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2020 Ranking of 15 Top Performing Secondary and High Schools in PNG

The Papua New Guinea Department of Education released the country’s  2020 Ranking of 15 Top Performing Secondary and High Schools. The performance-based ranking was based on Grade 10 and Grade 12 internal (school-based) and Final Examinations for the year 2020. 

The Education Secretary made the announcement during an NCD (National Capital District) school heads and education officers conference at Gateway Hotel on 10/12/2020.

The Grade 10 and 12 results are based on the Grade 12 and Grade 10 examination (external) and school-based (internal) results.

Grade 10: Top 15 Secondary and High Schools

This year (2020) the top-performing secondary and high schools are given the top 15 Rank. This rank does not include the National High Schools, Private & International Schools. Also, unlike the previous years, there is no award for the 'most improved schools'. 

(Schools' performance arranged in reverse order)

  1. 15. Jubilee Secondary School NCD
  2. 14. Lae Secondary School
  3. 13. Malala Secondary School
  4. 12. James Charmers Memorial Secondary School
  5. 11. Oksapmin High School
  6. 10. Kundiawa Lutheran Day Secondary School Simbu
  7. 9. Mt Hagen Secondary School WHP
  8. 8. Mercy Secondary School
  9. 7. De La Salle Secondary School
  10. 6. Vanimo Secondary School Sandaun
  11. 5. Marianville Secondary School NCD
  12. 4. Manus Secondary School Manus
  13. 3. Cameron Secondary School Milne Bay
  14. 2. Busu Secondary School Morobe
  15. 1. Charles Lwanga Secondary School NCD
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Grade 12: Top Performing National High Schools in 2020 

We published the NHS ranking in an earlier post (video). You can find out the ranks of the 6 NHS  here: National High Schools Ranking

Grade 12: Top 15 Performing Secondary Schools in 2020

The top 15 secondary schools are compared among the system schools. The video has the full list. Here is the top 15 schools with very high students' performances in Grade 10 examinations. (Check out the video for the original declaration of the 2020 TOP 15 Performing Secondary Schools in PNG, made by the Education Secretary)

(Schools' performance arranged in reverse order)

  1. 15 St Marys Asitavi Secondary School AROB
  2. 14 Paglum Adventist Secondary School WHP
  3. 13 Jubilee Catholic  Secondary School NCD
  4. 12 Sacred Heart Tapini Secondary School Central
  5. 11 Kerowagi Secondary School Simbu
  6. 10 Tokarara Secondary School NCD
  7. 9 Lihir Secondary School New Ireland
  8. 8 Lae Secondary School Morobe
  9. 7 De La Salle Secondary School NCD
  10. 6 Cameroon Secondary School Milne Bay
  11. 5 Charles Lwanga Secondary School NCD
  12. 4 Busu Secondary School  Morobe
  13. 3 St Ingatius Secondary School West Sepik
  14. 2 Mt Hagen Secondary School  WHP
  15. 1 Marianville Secondary School  NCD
Check out the video above for the declaration of the top schools in PNG in 2020.

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2021 Top Performing National High Schools in PNG

2023 Top Performing National High Schools in PNG

List National High Schools in PNG

Many people ask how many national high schools are in PNG at present. There are 6 national high schools (now called the National Schools of Excellence or NSoE) are:

  • Aiyura National Schools of Excellence, 
  • Kerevat National Schools of Excellence, 
  • Port Moresby National Schools of Excellence, 
  • Passam National Schools of Excellence, 
  • Wawin National Schools of Excellence and 
  • Sogeri National Schools of Excellence.

Check out the complete ranks of all the TOP SCHOOLS in PNG.

2021 PNG National High School Ranking

In 2021 the ranking, there was a slight shift in the ranking. Note that the ranks are indications of the performances of the 6 National Schools of Excellence (formally National High Schools) performance in the Grade 12 National Examinations in 2021.

Passam and Port Moresby National High Schools maintain the top places at No. 1 and No.2 as the 2021 performing school of excellence in PNG.

Here is the rank from the top-performing NSoE:
  1. Passam, 
  2. Port Moresby,
  3. Wawin, 
  4. Kerevat, 
  5. Aiyura, and
  6. Sogeri.
Wawin National High School improved massively in 2021 ranks.

2020 PNG NHS Ranking

Here is the ranking for the 6 NHS in the country, the video below is the declaration of the performance rank of the 6 NHS in reverse order (the ranking was for NHS only).

The ranking was announced during the heads of schools and education divisions conference at the Gateway Hotel in Port Moresby on the 10th of December 2020.

  1. Passam
  2. Port Moresby 
  3. Kerevat
  4. Sogeri 
  5. Aiyura, and
  6. Wawin

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The Papua New Guinea University of Technology Ranked No 1 in PNG

 The Papua New Guinea University of Technology (Unitech, Lae) has been ranked the best university amongst six (6) Papua New Guinea universities according to UniRank. UniRank is an international higher education directory that reviews accredited universities and colleges in the world.

PNG Universities rank 2021

For the University, this is great news since it used to be third and second-best in the last couple of years but made its way to number one in August 2020.

With the current ranking, PNG University ranks are as follow:

  1. University of Technology 
  2. Divine Word University, 
  3. The University of PNG, 
  4. The University of Goroka, 
  5. Pacific Adventist University and 
  6. PNG University of Natural Resources and Environment.

The six universities are ranked based on the criteria that the university is; 

  • being chartered, 
  • licensed or 
  • accredited by the appropriate Papua New Guinean higher education-related organization, offering at least four-year undergraduate degrees (bachelor degrees) or postgraduate degrees (master or doctoral degrees) and delivering courses predominantly in a traditional, face-to-face, non-distance education format.

According to the UniRank website, it aims to provide a non-academic comparison of achievements or merits by the higher learning institutions based on valid, unbiased and non-influenceable web metrics provided by independent web intelligence sources rather than data submitted by the Universities themselves.

PNG Unitech is also ranked first in the top universities on the Facebook category on UniRank with the most likes at 12, 798 (August statistics) followed by Divine Word University (8,753), Pacific Adventist University (8,462), PNG University of Natural Resources and Environment (7,039), University of Papua New Guinea (5,458) and University of Goroka (5,061).