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PNG: Are You Earning the Minimum Wage - 2014?

New Minimum Wage (K3.20 per hour): Employers Must Comply Starting Now.

 Employers Federation of PNG (EFoPNG) has issued a NEW minimum wage to be complied with immediately. Every employer from Chinese kai bars to security companies and service stations must now increase their employers pay.
Reported on EMTV, 22 inspectors (in each province) from the department of labour and industrial relations will be out to ensure this takes effect.
This is a good call from the EFoPNG (Florence Willie). Many companies have FAILED before. For this to be effective, there are many unanswered questions:

¬What can an employee do if they a not paid the minimum wage?
¬How can they report non-compliant employers?
¬Who are they going to report to?
¬What is the proper channel to make a complaint?
¬What are the steps needed to reach an amicable solution?
¬How are complainant/employee protected from dismissal if they make a complaint?
¬ Who is the provincial inspector, where is the local provincial office for Department of Labour and Industrial Relations?
The EFoPNG and department of labour and industrial relations, CANNOT just slap employers with minimum wage and sit in comfortable offices in POM and expect miracles to happen. They cannot just expect employers to comply in a flick of a finger.
 Again, this is a good call. Please, come up with proper procedures and processes. Make sure employers start paying their workers the Minimum Wage.

 If you are earning minimum wage, take a look at this table. It might be helpful. For example, if you work 6 hour, 5 days week, you fortnight pay MUST not be LESS than K192.00.



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