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Geoffery Vaki Should Not Compromise the Integrity of Papua New Guinea Constabulary

CHRISTAINS: We heard leaders of main line churches appealing for O’Neill to submit to police request. Thank God and pioneer missionaries, PNG have established churches and strong leaders who have the wisdom to correct and suggest to political leaders what to do. Listen to the words of men of God.

POLICE: The police hierarchy had been thrown in disarray with by one man, Peter O’Neill.  Is it not too late for Vaki to fix this vital institution? He may be defeated at the District Court but he it is not late for Vaki to make the right call. Both National and District Courts have given Geoffrey Vaki’s no option but to arrest O’Neill. This must be done urgently.

Vaki is rendered to nothing but useless in Peter O’Neill’s eyes if not for the policemen protecting the PM.  Section of police who took Vaki’s commands are his last baton of hope. We hear the Police Association giving strong signal to politicians (like PO and the Housing Minister) who called police ‘rogue cops’ to shut up.

Court has made it clear that the men who are at the forefront of this political turmoil caused by the PM are not rogue officers. Their reputations, experiences and dedication to the force are exemplary.  

Mr Geoffrey Vaki can restore pride and comradeship in the police force. He needs to take a step out of PO’s shadow and listen to what courts, church leaders, senior citizens, students and public are saying about PO’s actions.

REASSURANCE: Two things the Police Commissioner, Geoffrey Vaki, should take note.

1.      Police have what’s called the ‘Institution Muscle’. When commenting on this Political plots and strategies to protect one man the Police Association general secretary used this phrase -  it seems  police can use avenues to addressing administrative matters within the force if/when it is necessary. Here, he is implying that the police commissioner has to do what is best to protect the integrity of the Police Force. Anything seems contrary can result in the police union taking a tough stand against it!


2.      Task Force Sweep was reinstated. The investigation, its finding (Sam Koim and Miviri’s affidavits) and Warrant of Arrest of Peter O’Neill is valid and current.

PO had his chance to fight the WoA. He has made his case. It took 3 weeks.  All along he created factions within the police police, he disbanded TSF, he dismissed Sam Koim, he (through Vaki) suspended Eluh and Kauba.

Vaki’s right call: Now that TSF is reinstated, Vaki must lift the suspension on Koim, Miviri, Kauba and Eluh. His hands are already dirty. Let these men carry on from where they left: Arrest Peter O’Neill and bring him in for questioning.




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