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Update on PNG Police Recruitment 2023 Screening Dates for Highlands, Momase and NGI

The recent police recruitment drive for NCD, Central, and Gulf provinces has revealed that six applicants out of 213 tested positive for illicit substances during the medical checks. Among them, four applicants tested positive for marijuana, and two tested positive for methamphetamine, commonly known as ice. 

In an EMTV report, the Deputy Commissioner Clarkson of Administration clarified that while 24 applicants were disqualified on other medical grounds, such as eye tests, neck nodes related to tuberculosis, and pregnancy, four applicants were disqualified due to positive drug tests.

Update: Click here for the latest updates on Police recruitment, screening and training for Morobe, Milne Bay, WHP, ORO, New Ireland, Simbu, ESP, WSP and Manus.

PNG Police recruitment, screening and training updates
PNG Police recruitment, screening and training update

Screening Dates for Different Regions

The screening process for the police recruitment drive will continue in different regions of PNG as per the scheduled dates.

  • Highlands region - 8th of May to the 16th of June.
  • Momase region - 8th of May to the 9th of June
  • NGI (New Guinea Islands) region - 8th of May to the 9th of June. 
As for Milne Bay, Northern South-Fly, and North-Fly, in the Southern region, their screening process will take place from the 8th of May to the 2nd of June.

The *exact dates for screening, interview and test are now available here.

Download the Shortlisted Candidates Police Recruitment 2023 Name List

RPNGC has released the name lists for the following provinces. You can download the PDF file from the links below:

Importance of Strict Screening Processes

The recent cases of applicants testing positive for illicit substances highlight the importance of strict screening processes in the police recruitment drive. 

The authorities are committed to maintaining the integrity of the recruitment process by conducting thorough medical, physical, and academic checks to ensure that only qualified and suitable candidates are recruited into the police force. 

The use of illicit drugs is illegal and goes against the values and responsibilities of a police officer.

PNG Police Recruitment 2023 is ongoing

The screening process for the PNG Police Recruitment 2023 is ongoing, with different regions conducting their screening from May to June. 

The recent cases of applicants testing positive for illicit substances highlight the need for strict screening processes to ensure the recruitment of qualified and suitable candidates into the police force. 

Final words...

All in all, it is crucial for all applicants to adhere to the rules and regulations of the recruitment process and refrain from any illegal activities, including drug use. 

Further updates on the selection and training will be provided as the process progresses.

Stay in tune on PNG Insight.


Here is the latest information on PNGDF recruitment 2023 for 2024.

PNG Vision 2050: A Roadmap for a Prosperous Future - Where to Now?

Papua New Guinea (PNG) Vision 2050 is a development roadmap that aims to transform the country into a smart, fair, and prosperous nation by the year 2050. 

The vision was launched in 2009 and has been updated in 2016, with a strategic focus on creating a sustainable economy, society, and environment.

The mission and vision of PNG Vision 2050

The mission of PNG Vision 2050 is to create a society that is smart, fair, healthy, wealthy, and happy. 

It seeks to transform the country by leveraging its rich natural resources and human capital to achieve 

  • sustainable economic growth,
  • social development, and 
  • environmental protection.

PNG Vision 2050

The strategic vision of PNG Vision 2050

PNG Vision 2050 identifies eight strategic visions that the country should focus on to achieve its long-term development goals. These strategic visions are:

Human Capital Development: 

To create a highly educated and skilled workforce that is productive, innovative, and globally competitive.

Wealth Creation: 

To promote sustainable economic growth by leveraging the country's natural resources, developing industries, and creating job opportunities.

Institutional Development: 

To build strong and effective institutions that promote good governance, accountability, and transparency.

Infrastructure Development: 

To develop modern and efficient infrastructure that connects the country's regions, promotes economic growth, and enhances the quality of life of its citizens.

Environmental Sustainability: 

To protect the country's rich biodiversity and natural resources by promoting sustainable development practices.

Security and Stability:

To ensure peace, security, and stability in the country, promoting social cohesion and a sense of national identity.

International Participation: 

To engage actively with the international community and promote Papua New Guinea's interests in the global arena.

Spiritual, Cultural, and Community Development:

To preserve and promote the country's diverse cultures, traditions, and values, and strengthen the sense of community and national identity.

Urgent actions to meet PNG Vision 2050

To achieve its long-term development goals, PNG needs to take urgent actions in various areas. These actions include:

Strengthening institutions: 

PNG needs to build strong and effective institutions that promote good governance, accountability, and transparency.

Investing in human capital: 

The country needs to invest in education and training to develop a skilled and productive workforce that is globally competitive.

Developing infrastructure: 

PNG needs to invest in modern and efficient infrastructure that connects the country's regions, promotes economic growth, and enhances the quality of life of its citizens.

Promoting environmental sustainability:

PNG needs to adopt sustainable development practices that protect its rich biodiversity and natural resources.

PNG Vision 2050 achievements and the road ahead

PNG has made some progress towards achieving the goals of Vision 2050 in the past decade. 

From 2009 to 2019, the country achieved an average annual economic growth rate of 2.7%, reduced poverty from 39% to 37%, increased the literacy rate from 60% to 63%, and expanded access to basic services such as health and education.

Recently, the ADB economic forecast for PNG shows that the country's GDP is expected to grow by 3.5% in 2022 and 4.9% in 2023 and inflation rates forecasted at 6.5% in 2022 and 5.1% in 2023

png vision 2050 - ADB economic forecast for PNG shows that the country's GDP is expected to grow by 3.5% in 2022 and 4.9% in 2023 and inflation rates forecasted at 6.5% in 2022 and 5.1% in 2023

Address challenges immediately

Despite ADB's positive forecast for 2023, much more needs to be done before 2029, 2039, and 2049 to achieve the goals of PNG Vision 2050 fully. 

The country needs to address challenges such as 

  • corruption, 
  • inadequate infrastructure, 
  • low human capital, and 
  • environmental degradation. 
Papua New Guinea's government must continue to invest in its people and infrastructure, promote good governance, and work towards building a sustainable future for all its citizens.

Medium-Term Development Plan and Actions

The PNG government has recognised the importance of Vision 2050 and has outlined a Second Medium Term Development Plan for 2018-2022 to help achieve its goals. 

The plan prioritises the development of infrastructure, education, healthcare, and the private sector, with a focus on improving the livelihoods of the rural population and promoting inclusive growth.

Moreover, the government has launched various initiatives to support the realization of Vision 2050. For example, the National Development Bank of PNG provides loans to support small and medium-sized enterprises, and the Tuition Fee-Free policy has increased access to education for many children in the country.

Despite these efforts, the country still faces significant challenges. For example, PNG has one of the lowest human development indexes in the world, and poverty remains a significant issue, with over a third of the population living below the poverty line.

PNG Government Urgent Action Prior to 2029, 2039 and 2049

To address these challenges, the PNG government ( prior to 2029, 2039 and 2049) needs to continue 

  • investing in infrastructure, education, and healthcare, promoting good governance and accountability, 
  • developing sustainable economic models, and 
  • addressing issues such as climate change and environmental degradation, which pose significant threats to the country's long-term development goals.

Conclusion -  PNG Vision 2050

PNG Vision 2050 provides a roadmap for PNG to achieve sustainable economic growth, social development, and environmental protection. 

While the country has made progress towards its long-term goals, much more needs to be done to ensure that Vision 2050 is fully realized. 

Above all, the PNG government needs to continue investing in infrastructure, education, and healthcare, promoting good governance and accountability, and developing sustainable economic models to build a better future for all its citizens.

Unemployment in PNG 2023 Update: Causes, Effects, and Statistics

Papua New Guinea (PNG) is a country with abundant natural resources and a diverse culture. Despite its rich resources, the country faces high unemployment rates that have become a significant concern. 

This article explores the unemployment situation in PNG, including the causes, effects, and statistics related to unemployment in the country.

Unemployment in PNG 2023 Update: Causes, Effects, and Statistics

What is the unemployment rate in PNG?

The unemployment rate in PNG has been on the rise in recent years. However, PNG statistical office does not have the latest (and up-to-date) facts and figures.

According to Trading Economics, the unemployment rate in PNG was at 4.87% in 2019, which increased to 7.12% in 2020. 

The COVID-19 pandemic and the global economic downturn have contributed to this increase in unemployment rates.

What are the causes of unemployment in PNG?

  • Lack of economic opportunities in the country: There are several causes of unemployment in PNG. One of the primary reasons is the need for more economic opportunities in the country. The country heavily relies on extractive industries, such as mining and logging, which do not provide enough jobs to meet the demand. Additionally, PNG has a limited market, which makes it difficult for businesses to expand and create more job opportunities.

  • Lack of education and skills training: Another cause of unemployment in PNG is the lack of education and skills training. The education system in PNG is underdeveloped. Many people do not have access to education or vocational training, which limits their job opportunities. Furthermore, the country faces a high rate of youth unemployment due to the lack of job opportunities and a mismatch between the skills of young people and the demands of the labour market.

How many people are unemployed in Papua New Guinea?

The number of unemployed people in PNG is a significant concern. According to Macrotrends, the number of unemployed people in PNG was 238,000 in 2020. This figure includes both the unemployed and those who are underemployed or working in part-time jobs.

In a recent article, the Post Courier article highlighted the high unemployment rate in the NCD, which was reported to be over 20% of the city's population, according to the National Statistical Office. The article cited a lack of job opportunities and skills training as major factors contributing to the problem, and calls for urgent action to address the issue.

What is the female unemployment rate in Papua New Guinea?

The female unemployment rate in PNG is higher than the male unemployment rate.

According to PNG National Research Institute (PNG NRI), the female unemployment rate was at 10% in 2019, which is significantly higher than the male unemployment rate of 6.2%. 

This is due to several factors, including gender inequality, lack of education and skills training, and the cultural bias that favours men over women.

Examples and facts about unemployment in PNG

PNG NRI has reported that the youth unemployment rate in PNG is high, with approximately 17% of young people aged between 15-24 years being unemployed. This is a concern, given that young people make up a significant portion of the population in PNG. 

The report also highlights that the lack of job opportunities for young people is a major concern, as it can lead to social unrest and increased crime rates.

In another report by ABC News, it is revealed that the youth unemployment crisis in PNG has been exacerbated by the booming youth population in the country. 

The report states that the number of young people in PNG is expected to double by 2040, which highlights the urgency of addressing the youth unemployment issue.


Unemployment in PNG remains a significant concern, with high rates of youth and female unemployment. 

The lack of economic opportunities and education and skills training are among the primary causes of unemployment in the country. 

It is crucial for the government and other stakeholders to address these issues and create more job opportunities for the people of PNG. By doing so, the country can harness its vast resources and create a prosperous future for all.

Coca Cola PNG Graduate Development Program Overview for PNG Graduates

Coca-Cola Europacific Partners PNG offers various graduate and internship programs that cater to the needs of its business and potential candidates. The company partners with major universities across Papua New Guinea to provide tailored programs to graduates and interns. 

In this article, we will provide an overview of Coca Cola PNG Graduate Development Program, which is an excellent opportunity for PNG graduates.

2023  Coca Cola PNG Graduate Development Program Overview for PNG Graduates

What is Coca Cola PNG Graduate Development Program?

Coca-Cola PNG Graduate Development Program is a tailored program designed to provide graduates with the skills, knowledge and experience they need to succeed in their chosen careers. 

The program runs for 12 months, during which graduates will receive orientation, business unit-specific workshops, on-the-job training, access to professional development opportunities, and mentorship programs. 

It aims to develop the skills of graduates, provide them with networking opportunities, and expose them to various areas of Coca-Cola PNG's business.

What are the Entry-Level Graduate Roles?

Coca-Cola PNG offers specific roles within its business at a graduate level, providing graduates with opportunities to learn, develop and contribute to the business. 

The program offers rotations, which will enable graduates to gain exposure to different aspects of the business, and will allow them to explore where their interests and skills lie. 

Coca-Cola PNG offers graduate roles in the following areas: 

  • Supply Chain
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Corporate Service

What are the Requirements to Apply for the Graduate Development Program?

Coca-Cola PNG looks for candidates with a positive attitude, passion, and a desire to continuously improve. 

Graduates who are team players, love to learn, and have the ability to challenge assumptions and bring new perspectives to the business are highly valued. 

The company is interested in graduates who can look at problems from different angles and provide innovative ideas. 

Coca-Cola PNG recruits across a range of degree disciplines, skills, abilities, and backgrounds to fill its graduate roles.

What is the Internship Program?

Coca-Cola PNG offers functional internships to undergraduates with pay within its business. The company recruits during semester 1 and 2 breaks. 

Interns have an opportunity to join the graduate program, provided they demonstrate the right behaviours during their training.

How to Apply

Here are the steps to follow when applying for a position at Coca-Cola PNG:

  • Step 1: Find a position that interests you on Coca-Cola PNG's website.
  • Step 2: Click on the "Apply Online" button for that position.
  • Step 3: Follow the instructions on how to upload your documents. 
  • Step 4: Make sure to include vital documents such as your birth certificate and/or NID, a valid police clearance, and a driver's license if required for the role.
  • Step 5: Read and understand the role requirement documents.
  • Step 6: If you believe there is anything else that would assist your application, feel free to add it.

By following these steps, you will have successfully applied for a position at Coca-Cola PNG.

Final words...

The Coca-Cola PNG Graduate Development Program is an excellent opportunity for PNG graduates to start their careers in a dynamic and innovative company. The program provides tailored training and exposure to different aspects of the business, and graduates have the opportunity to contribute to the company's success.

If you meet these requirements, Coca Cola PNG Graduate Development Program may be the right program for you to kick-start your career.

If you have any questions, leave a comment below.

Apply for the Kumul Petroleum Graduate Development Program 2024

Are you a young and enthusiastic Papua New Guinean graduate looking to build a successful career in the oil and gas industry? The Kumul Petroleum Graduate Development Program 2024 could be the right one for you. 

This prestigious program aims to develop top-tier professionals through comprehensive training, mentoring, and hands-on experience. It provides a  solid foundation for a rewarding career path within Kumul Petroleum.

Check out KPA application announcement for 2023 intake for the 2024 commencement of studies, click here, and download the application form. 

kumul petroleum academy application form 2023 pdf

Acquiring Business Knowledge

The Kumul Petroleum Graduate Development Program is designed to provide participants with in-depth knowledge of Kumul Petroleum's operations, background, and industry practices within the oil and gas sector.

Graduates will gain a deep understanding of the company's goals and objectives. Also, they will build expertise in their respective roles in technical units or other business-support teams.

Realising Potential as an Employee of Kumul Petroleum

The Kumul Petroleum GDP goes beyond just technical skills, as it aims to develop graduates into productive and high-performing employees. 

Through coaching and mentoring, participants will be guided in embracing the necessary skills and attitude to succeed in their roles. And make meaningful contributions to the organisation. 

Graduates will be encouraged to take ownership of their professional development. They are expected to become responsible employees within Kumul Petroleum, and responsible individuals within their communities.

Promoting Personal Development

The Kumul Petroleum GDP recognizes the importance of personal growth in building a successful career. 

Participants will receive professional mentoring to help them shape their career paths and become respectable and responsible professionals. 

The program provides ample opportunities for learning, growth, and improvement, fostering a culture of continuous development.

Managed by Peopleconnexion PNG

The Kumul Petroleum GDP application process is managed by Peopleconnexion PNG, a reputable human resources management firm. 

The application process for the last intakes opened in June 2023 and the training started in March 2024 for new intakes. (This gives you an idea about when to enquire about the program for 2024).

Interested applicants can visit the Peopleconnexion PNG website to find out more about Kumul Petroleum Graduate Development Program 2024

If you have any questions about the Kumul Petroleum Academy Application Form 2024  PDF for 2024 training,  leave a comment below. 

Recruitment Process

The Kumul Petroleum GDP follows a rigorous selection process, which may involve initial screening, assessments, interviews, and reference checks. 

Only candidates who meet the stringent criteria and demonstrate exceptional potential will be selected to join the program.

Joining a Prestigious Alumni Network

Upon successful completion of the Kumul Petroleum GDP, graduates will become part of a prestigious alumni network of Kumul Petroleum graduates who have gone on to make significant contributions to the company and the industry. 

This network provides opportunities for further professional growth and networking.

Apply for the Graduate Development Program 2024

If you are a motivated and ambitious new graduate seeking a world-class program to launch your career in the oil and gas industry, the Kumul Petroleum Graduate Development Program 2024 is the perfect opportunity for you. 

Keep an eye out for an announcement in June, don't miss the chance to apply and take the first step towards a successful career with Kumul Petroleum.

How to write a Powerful CV

The two steps to securing a job are not usually taught at universities - writing a CV or resume and job interviews. In fact, the two skills are often learnt by doing them. If you are a new job searcher, undergraduate or graduate these tips will put you in the right direction.

From writing a curriculum vitae (CV) or to interview, always bear these tips in mind. For more guided tips, refer to the recommended reading at the end of this post.

how to write a powerful CV


Find out whether the job advertisement asks for your CV or resume before writing your job application.

The content of a CV should reflect the position you are applying for.

Ensure only details relevant to the job you are applying for are included: must be condensed, concise and informative.

Use the ‘punchline’ in your written CV that you believe is selling you well and emphasise it with specific examples.

Be honest, measured, cool, calm and collected. It is the first impression that matters.

Be on time for the interview and show that your really want the job. Good luck.

How to Make Money Online Blog and YouTube

With the increasing access to the Internet in Papua New Guinea, many young people have the privilege others never had in the past - having access to social media, blogs and vast sources of information online. 

This post is about investing your time and effort wisely on your phone and computers which will help you to make money online in the long run.

Investing time & effort

Just imagine in 5 years time you earn US$200 per month in passive income for the effort you put in now by blogging or YouTube-ing. 

It's better than wasting time on social media channels that do NOT reward you for sharing your ideas.

How to make money online

Start A Blog - Earn Money Online

A good way to utilise Internet access is to talk about our beautiful country, your passion and things that interest you.

Start your own blog for free, an example is this blog. The reward (money you make) depends on the visitors to your blog.

In addition, the benefits of blogging are massive

Apart from sharing information, you remember vital facts - facts that are relevant to youIt is rewarding - both educational and monetary gains. 

Let's have a look at the 3 ways to make money online and how to monetise your work. 

Three Ways to Make Money Online

Here are the practical tips to start earning some rewards online. Click on the links provided to explore the opportunities.

1. Start a Free/Paid blog

This blog is an example of a free blog, started in 2014. It took 2 years before we had good traffic to monetise. 

Bear in mind that blogging is not for the faint-hearted and quick-reward-seeking opportunists. F
ocus on your interest. Make blogging a hobby and the rest will fall in place. 

It will take years before you get good traffic/visitors and monetise your work.

We've got great Blogging Tips with pictures and guides here: How To Start a Personal Blog  & How to A Blog on Wordpress.

2. YouTube Channel 

YouTube channels are a great way to showcase things you are good at. 

Successful YouTubers are those that have the ability to make some 'boring subject' look amazing. If you are one of them, you can do that right now. Some examples are:
  • Gardening Hobbies
  • Musical/Singing Talents
  • Producing how-to videos
Videos eligible for monetisation are usually those that are unique. In fact, how-to and music videos are popular and get lots of views on YouTube. 

The more videos and interest you generate from views and impressions will make you money.

To monetise you'll need at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time. That means that if you put in the work now, you can monetise your video in the next 12-24 months.

3. Write and Earn Money or Mobile Credits Online 

PNG Insight is looking for writers to write interesting articles for us. You can make money online now by submitting your first article to us. Read about the PNG Writers' Initiative

Here are some of the works produced by PNG Writers. Take a look if you need inspiration.
Write for us today and earn cash or mobile phone credits - your choice! The contact email is

Latest On YouTube - Monetise Shorts

If you love to share photos and short videos from your mobile phone, YouTube #Shorts is going to be your thing.

In 2023, YT will monetise those videos - check out how to get into the YouTube Partners Program for Shorts.

Two Ways to monetise a blog, website or YouTube

Two ways to monetise a blog and YouTube.

Setting up a blog, website or YouTube Channel is the first step - only the starting point. 

As mentioned earlier, it can take years (if you are lucky, months) to fully monetise and start making money. 

1. Amazon Associate Account - Worth Trying

Amazon associate program is one way to make money online. You can join and start immediately by referring your friends and visitors.

There are several platforms you can use to earn from Amazon. You can promote them via social networks like Twitter, Facebook, etc or on blogs and websites.

Amazon has an easy-to-use URL shortener and widgets to help you on your way to making extra money online.

Please note that not anyone can become Amazon Affiliate today. Amazon has changed its Terms and Conditions and therefore it has become difficult for people in certain countries like PNG to join the program. 

However, Papua New Guineans living overseas (Australia, New Zealand or the US) can join the affiliate program and use it later.

2. AdSense - Takes Time But Works

AdSense is Google’s technology. It shows advertisements to customers. If they click on them, you make money. 

The money you make online will depend on 
  • how competitive visitors' keywords are; 
  • how many people visit your website or view your YouTube video; and
  • the location of your visitors.
In fact, Google is paying you for space you make available for the advertisements and how many people are actively viewing the ads.

To get an Adsense account you have got to own a website, blog or YouTube channel. So, start now.

WordPress and Google Blogger are available options. I would recommend Blogger if you are starting off.

Here are tips to get started on How to Start a Blog and Make Money Online. You can submit an article to use here - Submit Articles to PNG Insight

Passion for Personal Development

You can also use the opportunities to your advantage regardless of where you are, whether in PNG or overseas. 

Start something you are passionate about and reward yourself for it. 

Make no mistake, if you are thinking of making quick money online, you might as well try something else.

These four words of encouragement will help you to make blogging a successful hobby: 
  • First, have a passion for what you do, and focus on the big picture instead of how much you make monthly. 
  • Second, remind yourself that monetisation is normally done years after you started a blog.
  • Third, it will take a lot of time and effort, so be patient. 
  • Finally, do not put your whole life into it – this is not a job to be serious with, let it be a hobby – let it be passive. 

Be a successful young person

This is a collection of articles for making money by writing and building blogs or websites based on your passion. I repeat PASSION.

This blog is an example of using the free BLOGGER platform. You only need your Gmail Account to start a blog on Blogger.

If you have a talent for something or someone tells you that you are creative, these ideas will make you successful. CLICK ON THE LINKS TO GET FREE INFO.

Police Recruitment 2023 - New Police Training Syllabus and 18 Months Training

Police training in Papua New Guinea will take 18 months. The police commissioner in a Post Courier report dated 24th August 2022 cited the need to properly recruit and train police officers, fit to serve the people.

Update: Click here for the latest updates on Police recruitment, screening and training for the other regions, including Milne Bay, Northern South-Fly, and North-Fly.

2023 PNG Police recruitment application form

2023 Police Training and New Syllabus

In 2023 and onwards, the new police recruits will undergo 6 months of basic policing, law and order theory at Bomana Police College; and 12 months of practicum at the police stations they are assigned to.

At the police stations the new recruits will:

  • learn about the operations of stations,
  • perform shifts,
  • learn basic prosecutions and investigations.
The main area of 12 months of police on-the-job training will focus on installing discipline in them and learning the basics in prosecutions and investigation of criminals and traffic rules & engagements.

When is 2023 PNG police recruitment?

The police commissioner assigned the recruitment to an agent.

In Post Courier on the 24th July 2022, the commissioner said that they are upgrading the police training syllabus to 18 months (from 6 months). 

Here is more information about the recruitment drive for 2023.


2023 recruitment info for new officers

If you are asking when will be the 2023 recruitment of the new Police and Correctional Service officers, this information will give you some answers. 

In preparation for the release of the official media statements, here are some resources that will help you:


If you have lost your Grade 10 and Grade 12 certificates, here is how to get your statement of results.

How to apply to become a police officer

If you have completed grade 12 within the last three years must prepare the following documents for recruitment for 2023.

1. Prepare the original copy of grade 12 and 10 certificates.

2. Ask for 2x references from the school principal and recognised community leaders such as ward councillors.

3. Get a Police Clearance Certificate- here is how to get police clearance and how much it cost.

4. Get a Medical Report - Go to your local hospital or health centre, do a medical check and get your report.

5. Write a clear and concise letter of interest stating why you want to be a Police Officer.

6. Go to the Court House and stamp all copies of your certificate and transcripts.

Finally, make a copy for yourself. Send the original to the Police Recruitment Team. 

The address/email will be provided on the Recruitment Notice

Meanwhile, keep an eye out for the recruitment notice in the newspapers for the other details and the due date for the police recruitment for 2023 training.



Eastern Highlands Police Reservist Program 2022 Recruitment

Police Commissioner and Controller of the PNG COVID-19 National Pandemic Response, David Manning, has endorsed the Eastern Highlands Province Police Reservist program to beef up police manpower to address COVID-19 and policing challenges in the province. 

Commissioner Manning when signing the memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Eastern Highland Governor Peter Numu on Thursday this week highlighted that Police Reservice have been a great asset to the Constabulary in the early days however, it was discontinued due to the lack of proper command and control.

“With the current COVID-19 crisis coupled with the ongoing law and order situation across the country, we have agreed to revive the Police Reservists program in partnership with provincial governments and other statutory bodies under the revised policies and command structure.

“I want to commend Governor Numu and his administration for the initiative and the commitment to partner with the Constabulary in reviving the police reservist program in their province. This is a win-win approach for the Constabulary and the Province in addressing the current COVID-19 crisis and law and order issues going forward,” Manning said.

Mr Manning further said that the Eastern Highland Province is among the few provinces that have come on board and are currently running similar programs in their respective provinces.

Mr Manning said the Constabulary has set the target to recruit 1,100 Police reservist personnel before the 2022 national general election.

Eastern Highland Governor Peter Numu thanked the Commissioner for the endorsement and his vision to revive the reservist program to address the lack of police manpower in the provinces.

Governor Numu also announced that the Eastern Highlands Police Reservist program will commence with the first 220 successful applicants to undertake reservist training.

“Under my administration, we are ready to run this program and the first batch of 220 successful applicants will go into training immediately. We need more police manpower to assist us with the COVID-19 operations and general policing thus we have taken such drastic action. This is the biggest reservist recruitment compared to other provinces and my administration will continue to sustain this program,” Governor Numu concluded.


Manning endorses Eastern Highlands Police Reservist Program



Friday 05th  November 2021

Midwifery Scholarship Review Specialist Australia Awards Papua New Guinea

As a leading global development consulting firm, our purpose is to contribute to a world where people, communities and the planet thrive.

Tetra Tech International Development works with governments, businesses and NGOs to solve complex development challenges. Our dedicated team helps partners including DFAT, USAID and the Asian Development Bank to deliver effective and sustainable projects in more than 80 countries around the world.

[Check out the latest information on Australia Awards Scholarship for 2023]

  • Midwifery Scholarship Review Specialist
  • Up to 24 days across two months
  • Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea
2023 Midwifery Scholarship Review Specialist Australia Awards

The Program: Australia Awards Papua New Guinea

The Australia Awards Papua New Guinea (AAPNG) Facility is designed to promote knowledge, leadership and enduring ties between Australia and Papua New Guinea (PNG). It aims to build knowledge and skills to address PNG’s economic and development challenges through international scholarships to Australia and scholarships in PNG.

It offers the next generation of leaders in Papua New Guinea opportunities to acquire professional and technical knowledge and skills relevant to the priorities of the Government of PNG. The program ensures opportunities are provided for women, people with disabilities and people from rural and remote locations. The program supports alumni to use their skills, knowledge and networks to drive change and innovation.

AAPNG includes three study options:

  • Australia Award Scholarships for Papua New Guineans to undertake long-term study in Australia, primarily at the postgraduate level
  • Australia Awards In-PNG Scholarships for Papua New Guineans to undertake long-term study in PNG to meet critical workforce gaps
  • Short courses for Papua New Guineans to undertake targeted short-term professional development study in Australia or PNG, often receiving an Australian qualification.

As a further extension of its educational activities, the AAPNG Facility supports the PNGAus Partnership Secondary Schools Initiative which connects Australia and Papua New Guinea’s students, teachers and principals to build capability and deepen people-to-people links to underpin the enduring partnership between Australia and PNG.

The AAPNG Facility also manages the PNGAus Partnership Higher Education Support initiative, which involves projects that develop partnerships between Papua New Guinean and Australian higher education institutions to strengthen PNG institutions’ capacity in teaching, learning and research in alignment with the Government of PNG’s higher education reform agenda.

To deliver Australia Awards outcomes, AAPNG has six stream activities: Australia Awards; PNG and Pacific Awards; Short Courses and Capacity Development; Alumni Engagement; Secondary Education; and Higher Education. AAPNG is managed by Tetra Tech International Development, on behalf of the Australian Government.

The Position: Midwifery Scholarship Review Specialist 

Reporting to the Facility Director, the Midwifery Scholarship Review Specialist will work closely with the PNG and Pacific Awards Manager and undertake a short review of the midwifery scholarships funded by the Australian Government and private sector sponsors through Australia Awards PNG.

The review aims to better understand the barriers to nurses applying for the scholarship and to provide recommendations to Australia Awards PNG and the Australian High Commission to address these barriers. The review will look across the whole scholarship cycle (promotion, application, selection, institution admission, on-award support and reintegration). The role involves working largely independently.

The Person

The Specialist will be a suitably qualified Papua New Guinean who will possess the following:

  • Postgraduate degree(s) in health sciences, international development, or related field
  • Demonstrated knowledge and experience in maternal and child health in PNG’s context.
  • Demonstrated and successful experience in working collaboratively across cultures with a diverse range of stakeholders, including Melanesia.
  • Excellent understanding of Papua New Guinea’s tertiary education sector.
  • Previous experience with Australian Government-funded projects and knowledge of relevant policies, standards, and protocols.
  • Strong administrative skills including time management, and experience in using Microsoft office software such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
  • Excellent analytical and English language report writing and communication skills.
  • Proven experience contributing to PNG health sector program reviews and designs including a demonstrated significant contributions to the development of reports and presentations.
  • This program is managed by Tetra Tech International Development, on behalf of the Australian Government.

Tetra Tech International Development has a 40-year history in successfully delivering international development projects on behalf of donors right around the world, including Australia's Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, USAID and the UK's Department for International Development (now known as the Foreign and Commonwealth Development Office). Our people work side by side with local partners to support stability, economic growth and good governance, positively changing people's lives.

Tetra Tech International Development has robust policies and guidelines which exemplify our commitment to safeguarding and technical excellence in gender equality. Our team of dedicated GEDSI advisers work closely with our staff and partners to ensure a context-specific and consistent approach is applied to all our programmes to improve the livelihoods of the world’s most marginalised groups.

Tetra Tech International Development is also committed to respectful workplaces and does not tolerate sexual exploitation, abuse or harassment of any kind.

Tetra Tech International Development is an equal opportunity employer of choice and is committed to child protection.

How to apply

This position is locally engaged and reserved for the National Citizens of Papua New Guinea.

To view a detailed position description and to apply, please visit Tetra Tech International Development Careers and search for job number 499144. Please note that applications will only be accepted via the online application process on the Tetra Tech International Development Website.

For further enquiries, please contact us at and quote the job reference number 499144

Applications close: early in September



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