BLUES WON: A Sign of PNG Boys In Blues To Win?

STATE OF ORIGIN: Game two is at 6.00pm. At 9.30 am we’ll see lawyer of the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill fighting it out in the Court Room. I stated 10 reasons earlier why she won’t win if she contested TFS findings.
TWO KEY PLAYERS HAVE BEEN SIDE-LINED: AG and TSF Chairman. It was confirmed that the member for Sinasina Yongomugl, Kerenga Kua, was removed as AG.
Peter O’Neill knows he has less than 9 months but intends to serve a full 5 year term. Amending Section 145 of the Constitution would end any vote of no confidence. This removes a vital litmus of democracy by giving Peter O’Neill the absolute power to rule.
One quality of a true leader is to take advice from those you trust and admire. On the 12th of June, O’Neill was full of praise for work Hon Kua did as AG [ ]. Within 6 days he back flipped and fired the minister he trusted.
Does saying NO to amending this section of the Constitution permit the sacking? A gentle man he is, does Hon Kua deserve such treatment? If this is an NEC decision, a serious mental treatment is needed for all who partake in this self-serving decision.
Another blow to fighting corruption is standing down of TSF Chairman Sam Koim and disbanding of TSF. Reports have emerged that this anticorruption body set up by the PM, supported by the PM, praised the PM is now disbanded!
WHO’S NEXT? Peter O’Neill has less than 9 months (early August 2012 – mid June 2014) to enjoy as the PM of PNG without fear of a vote of no confidence. He is a very frightened man. He has gone to lengths by sacking men who have been instrumental in the fight against corruption.
Has Peter O’Neill dug a hole too dip?
Today at 9.30 am we’ll find out
Cheer up and enjoy State of Origin at 6 pm....x

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