Is Air Niugini Flight Cancellation Ethical Business Practice?

PNG's Air Niugini has a major recurring problem. Cancellation of scheduled flights.

Air niugini schedule and cancellation

Before the Independence day, Christmas period or school holidays, Air Niugini must stop cancelling flights. In fact, the cancellation of flights can be described as a wound that Air Niugini needs to find remedy for. Often, the reason for Air Niugini schedule cancellations are either not made known to the customers or communicated to them prior to arrival at check-in. Apparently the sad norm is many customers turned up at the check-in to find out that their flight is cancelled.

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Air Niugini must put the interest of customers before it's aim to make money.  For example if there are two or three passengers to pick up in Lae Nazab Airport,  the company must make every effort to fly them on schedule. It must not cancel a flight just to create a backlog so that it will relieve the backlog on the next flights. This is about business ethics and the ethics of the operations managers to stay true to schedule unless it is really necessary to cancel a flight.

Its also sad that many passengers are normally sent away to cater for themselves during a flight cancellation. Understandably, if/when Air Niugini cancels a flight it has a duty of care to provide accommodation and transportion for ALL delayed passengers,  not just a few. For example, if you leave in Simbu and travel to Goroka to catch a flight and its delayed, you'll have to travel back to Simbu or stay the night with wantoks at Goroka.

Only the affected customers who may have produced a hotel receipt will probably be accommodated. It is a question of business ethics and responsibility to customers - regardless of their status - who are supposed to be on the cancelled plane. All delayed customers  must be provided with accommodation, meals and transport.  This is the right thing to do!

Understandably flight cancellation happens under respectable situations.  But PNG Air Niugini's schedule cancellations have been regular and is fast becoming a norm. The management must now look at ways to stop cancelling flights on regular intervals. The management must fly its passengers to their destinations on schedule.

The two issues here are that Air Niugini's flight cancellations is now a norm and widely accepted or ignored or expected by many.  It's a problem that needed addressing immediately.  Second, many delayed passengers are not always accommodated. The company has a duty of care to all passengers who may have been delayed due to the company's decision to cancel a flight.

These are serious issues that bring Air Niugini's business and management ethics into question and it's time the company does something about it.

The Air Niugini Bird of Paradise taxing to stop at Nazab Airport outside Lae Morobe Province. This was a flight after a cancellation the day before.

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