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Air Niugini Online check-in started in August of 2016, yet many national and international travelers have yet to use the platform. The reasons could be many, but one obvious explanation is that many Air Niugini passengers just do not know that they could check-in online.

Air niugini online check in - how to in 4 steps
Jacksons Airport | Online Check-in counter

This post aims to spread the word that you can skip the frustrating queues to book tickets and check-in by doing both online.

It is important that you make your online check-in 24 hours - one day - prior to departure time.

A manager with Air Niugini clarified that

"Passengers have the advantage of selecting their preferred seats and purchase other services such as extra leg room seats, extra baggage allowances and other products which may be on offer on the flight [...]. But first of all, you have to check-in online," Mr Dominic Kaumu

Reassuringly, it is fast. To check in on your mobile devices or laptop or PCPC follow these steps:

1.  visit ( mobile phone users use this url

2. Enter your Last Name which is your surname,

3. Enter your booking reference number which is often found at the top of your ticket and

4. Click 'Check in.

PNG Air Niugini Internet check in

Once the 4 steps are complete, you'll access the Internet check-in interface. Navigate through the interface and complete the details thoroughly.

What is the difference between Air  Niugini online booking and online check in?

Online booking is usually done before the online check in. Customers book tickets either online or at the Air Niugini's offices and agents, and pay. Payment can be make immediately or at a later time. When the customer has had the ticket, he needs to check in online to get his boarding pass before travelling. This url [] links to Air Niugini Online Booking page shown below.

PNG Air Niuguni Internet booking

In fact, both the online booking and online check in can be done without having to visit Air Niugini office. The two processes can be sorted online.

Therefore, avoid standing in the long queues to book and buy tickets, and get your boarding passes. Do these checks on the Internet 24 hours prior to departure. Hope this helps.

How to Access Air Niugini Destination Membership Account

To access the Air Niugini Destination Membership Account for the first time, here is what you do:
  • Go to Air Niugini Destination page/website
  • Click on Forgot Password
  • Enter your Destination Membership number or email
  • Click Submit
  • A password will be sent to your registered email address, check.
  • Now you can login to access your Air Niugini Destination account and view your points.
Ensure that you enter 2 ZEROS before your membership number when logging in. 

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