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Top Performing Schools in PNG 2022, 2021, 2020 and 2019

Since 2016, the National Department of Education takes pride in announcing the ranks of the Top Performing Schools in PNG. Each school in the country ranks according to its performance in the national examination. 

top performing secondary schools and national high schools in PNG

Ranking the Top Performing Schools in PNG

The education department ranks the schools as the top 10 performing schools based on how well the students perform in the exams. Also, the department recognises schools that have signs of improvement over the years. 

A school can rank among the top-performing schools or as the most improved school. 

 Mean Rating Index, MRI,

The department uses what is called the Mean Rating Index, MRI, to convert students' Grades to percentages  (out of 100%) or decimals (out of 1.0). 

In simple terms, the more As (in Grade 12) or Distinctions (in Grade 10) the higher the MRI a school gets. 

The schools are then sorted in order to pick out the top-performing schools in the country.

Most improved schools 

The most improved schools are those that show signs of improvement as compared to their past performances. 

It is a good indicator of improved teaching and learning introduced recently. It is done to acknowledge and recognise a school's achievements.

Top 10 Secondary Schools and National High Schools in PNG in 2022

Here is the latest update on the top-performing Secondary Schools in PNG in 2022. 

Top Performing Secondary and National High Schools (Grade 12)

PNG Insight created a summary table of the Top 10 Schools in PNG on our main website - check it out

Top Performing High and Secondary Schools (Grade 10)

You can also find the summary table of the schools that produce the top Grade 10 students in the country on our main website. 

Follow this link for the latest updates

2022 Exam Results 

The Grade 10 and Grade 12 exam results are out, released on the 9th of December 2022. Students can now check their results online.

Visit My PNG Exam Results portal. 

Grade 11 Selections 2023

The Grade 11 selections will take place as soon as the selection committee from the provinces get the exam results. Reassuringly, the results are out! That means that the selection should be starting now. 

It may take up to 2 weeks to complete the Grade 11 selection. Check this article for more info.

DHERST National Online Selection 2023

DHERST announced the dates for selections and release of acceptance lists on its website. Here is a brief of the dates:

  • NOAS Grace Period : Mon, 12th December – Thur, 15th  December 2022
  • Launching of 2022 selection for 2023 academic year: Wed, 21st December 2022
Check this article for more info on DHERST National Online Selection 2023

2021 Top Performing National High Schools in PNG

2023 Top Performing National High Schools in PNG

List National High Schools in PNG

Many people ask how many national high schools are in PNG at present. There are 6 national high schools (now called the National Schools of Excellence or NSoE) are:

  • Aiyura National Schools of Excellence, 
  • Kerevat National Schools of Excellence, 
  • Port Moresby National Schools of Excellence, 
  • Passam National Schools of Excellence, 
  • Wawin National Schools of Excellence and 
  • Sogeri National Schools of Excellence.

Check out the complete ranks of all the TOP SCHOOLS in PNG.

2021 PNG National High School Ranking

In 2021 the ranking, there was a slight shift in the ranking. Note that the ranks are indications of the performances of the 6 National Schools of Excellence (formally National High Schools) performance in the Grade 12 National Examinations in 2021.

Passam and Port Moresby National High Schools maintain the top places at No. 1 and No.2 as the 2021 performing school of excellence in PNG.

Here is the rank from the top-performing NSoE:
  1. Passam, 
  2. Port Moresby,
  3. Wawin, 
  4. Kerevat, 
  5. Aiyura, and
  6. Sogeri.
Wawin National High School improved massively in 2021 ranks.

2020 PNG NHS Ranking

Here is the ranking for the 6 NHS in the country, the video below is the declaration of the performance rank of the 6 NHS in reverse order (the ranking was for NHS only).

The ranking was announced during the heads of schools and education divisions conference at the Gateway Hotel in Port Moresby on the 10th of December 2020.

  1. Passam
  2. Port Moresby 
  3. Kerevat
  4. Sogeri 
  5. Aiyura, and
  6. Wawin

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PNG Insight Maths Exam Resources for Grade 8, 10 and 12