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NASFUND Online Portal: How to Get the Help You Need

NASFUND is Papua New Guinea's largest and most successful superannuation fund, providing secure retirement benefits for over 620,000 members. 

As part of its commitment to providing accessible and convenient services, NASFUND offers a user-friendly online portal for its members, which provides easy access to their account information and other services. 

In this article, we will guide you through the process of registering for and logging into the NASFUND Online Portal, and highlight the benefits of using this platform.

NASFUND Online Members Portal - how to login

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How to Register for the NASFUND Member Portal

Before you can access the NASFUND Online Portal, you need to be a member of NASFUND. If you are not yet a member, you can join by completing an application form and submitting it to your employer or directly to NASFUND. Once you are a member, you can follow these steps to register for the NASFUND Online Portal:

Go to the NASFUND website at

Click on the 'Member Login' button at the top right-hand corner of the page

Click on the 'Register' button on the login page

Enter your member number, date of birth, and email address

Create a username and password

Agree to the terms and conditions

Click 'Register' to complete the process

How to Login to the NASFUND Online Portal

Once you have registered for the NASFUND Online Portal, you can log in using the following steps:

Go to the NASFUND website at

Click on the 'Member Login' button at the top right-hand corner of the page

Enter your username and password

Click 'Login' to access your account

If you forget your username or password, you can click on the 'Forgot Username' or 'Forgot Password' links on the login page and follow the prompts to reset your credentials.

Benefits of Using the NASFUND Members Online Portal

The NASFUND Online Portal provides a range of benefits for its members, including:

Access to account information: Members can view their account balances, transaction history, and other details at any time from anywhere.

Online transactions: Members can use the portal to update their personal information, nominate beneficiaries, and make online contributions.

Secure communication: Members can use the portal to send secure messages to NASFUND, which helps to protect their personal information.

Convenience: Members can access their account information and services at any time and from anywhere, making it easy to manage their superannuation.

Contact NASFUND Members Office

If you encounter any difficulties with registering for or logging into the NASFUND Online Portal, you can contact the NASFUND Members Office for assistance. You can reach them by phone at 1599 or by email at


The NASFUND Online Portal is a convenient and secure platform for NASFUND members to manage their superannuation. By following the simple registration and login steps outlined in this article, members can easily access their account information and use a range of services online. With its user-friendly interface, secure communication features, and round-the-clock accessibility, the NASFUND Online Portal is an essential tool for managing your retirement savings.

NCSL Value Back Loyalty Program - Offers 10% Membership Discount

Home More is located within the CPL Complex at Waigani Central, Port Moresby. The Home More loyalty program offers a 10% discount on regular priced items to NCSL Members, under the NCSL Value Back Loyalty Program.

NCSL Loyalty program
LINKEDIN: Members' Notice
NCSL Members are eligible for 10% discount off all cash payments, upon presentation of Member ID Cards.

This includes Kids Saving Account holders with membership IDs.

Members can also be able to use their Poro Cards on the NCSLPOS Terminal already installed in the shop.

A BIS ( Biometric Identification System) Kiosk, is also located within the Home More shop for NCSL Members, to easily view account details and also lodged applications.

Here are some examples of regular priced items at CPL complex, Waigani Central.
NCSL CPL Waigani

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NCSL Poro Card, Uses and Application Members Information

NASFUND Contributors Savings and Loans Society launched the NCSL Poro Card and Poro Account in mid-June 2019 alongside the blue EFTPOS. This post provides information on popular questions like what is the Poro Card, where can members use it and how to apply for it.

PIC Credit: Post Courier 

What is Poro Card?

It is a domestic debit card like the BSP Kundu Card. The NCSL branded Poro Card would 'initially' be used on all NCSL EFTPOS in the country.

Here is what NCSL management said during the launching the 14th of June 2019.
", we have installed over 132 [EFTPOS] terminals in 29 outlets in four regions to benefit our members" NCSL Board Chairman, Ian Tarutia
It was anticipated that there are more than 200 NCSL branded EFTPOS machines procured and distributed to the regions. 

In Port Moresby, the NCSL Poro Card Holders can use their cards at the CPL outlets. 

Using Poro Card

In a report by Post Courier, NCSL planned to get a business approval for its member to use their Poro Card in any EFTPOS terminal and ATM in the country. 

That means that the NCSL members 'can' use their Poro Card to have instant access to their approved funds.

This was further confirmed in a latter report, quoted.
"The Poro Card can be used on BSP, Westpac and Kina Bank ATM following the recently launched retail electronic payment system (REPS) by the Bank of Papua New Guinea." NCSL Statement 23 Sept 2019

Transactions - EFTPOS and ATM

The NCSL Poro card does what any domestic debit card does: 
  • Change PIN
  • Mobile Top-Up
  • Check Balance at ATM
  • Cash Withdrawal at ATM
  • Use EFTPOS to purchase goods
Loans, Savings & Withdrawals
The introduction of the Poro Card means that NCSL members can now have direct access to their loans, savings and refunds on approval. That means that the members will have to ensure that they have the approved money available in their Poro Accounts prior to accessing it through an EFTPOS or ATM. 

Apply for NCSL Poro Card

NCSL members who do not have Poro card can apply for it. Here is how to apply:
  • Download the PDF Poro Application Form
  • Complete it thoroughly 
  • Send it to
  • Or, you can take the completed application form to the NCSL office near you. 
The important document is your recent ID card. NCSL requires that applicants bring the original and photocopies of 2 IDs when submitting the application form for verification and record-keeping purposes. 

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Examples of photo IDs: 

  • NID ID, employee ID, 
  • driver's license, 
  • passport 
  • birth certificate,
  • certificate of baptism, 
  • marriage certificate, 
  • school certificate, 
  • letter of employment
For more information or queries on Poro Card, contact NCSL on this designated email

NASFUND Member Benefits and Interest

The magic of compound interest.

NASFUND members should take advantage of the benefit of compound interest while contributing towards their retirement savings. 

Source: NASFUND Facebook | 23rd March 2019

Chief finance officer, Rajeev Sharma said that the benefit of compound interest can be seen when NASFUND member does not withdraw funds for the long term. 

Compound interest will further grow member's balance if the  member increases an additional amount from the normal mandated contributions of the member or employer contributions.

Find out how to check you NASFUND balance using mobile phone, click here

In an example of a member who has contributed for 30 years.

The illustration below shows the benefit of increasing one’s contribution through voluntary contribution of K50 and K150 with an assumed average return of interest of 5% for the period of 30 years. 

Additional Contribution (K) 
10yrs    20yrs       30yrs          
K50      K7736      K20, 339   K40, 866

K150   K23,207    K61,007    K122,579

A member who increases an additional contribution of K50 for the next 30 years will have a total additional balance of K40,866, out of which he would have contributed only K 18,000 and balance of Kina 22,866 would come from interest. 

However, if the NASFUND member increase an additional of K150 for the next 30 years, the member will have K122, 579 as his total balance.

“This is the magic of compound interest”, he said. 

“This will happen if the member does not touch the funds while still contributing and the savings will grow through interest that is being credited by the FUND annually”. 

NASFUND has paid K1.4 billion as crediting amount to it’s members in the last six years.

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NCSL Online Portal Effective Way to Check Balance and Loan Eligibility

If you are a member of the NASFUND Contributors Savings & Loans Society, the NCSL Online Portal (also called the NCSL member portal) is useful.

ncsl online login
You can access online services like checking balance or loan and savings withdrawal eligibility; submitting online loan or withdrawal applications; and getting member statements. 

The services can be accessed via mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktops.

  • An updated version of the NCSL online portal can be found on
  • You can also find information on Poro Card here
  • To learn about how to invest in PNG Shares and Bonds, click here

So if you are already a registered member, you may be familiar with the benefits of using the portal. If you are a member of NCSL but have not registered yet on NCSL online portal, here are the helpful tips to help you register. 

Go to the registration page. 

  • Step-1: The NCSL members new to the portal are required to have membership numbers and dates of birth to complete step one of the registration process. These details are important to register. If you forget about the membership details, immediately contact NCSL at or call 313 2000.
  • Step-2: Input your required personal/member details. Be realistic about the membership details you are entering – the details must be factual and current.
  • Step-3: The final step is to confirm your registration. This step requires members to have an email account. Always have - in addition to other membership details – your personal email account ready before starting the registration on the NCSL Online Portal.

Enter your member details and follow the prompt.

NCSL check balance

In summary here are the important registration requirements to make registration flow smoothly…

- Email account (google mail or yahoo etc)
- Membership number
- Date of birth

The staff at NCSL will be happy to help any contributor so get in touch. If you need more clarification, visit the nearest NCSL office in your region. 

Do you have accounts with Nasfund, Kina Bank, BSP or into POM stock exchange? Check out the latest Financial News, Savings and Loans, and Superannuation updates on PNG Insight.

How to check your NASFUND balance 

Find out how to check you NASFUND balance using mobile phone, click here



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