When is University of Goroka (UoG) 2023 Non-School Leavers Acceptance Lists Coming Out?

There are three weeks before the start of the 2023 academic year for PNG universities and colleges. Most higher education institutions released their new intake and continuing students lists, but the University of Goroka (UoG) has yet to release the Non-School Leavers acceptance list for 2023.

Update: UoG just released the 2023 Acceptance list (20/01/2023), download the list here

Registration Dates are as follows: 6th February 2023 for First Years and 13-17 February 2023 for Continuing Students. 

For New Intakes, you have less than 20 days to get ready and go to UoG.

When is UoG releasing 2023 NSL acceptance list?
If you are a non-school leaver, Grade 12 school leavers or pre-service and in-service continuing student, leave a comment about your experience and what you think in the comment section below.

University of Goroka non school leavers acceptance list


UoG 2023 Non-School Leavers Acceptance List

The University of Goroka 2023 Non-School Leavers List is not released. Many pre-service and in-service NSL applicants are anticipating the list to come out because it is now the third week of January 2023. 

Other PNG universities and colleges have released their NSL and continuing student lists. Also, DHERST released (19/01/2023) the TESAS Award List for all the students on HECAS and AES.

Note that the selection of non-school leavers is the sole responsibility of UoG. The university's selection committee and department heads have a say on NSL selection, not DHERST. When the list does not come out on time, there is something not right with the non-school leavers' selectors.

No one really knows when the UoG non-school leavers selection for 2023 is coming out.

It would be better if the university council puts out a notice explaining the cause of the delay and clearly states when the NSL list is coming out! Sadly, it seems too late now that DHERST has released the TESAS Awards List 2023.

UoG 2023 Pre-service and In-service Continuing Students List

The University of Goroka did well in 2021 when they informed the continuing students about their progression status just before they left for the Christmas holiday. This was due to COVID-19 measures, but it worked well because there was less pressure on Students Admin during the 2022 registration week. 

It seems that UoG did not do the same in 2022 which is why many continuing students are also waiting for the progression list to come out for 2023.

If you are waiting for UoG 2023 Continuing Students List to come out, you are better off going to the university and finding out yourself. 

If you are unable to travel to UoG, call a friend or UoG on 532 1863 to find out. That way, you'll get some closure as you prepare for the 2023 academic year to start.

New Intake School Leavers 2023 - University of Goroka

The list of Grade 12 School leavers 2023 intake was released by DHERST on the 23rd of December 2022. 

By now, the UoG school leavers should receive their acceptance letters. You should know about the 2023 UoG fees, admission information and when to arrive at the university for registration.

UoG News Updates 2023

UoG website is an important platform where students (new and continuing), parents/guardians and stakeholders get official news and updates. It needs updating, especially at this time.

The University of Goroka website (news section) was last updated on the 12th of January 2023 with the list of Exclusion and Terminated students.

When is UoG 2023 Non-School Leavers Acceptance Lists Coming Out?

Three weeks before the 2023 academic year starts, many are asking the question - is it late. Sadly, it is late now - the delay can cause a lot of anxiety among NSL applicants and DHERST has released the TESAS Awards List.

More so, what about the self-sponsored students, overseas students, provincial government-sponsored students and new in-service students? It's a shame UoG cannot communicate vital admission information clearly and in a timely manner.

We would like to think that UoG will release the 2023 Non-School Leavers Acceptance list, including the Continuing Students and School Leavers' lists soon. 

Hope that UoG updates its website with the latest admission information this week so that students are informed of what is going on.

DHERST released TESAS Awards Lists

DHERST released the TESAS Award lists for new intakes (SL and NSL) and continuing students on the 19th of January 2023. Download the PDF lists on this page to check your names.

Note that the list of names is not arranged by your institution like in the past, but by the names of all the students in the country. It is going to take time to find your name. 

Use the PDF search (CTRL+F) and search your SLF number or your full name - this way, you'll find your name quickly.


Kaumu Kambunga said...

This is totally corruption with the university council and the administration, we the NSL's needs to see the list as early as possible so that we can prepare for orientation and registration. In addition to that, the school fee schedule is not yet released which puts more anxiety on us. We don't want late notice which can cause some of us to be late on registration and got miss out on the opportunity given. What is the cause of this delay? Can anyone from the university clarify to the public about the issue? Other students from other university and colleges are getting prepared for this academic year while UOG is way back behind in every thing. What is the purpose of the University website, it should be updated to provide information to the students and parents/guardians about what has going on in the university. They are running behind other universities in terms of notices and updates about this 2023 academic year

Unknown said...

I really need an acceptance letter from the University of Goroka, or
Non School Leavers (2023) selection list. I have to seek sponsorship from my DDA or from my governor's office. We are all most into the 4th week of January 2023.Please UOG administration we are waiting for you to inform us. We are in the dark. Please let us be informed.
Thank you
Sebastian Damarr
(Non School Leaver)

James A Henry said...

This is unacceptable. And the University should not keep applicant waiting as time is not on our side. Considering time of commencement of the academic year, we do not have the luxury to accommodate expenses expected by the University when the system continues to drag with it's selection process and procedures. We the applicants, need the results on time so that we look into avenue for support funding schemes such as the District as well as the provincial government.

Could the University selection committee and the University administration take this seriously.
We anticipate results be out this week

Thank you

Concerned applicant

Kaupa David said...

Hello uog administration please some we need sponsorship from our government and we have given our name to DDA and they have deposited our school fees in to the university of Goroka school account..
Please we need a acceptance letter and 2023 progressive results to confirm our name..
We have seemed our candidates number and program with the school name and we already paid school fees into uog school account..
Right now we need a acceptance letter to confirm our name..
Please please uog admin please provide us a acceptance letter..

Thank you..
Your kindness respond will be greatly appreciated and may God bless your career.

EllZed said...

Some of us are seeking sponsorship from our MP and or DDA and with the delay of the listing and acceptance letters how can we secure a sponsor. If that's the case then the registration deadline of the NSL SHOULD be extended.

James A Henry said...

Hello. This is my second post regarding the long delay of publishing the NSL acceptance list via the website.
My comment is in line with the article published above. Few considerations:

1: UOG selection committee and the administration have failed to publish the NSL on time, now that it is the third week of the first month into 2023
2: Poor communication: UOG website should and must be updated of the status of the selection on timely manner
3: Lots of excuses is a reflection of poor administration affecting the lateness and delays to publish the NSL acceptance list.

Whiles, we know that UOG is late with publishing the NSL acceptance list, I believe there are alternative that these can be resolved so that students are not affected especially with the TESAS awards. Although DHEST has released the TESAS award list, can UOG administration lease with the DHEST for consideration because it is clearly not the the students failure.

If we are moulding and shaping leaders of tomorrow then let us not take it lightly and do something


Moranu Stella said...

Hello, UOG administration and selection committees, I am one of the NSL applicant .I met your requirements but because of the the delay occurred for the Sepik campus selection for nsl ,I followed up. I came all the way from Arob to Lae then to UOG, because I applied conservatively and I know I met all the your requirements. So the administration agreed with my application but why not I am not receiving any emails or feedback?please I really have heart to study in your institution. Thanks,



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