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Lae Unitech Habitat Big Crocodile Called Agro

This little corner of UNITECH in Lae is a nice place for both children and adults to enjoy. It is such a lovely place to take school children for excursions or day trips. Regardless of the state, the facility is in, the animals are in an amazing condition.

Lae UNITECH’s Habitat Large Crocodile 

In comparison to the two parks in Port Moresby (the Adventure Park and Nature Park), UNITECH’s Habitat is small in size. But, it boasts a variety of animal species and is unique in its own right. 

'Agro' the giant crocodile is a sight to be reckoned with. He is, I guess, the biggest crocodile in captive in PNG compared to the ones at Port Moresby’s Adventure Park. Another highlight is the variety of birds you can see at the Habitat. Kokies (the cockatoos) can actually talk to you. If you do not believe me, there is only one way to find out – go there and see them!

Lae Unitech Habitat Needs Renovation 

Having visited the Habitat, almost every year, I am saddened to have released that the facility has been left to rot away. There is little or no maintenance done to it, let alone make improvements. I do understand that the Habitat sucks up a lot of money compared to UNITECH’s other facilities like the Butterfly Farm at Bulolo.

However, the Habitat has come to a stage where immediate attention is required to give it a facelift. It is about time for business houses and sponsors to step in and help. In fact, what sponsors have done at the Port Moresby Nature Park in reassuring. 

Several years go the Nature Park was in a similar condition as that UNITECH Habitat: rotting boardwalks, unmaintained footpaths and nettings, disgusting toilets, unsecured, limited marketing, etc.

Today, the Nature Park next to the University of Papua New Guinea is a world-class facility to be enjoyed by everyone. I only wish that the University of Technology Habitat in Lae is given the treatment it needs, too. 

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