2020 TESAS List Continuing Students DHERST Published

The secretary for the Department of Higher Education Research Science and Technology (DHERST), Professor Fr. Jan Czuba, congratulated and wished every 2020 continuing student the BEST in their studies. He also announced the approved list of continuing students who are on TESAS attending the Higher Education institutions in Papua New Guinea.

tesas list for 2020 continuing students dherst
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Continuing students - Notice

If you are a student with no names on the 2020 TESAS approved list of continuing students, here is what the department had to say...
Be advised that students whose name do not appear on the list will appear on the Supplementary List which will be published soon.
DHERST did not say exactly when the supplementary list will be published. In anticipation for the list to come out, please check the department's website. 

The department of higher education, DHERST, had appealed to the 'institutions who do not submit the list of continuing students to the department are advised to do so before the end of January 2020'. [Press Release, 03/01/2020]

Where to download 2020 continuing students TESAS award list

The continuing students can now download the list that was published on the 03rd January  2020 on the department's website. Or the same list is available here (PDF).

How to check your name?

If you are a continuing student wanting to find out your name is on the 2020 TESAS Award PDF doc, follow these 5 steps to find out:
1. Open the 2020 Continuing Students TESAS Awards List, here (PDF, 99 pages).
2. Download the PDF file to your computer/smartphone/device
3. Save and open the 2020 award list
4. Use the 'Search' icon
5. Important: you must type in your full names (Surname & given name)

The names' print is very small. However, if you do follow the instruction, you are likely to find your name quickly.

When you have found your name, make sure you confirm the other details like the institution, program, year and award.

pdf tesas list for continuing students 2020

What does TESAS mean?

TESAS stands for Tertiary Education Students Assistance Scheme. There are two categories of TESAS. See this post for more info on TESAS

Perhaps it is important that new and continuing students at all the tertiary institutions inPNG are up-to-date the changes that are happening at present. Especially, the changes to TESAS and the introduction of the HELP student loan scheme.

One suggestion is to check the latest updates on the HELP scheme at DHERST website. The department has some updates on the changes in higher education tuition and the purported 2020 student loan scheme. Here is an online news article by NBC News (Reposted) - READ MORE. Some key points are listed in bullet points below.
Student Loan Application HELP PNG
NID and TIN prerequisites for  HELP

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Unknown said...

DHERST admin, would you please confirm if Madang Teachers college list was not included in the 2020 continuing students scolarship list.

Concern Parent

Unknown said...

DHERST Admin, Please try check why was MBBS students Not included for the TESAS.
Can't see our names there except for the others at SMHS(Taurama Campus-UPNG)

Unknown said...

Why is the University of Goroka list not there?

Janet S said...

DHERST Admin, please kindly advise if there will be another completed list for continuing student's later this month? The list from Port Moresby Business College doesn't have a complete list of all courses offered and students,

Thanks Janet S

Unknown said...

Why University of Goroka continuing students list not included

Unknown said...

Why goroka technical college & university of Goroka continuing students lists is delay for dhrest 2020.

Admin said...

Well, that's a question that the institution co concerned should answer.

DHERST finalizes the lists submitted to them based on the stds performances. It's a collaborative work that starts with the institutions.

If they do not submit the list on time, dherst has to wait.

Unknown said...

Why is the list for Goroka Technical College continuing student list not uploaded.

Unknown said...

Why Sonoma Adventist college continuing students under TESAS are not updated