog, we also run the PNG Insight website and PNG Mathematics Exam Resource website

2023 UoG Non-school Leavers Selection info

The University of Goroka (UoG) publishes the yearly acceptance lists in two parts every year.  In 2021, the university announced the 'status' of the continuing students before they left for the Christmas Holiday which saves a lot of time and relieves the UoG Admin of the heavy registration duties. If it does the same this year,  the start of the New Academic Year 2023 will flow smoothly.

UoG Non-school Leavers and School Leavers List

Firstly, the non-school leavers apply for a place through the university. Therefore, UoG does the selection and publishes it on its website. It is the work of the university. 

Each faculty finalises the non-school leavers’ selections for the university. The university council then approves the listing for publication (and publishes the UoG non-school leavers’ selection list pdf on its website).

Secondly, the school leavers' applications are through the department of higher education, DHERST. Therefore, the listing for all tertiary institutions in Papua New Guinea including UoG is the work of DHERST. The list will be published by the higher education department.

Past UoG Selections, Dates and Non-school Leavers Acceptance List

UOG 2023 non school leavers selection list pdf - Study Online in PNG
Past admission list

The final list for 2023 non-school leavers admission to the University of Goroka (UoG) normally comes out early in January. 

There will be no supplementary or reserve list.

UoG advises that the UOG-Enga and Sepik Campuses admission list will be uploaded onto the website by early next week.

For the status updates of PNG universities' acceptance list, click here.

UOG 2023 Acceptance List Non-School Leavers info

  • The selection list can be accessed on the UoG website:
  • The Acceptance Letters from the University is sent to you in time before the 2023 Academic year. 
Please make the necessary arrangements as soon as you confirm your name on the University Acceptance list.

UoG Registration and Orientation dates 

  • January– February: Students start to arrive on campus. 
  • January: Deadline for payment. 
  • February: Orientation for all new students 
  • February: Registration for all New Intakes 
  • February: Registration for Continuing Students
  • February - March Late Registration Closes [Late Fee of K200.00] 
  • February: Semester One Lectures Commence

More information on Fee Payment, Travel arrangements, etc is on the non-school leavers' selection list. 

RECOMMENDED: We will let you know when the selection lists for Admission to the other universities are published online. 

Meanwhile, check out the updated checklist of 2023 PNG Universities Selection info we compiled last year. 

We have attempted to do this checklist so that it is easier to track the universities as they release their selection list. Check it out and let us know what you think: >>> updated checklist 

We ask that you join us on FacebookTwitter or YouTube for up-to-date education info on tertiary institution selections in the country, as they happen.

If you have any questions in relation to the 2023 UoG non-school leavers selection, contact the university directly; or leave a comment below for discussions.

2023 Selection Lists PNG Universities Non School Leavers, School Leavers and Continuing Students

The table in this article provides information about the 2023 tertiary institutions selection list. It aims to help you find out two things:

  • 1) PNG universities publish their non-school leavers' and continuing students lists; and
  • 2) DHERST (Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology)  released the Grade 12 school leavers intakes. 

Note that DHERST will release the University and Non-University Selection Lists on the 21st of December 2022. Students can view their selection STATUS through their individual National Online Application Accounts.

For NSL and overseas students, check the table to see if your institution publishes the 2023 Non-School Leavers (NSL), Grade 12 School Leavers (SL) or Continuing Students (SC) listings, as we update the lists this year.

PDF selection list 2023 for UoG, UoT, UPNG, WPU, UNRE, PAU, DWU PDF

The two groups of new intakes are the Grade 12 school leavers and non-school leavers, whereas the continuing students are students progressing to years 2, 3, 4 or have continued on from the other programs last year.

The universities also publish the list of post-graduate students on their websites around this time of the year. So be sure to check their websites if you have applied for a post-graduate study.

One important thing to check is the student's status on the selection/admission lists. We mention it because the status indicates whether you are on the govt scholarship (TESAS) or not. 

If you are indicated as SELF, you are either a self-sponsored student, an overseas-based student or a corporate-sponsored. You'll have to make the fee arrangements prior to registering at the university you are selected to attend.

Checklist for 2023 Acceptance List PDF

This table provides the status update. We will continue to update this table as DHERST and the universities publish the 2023 selection list in PDF for download.

  • The Continuing Students should know their status for 2023 before they'd gone for the Christmas Holiday. If you are a continuing student and do NOT know your TESAS status, call your university and find out. 
  • 2023 Grade 12 School Leavers can check their selection status on the 21st of December 2022.
  • Non-school leavers applying to study in any of the tertiary institutions in the country will have to check the university they apply to. The universities will release the list of 2023 Non-school Leavers either on their website or in the newspapers.
Here is a summary table for the 7 PNG Universities to give you an idea.

2023 Selection

Continue Students

Uni & non-Uni TESAS Status List

NSL/SL List 2023


To be Released by UPNG

 To be Released by DHERST

 To be Released by UPNG


Released by UoG 

To be Released by DHERST

To be Released by UoG


Released by UoT

To be  Released by DHERST

 To be Released by UoT


Released by PAU

To be Released by DHERST

 To be Released by PAU


Released by UNRE

To be Released by DHERST

To be Released by UNRE


To be Released by DWU

To be  Released by DHERST

To be Released by DWU


To be Released by WPU

To be Released by DHERST

 Released by WPU

We will update this table as the selection lists for 2023 are released by the institutions and DHERST.

PNG Universities Selection Status Update

Many universities tend to release the PDF lists of Continuing Students List before the New Students Lists (i.e. the Grade 12 School Leavers and Non-School Leavers) list for 2023.

  Last year, the University of Goroka released the names of the continuing students before they went for the Christmas Holiday. So, if you are continuing student from UoG you should know your 2023 status by now.

From past experience, the Grade 12 selection list for the tertiary institution in the country will be published by DHERST on its website. 

The DHERST selection list contains the names of new intakes for the universities and non-universities. It is a comprehensive list. Here is what it said around this time last year.

''The selection list for school leavers to university has not been released by DHERST yet, though they have promised to release it on the 8th of January 2021. Understandably, a public holiday was declared on this day, and we hope DHERST will let the public know about the change of date, soon.''

Non-school leavers' selection list 2023

The non-school leavers' selection list is usually published after the school leaver and continiung students lists. Perhaps it is important to know that the list will be published by the university of your choice, not DHERST. So you must check with the university!

The universities will publish the non-school leavers' selection list PDF before the academic year starts. One top tip is to check your preferred uni website for the last year's selection list of non-school leavers. This will give you a good idea about WHEN they are likely to release the 2023 selection list for the non-school leavers' intake. 

We are delighted to also know that for the first time last year (2021), Western Pacific University in the highlands of PNG will enrol 240 students in the foundation year. 

The new Western Pacific University in Southern Highlands Province offers programs in:
  • International Business Management (BA) - 6 Semesters  (3 years);
  • E-Business and Digital Marketing (BA) - 6 Semesters (3 years); and
  • Computer Science (Engineering, BA) - 7 Semesters (3 years).

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In addition to this article, we have some information about selection lists for the Grade 12 School Leavers, non-school leavers and continuing students you might want to read: 

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