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World Menstrual Health Day: Shattering the Stigma in Papua New Guinea

Every Thursday, for the past five (5) years a group of dedicated women meet in Lae, Papua New Guinea, to sew high quality washable menstrual pads. So far, they have distributed over 3000 of these hygiene packs to girls in the Morobe province.

Photo supplied: Nakei Siloi (L) &  Munum Primary School Girls (R)

In preparation for Menstrual Hygiene Day (28 May), girls from Christ The King Primary School will receive sets of these hand-sewn items, along with a health talk about the female body, menstruation, pregnancy and the importance of female hygiene. 

“There is a big need. Store-bought pads are expensive. And the disposal of plastic synthetic pads is a problem for our environment.” Nakei Siloi, Marama and spokesperson for the group has been a volunteer with Days for Girls since 2018. “We do not want our daughters to miss school just because she has her sikmun. We want to educate our girls about her monthly cycle. To emphasize to her how natural and normal having a period is.” 

In many parts of Papua New Guinea, haus meri or menstrual huts provide women and girls with the opportunity to support one another during their sikmun. “Because many of us have moved to urban locations, these opportunities for focused learning and rest are not readily available. We may not be talking openly about menstrual hygiene, so our daughters miss out.”

There is a culture of shame and taboo on matters pertaining to sexuality. Girls are teased at school if their clothes are stained. This also discourages our daughters from attending class. 

“Days for Girls have programmes which educate our sons about menstruation. It is called ‘Men who Know.’” Every man and boy is connected to a mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, coworker or classmate. Men and boys would be crucial partners to shatter the stigma and in the future, influence decision making. “We are looking for men who might want to volunteer to join us in this endeavour” said Ms Siloi. 

Days for Girls was first established in Lae by Wendy Christie, supported by New Zealand, and Australian Days for Girls Teams and Chapters (especially those in Annerley, Boonah and Redlands, Queensland) along with sponsors; The Lioness Club of Lae, Express Freight Management, Chemcare, Papindo Ltd, Theodist and Brian Bell Home Centres.

This initiative on World Menstrual Health Day will reach over 150 young girls

For more information please contact us our Facebook page

Reservation of Women’s Seats PNG Parliament Key Reform 2022 Elections


22 women in politics, elections and representations png

 Reservation of women’s seats in parliament

The reservation of women’s seats in parliament is one key reform agenda to be looked at by the new Chairman of the Constitutional and Law Reform Commission (CLRC) before the 2022 National Elections.

Prime Minister (PM) James Marape, said the new Chairman and Member for Wewak, Kevin Isifu, now has a big task at hand before the elections and as a member of the ruling Pangu Party, he will deliver the party’s perspective, which includes the women’s reserve seats.

“We will be also looking at women in politics, the representation of women in office,” Prime Minister James Marape.

“For the Pangu perspective, we have a very important proposal to put specific seats for women in the country. We are looking at a higher level of regional seats, probably at four or five regions, designated as women-only seats.”

Constitutional and Law Reform Commission

To handle this task and other key reforms, Marape has high hopes in the new CLRC Chairman saying, “The honourable Kevin Isifu brings to us a wealth of experience, and brings that to our important constitutional office.”

Meanwhile, other key agendas to be looked at, including the system of voting, electoral reforms to modernize it with the biometric voting system and electoral boundaries review.

Isifu was officially sworn- in by the Governor-General, Grand Chief Sir Bob Dadae at the Government House in Port Moresby this morning.

NEWS: YUMI FM (30/06/2020)


2020 Young Pacific Leaders Conference Now Accepting Applications | APPLY NOW

The application for the Young Pacific Leaders (YPL) Conference in Papua New Guinea in April is now open. 

2020 Young Pacific Leaders Conference | Apply NOW

The seventh YPL conference aims to enhance leadership skills and regional knowledge of young Pacific Islanders ages 25 - 35 years.

The YPL Conference will include
  • informational sessions, 
  • skills workshops, 
  • cultural activities, 
  • and site visits
All aim to deepen participants’ capacity to address regional issues related to YPL’s four programmatic themes: 
  • Education; 
  • Environment and Resource Management; 
  • Civic Leadership; and 
  • Economic and Social Development.
Applicants will be selected from across 
  • the independent Pacific states, 
  • Australia, 
  • New Zealand, 
  • Papua New Guinea, 
  • Pacific French Territories, and 
  • the American-affiliated Pacific (American Samoa, Guam, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, and Hawaii). 
Outstanding alumni of previous conferences are also invited to apply to participate in the 2020 YPL Conference as alumni mentors.

 All applications are due by February 3, 2020 and can be completed online.

Interested applicants are encouraged to contact Cultural Vistas at for any questions about the conference, or to request a fillable PDF version of the application if needed. 

Participants will be required to attend the full conference program (April 21 – 24, 2020, not including travel days). 

All travel, lodging and meals will be provided to selected participants and alumni.

At the conclusion of the YPL Conference, all YPL alumni will be eligible to compete for small grant funding to support projects in their countries and the region. 

In addition, conference participants and the larger YPL community will participate in YPL LEADS throughout the month of May, a month-long event highlighting the YPL program through service-related activities in their communities.

Source: adapted from

PNG Needs Women MPs like Dame Carol Kidu - 2022 elections

Women representation in politics has done 3 steps back. During her time there was talk about creating seats for 22 women reps. This was received with mixed feelings, yet there was good support from male MPs. 

2022 National Election is going to be an interesting one for women candidates. It would be nice to see more women back in politics.

Women candidates in PNG election 2022
Image: PNG opposition leader cuts lonely figure (ABC News, 15 Feb 2012)

The 2012 to 2017 parliament had 3 sitting female MPs. The situation for women and girls may have stayed the same in Papua New Guinea. But, the situation for woman leaders was NOT represented well by those 3 women MPs. It has deteriorated, don't you think? 

This was obvious from the number of women returning to parliament in the 2017 elections. 0

Former Woman MP Delilah Gore 2012 - 2017

For example, MP Delilah Gore's recent alleged spending of the department's K17000 and siding with Arore to oust Governor Juffa is a black mark on her reputation, including woman leaders. 

Remember the Air Niugini incident - Yu Save Lo Mi - comment. That was directed at a younger woman. The good things she may have done in her term as minister often goes unnoticed when such an incident hits headline news. Tough.

Former Woman MP Loujaya Toni 2012 - 2017

Take a look at MP for Lae, Loujaya Toni. A few months after her election to the parliament her marriage broke down. Even, as a Melanesian woman leader where simplicity is gold, she does not give the impression of a contemporary PNG woman leader. Or, does she?

The same can be said of the male politicians, but the outcome is often different. That is a shame but it is the reality. I only wish there is a right balance when it comes to women vs men politicians in PNG.

2022 women political candidates
Google pictures

Former Woman MP Julie Soso

What about the Governor of EHP, does she portray a mirrored image a young girl could reflect? Julie Soso can be described as a Melanesian woman. However, as the governor, there is more to be desired of her. She has never done better than Mal Kela Smith or Feti Lafanama. 

Goroka Town has not got back the image of the 80s -  beautiful and clean. Pigs are roaming the market. Pickpockets are everywhere in town. Shantytowns extended from Genoka to Banana Block and everywhere. 

This is the same for the current male governor. He builds the Goroka market but the pigs are still roaming the town. Ominously, the market is not opened yet! The male politicians are NOT better than their female counterparts, but their chance of being re-elected is high. Not fair at all. 

Women Politicians Can Chance Public Opinions

Those 3 women leaders CAN change public opinion on woman leaders in the country. They failed miserably in this regard.

But there are great women leaders and powerful women politicians in the history of politics in PNG. Dame Josephine Abaija and Dame Carol Kidu are two that came to mind, you can name the others. 

These are shining examples of PNG women in politics. Personally, I think women will NOT be great leaders in Parliament, in fact, they will be EXCELLENT leaders.

Come 2022 elections, PNG need to vote in more women leaders - that is for sure. Strong women who can stand tall and proud and represent the nation. 

Women who are hardworking, firm and direct.

Former Woman MP Dame Carol Kidu 2007 - 2017 (resigned)

I still have lots of respect for Dame Kidu. She showed how a woman can make a difference. 

Her contribution is notable. In addition, Dame Kidu topped her career off by being the only opposition leader and the only member of the opposition (PHOTO ABOVE). 

She stood against males idiocy in parliament. She is forever to be remembered as one woman opposition. 

PNG needs powerful woman leaders and politicians like Dame Carol Kidu!



PNG Insight Maths Exam Resources for Grade 8, 10 and 12

PNG Insight Maths Exam Resources for Grade 8, 10 and 12