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Lutheran University Council Officially Sworn In Significant Milestone for PNG Education

The Lutheran University Council was officially sworn in today in Port Moresby, marking a significant milestone for the Evangelical Lutheran Church's vision of having its own university. 

The Lutheran University of PNG (LUPNG) was established in 2022 through the amalgamation of three Evangelical Lutheran institutions:

  • Balob Teachers College,
  • Lutheran School of Nursing, and 
  • Martin Luther Seminary.
After 30 years of vision and hard work, the interim Council was established in May 2022 and was awaiting the formal operation of the Lutheran University Act, which came into effect in September 2022.

This blog has been following this story since PNG prime minister James Marape promised the people of Morobe a Lutheran University in January 2020.

Here is the leading story about PNG's 8th university in the making, the Lutheran University of PNG.

The Lutheran University of Papua New Guinea

Council Appointment and Priorities

The formal Council was appointed by the Chancellor of LUPNG, Dr Eric Kwa, in November 2022. 

The Council comprises people from various sectors in the country, including representatives from Divine Word University, which has been a great friend of the Lutheran Church in setting up LUPNG. 

The membership is drawn from the Lutheran Church's membership and other denominations that can contribute meaningfully to the establishment of the Lutheran University.

Dr Kwa stated that the immediate priorities for the Council include the progressive work on merging the amalgamated higher learning institutions. 

Three different independent institutions were merged into one, and the Council has the task of working together with different interest groups to ensure that LUPNG is delivered as a single unit. 

The Council has been working closely with the Department of Higher Education, Research and Technology (DHERST), including Divine Word University, to ensure the successful establishment of LUPNG.

Challenges and Reassurance

Despite the challenges that may arise from previous boards, management, students, and staff, Dr Kwa reassured everyone that the Council is not here to disrupt operations but to work with them. 

He also thanked the Marape-Rosso government for recognising the Church's work in development and Lutheran Bishop Right Reverend Dr Jack Urame for his continued assistance.

Lutheran University Council Swearing-in

Obviously, the official swearing-in of the Lutheran University Council is a significant step towards achieving the Evangelical Lutheran Church's vision of having its own university. 

The Council's priority in merging the amalgamated institutions is crucial in ensuring the successful establishment of LUPNG.

All in all, the establishment of LUPNG will undoubtedly contribute significantly to the development of education in PNG and provide opportunities for students to achieve their educational and career goals.

PNG 8th Uni: PM Marape Pledges Support for Lutheran University - Press Release

Prime Minister Hon. James Marape, MP, has pledged Government support for the establishment of the long-overdue Lutheran University in Lae.

Here is the latest update on this story, click here to find out.

png university lutheran
Image: Facebook | PM & NEC page

Key points added for clarity
  • Lutheran Church in PNG, the second largest church behind Catholic Church, does not have a university yet.
  • PNG has 6 operating universities.
  • Two universities are run by the churches in PNG (Pacific Adventist University run by the Seventh Day Adventist Mission and Divine Word University run by the Catholic Mission)
  • UPNG, Unitech, UoG and UNRE are public universities.
  • Western Pacific University in the Southern Highlands Province. Its first intake was in 2020.
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Press release cont...

He announced this in front of thousands of Lutheran faithful at the 32nd Evangelical Lutheran Church of PNG Synod at Boana in Nawaeb, Morobe, today.

PM Marape urged the Synod to continue working on the concept of the Lutheran university.

"Please refurbish this concept of a Lutheran-based university," he said.
"We have talked about this previously, but it has slowed down.
"The Lutheran University must come to pass, as a memorial of this 32nd Synod.
"I want to throw it on the floor here, that someone in the crowd pick it up.
"Lutheran is the second-biggest church, so I ask you please, let's work on this.
"National Government will pick up the university that the church wants, and we'll get it going.
"Starting 2020, we'll work on it and Hopefully by 2025, when the nation celebrates 50 years of Independence, our Lutheran University can lift its flag up and fly, and take students in by that time.

Prime Minister Marape supported a call by Morobe Governor Hon. Ginson Saonu for the establishment of a Lutheran elementary teachers' college.

He said the Government had allocated K1 million for this. He also told the Lutheran Church to come up with a plan for a university to get Government assistance.
"We will start a 10-year programme that will create the genesis of a Christian-based education system being run in our country.
"To make this country truly identified with Christian principles, our education system must be run by Christian churches,” the Prime Minister said
He (the Prime Minister) called for closer partnership between churches and the Government in education and health.
"The Lutheran Church is the second-largest church in the country," Prime Minister Marape said.
"We (Government) are ready to work in partnership with you in the areas of health and education.
"You are already established in society; you are with the people."Our Government stands ready to embrace churches in the areas of health and education.
"These are two key services in the country that I want churches to play a bigger role in,” PM Marape said.

Source: Facebook, released Sunday 12th January 2020

We also provide some background information about the 6 PNG universities here. Find out about the selections lists for UPNG, UOG, UNRE, Unitech, DWU and PAU:

PNG Universities School Leavers and Non-school Leavers Registration Dates

The school leavers and non-school leavers whose names are on the selection list would know by now the starting dates for registration and orientation. Take note of the expected day to arrive at your university for the 2024 academic year.

If you have any questions about the 2024 Grade 12 selection process, PDF list, etc., please leave a comment below or check out this latest update on PNG Universities Non-School Leavers Selection 2024.

2024 PNG Universities School Leavers and Non-school Leavers Registration Dates

Note that the 2024 dates are based on past orientation dates, this is old registration information, so read it for guidance ONLY. Or follow the link for the latest information.

DHERST would have, also, made all the travelling arrangements and provided needed logistical support. Contact your reliable friends, relatives or university if there are any changes to the dates.

Generally, all should be according to plan, so arrive at your university at the start of the registration week. For those whose names are on the non-school leavers’ acceptance list, be reminded of the following starting dates.


The University of Papua New Guinea has *not* clearly marked the start of registration and orientation week. PNG Insight understands that all fees are to be paid by February before you can be cleared for registration.


PNG University of Technology's first semester, registration will be conducted from January to February. You should plan to be on campus for the registration on the morning of January 28th.

3. DWU

Student Registration and Orientation Week commences in February. The first and second-year students will commence their Registration process on February 4th. 

The third and fourth-year students will commence registration on February 5th. Registration will be at St. John Paul II Hall. Thus, all students must be on campus by February 3rd.

4. PAU

Check the Pacific Adventist University website for the latest details. No info for registration was available (or I may have missed it) at the time of this compilation. 

Last year, the registration and orientation took place in the second week of February. Please confirm if you need if you still need to know when PAU registration for new and continuing starts.


PNG University of Natural Resources and Environment registration and orientation start in March. The first semester lectures begin in April. 

Students should be at the campus starting March 20th.

6. UoG

The University of Goroka *orientation* for all new students will be from February 11th to February 15th.

*Registration* for all students - both school leavers and non-school leavers - will be from February 18th to February 28th.

Late Registration is only on March 1st, and a fee of K200 is charged for late registration.

Make fee payments to universities as instructed in letters you may have received. Also, travel to the universities on the date given to you.

You must speak to your university admin directly if any pressing issues need ironing out before the commencement of the lectures.

7. WPU
Western Pacific University's registration and orientation take place around the same time as the other universities. Please, visit the WPU website for the latest.



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