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NCSL Value Back Loyalty Program - Offers 10% Discount

Home More located within the CPL Complex at Waigani Central, Port Moresby. The Home More loyalty program offers 10% discount on regular priced items to NCSL Members, under the NCSL Value Back Loyalty Program.

NCSL Loyalty program
LINKEDIN: Members' Notice
NCSL Members are eligible for 10% discount off all cash payments, upon presentation of Member ID Cards.

This includes Kids Saving Account holders with membership IDs.

Members can also be able to use their Poro Cards on the NCSLPOS Terminal already installed in the shop.

A BIS ( Biometric Identification System) Kiosk, is also located within the Home More shop for NCSL Members, to easily view account details and also lodged applications.

Here are some examples of regular priced items at CPL complex, Waigani Central.
NCSL CPL Waigani

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NCSL Poro Card, Uses and Application Members Information

NASFUND Contributors Savings and Loans Society launched the NCSL Poro Card and Poro Account in mid-June 2019 alongside the blue EFTPOS. This post provides information on popular questions like what is the Poro Card, where can members use it and how to apply for it.

PIC Credit: Post Courier 

What is Poro Card?

It is a domestic debit card like the BSP Kundu Card. The NCSL branded Poro Card would 'initially' be used on all NCSL EFTPOS in the country.

Here is what NCSL management said during the launching the 14th of June 2019.
", we have installed over 132 [EFTPOS] terminals in 29 outlets in four regions to benefit our members" NCSL Board Chairman, Ian Tarutia
It was anticipated that there are more than 200 NCSL branded EFTPOS machines procured and distributed to the regions. 

In Port Moresby, the NCSL Poro Card Holders can use their cards at the CPL outlets. 

Using Poro Card

In a report by Post Courier, NCSL planned to get a business approval for its member to use their Poro Card in any EFTPOS terminal and ATM in the country. 

That means that the NCSL members 'can' use their Poro Card to have instant access to their approved funds.

This was further confirmed in a latter report, quoted.
"The Poro Card can be used on BSP, Westpac and Kina Bank ATM following the recently launched retail electronic payment system (REPS) by the Bank of Papua New Guinea." NCSL Statement 23 Sept 2019

Transactions - EFTPOS and ATM

The NCSL Poro card does what any domestic debit card does: 
  • Change PIN
  • Mobile Top-Up
  • Check Balance at ATM
  • Cash Withdrawal at ATM
  • Use EFTPOS to purchase goods
Loans, Savings & Withdrawals
The introduction of the Poro Card means that NCSL members can now have direct access to their loans, savings and refunds on approval. That means that the members will have to ensure that they have the approved money available in their Poro Accounts prior to accessing it through an EFTPOS or ATM. 

Apply for NCSL Poro Card

NCSL members who do not have Poro card can apply for it. Here is how to apply:
  • Download the PDF Poro Application Form
  • Complete it thoroughly 
  • Send it to
  • Or, you can take the completed application form to the NCSL office near you. 
The important document is your recent ID card. NCSL requires that applicants bring the original and photocopies of 2 IDs when submitting application form for verification and record-keeping purposes. 

Examples of photo IDs: 

  • NID ID, employee ID, 
  • driver's license, 
  • passport 
  • birth certificate,
  • certificate of baptism, 
  • marriage certificate, 
  • school certificate, 
  • letter of employment
For more information or queries on Poro Card, contact NCSL on this designated email