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Carnivorous Plants from Kew Gardens, London

In Papua New Guinea, carnivorous plants are commonly seen growing among the grasses, especially the 'Kunai' grasses, in the highlands and in many other parts of the country.

carnivirous plants list
Photo taken at Kew Garden

Carnivorous plants common in PNG

These stunning plants are also found in the wild in the coastal areas - growing on the small hills, near the red clay soils and abandoned gardens.

I have never thought they could make really good house plants until I saw these familiar, but bizarre plants at the Kew Gardens in London. These plants are growing in a glasshouse where it is humid and tropical.

Here is a story of a Papua New Guinean working with the Kew Garden teams - read about it here on PNG Writers Corner.

What is what Kew say about the carnivorous plants

These plants come from a wide range of different landscapes and climates but all have evolved weird and wonderful adaptations to trap and consume prey. 

The prey they trap helps to provide the plant with nutrients they would otherwise find hard to obtain in their natural habitats and helps to keep them healthy and strong. 

Video on my visit to Kew Gardens

Have you seen these plants?

Have you seen the carnivorous plants growing in the village or near where you are? Let us know if you have seen them - comment below.