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UoG 2023 Non-school Leavers and School Leavers Acceptance Info - University of Goroka

UoG Students Acceptance 2023: The information presented below is a compilation of news and instructions about the University of Goroka (UoG) selections. 

The information is for non-school leavers (who have applied to UoG) and school leavers who applied through DHERST's NOAS (National Online Application System). 

2023 University of Goroka Application Form

2023 Univesity of Goroka (UoG) selections info

If you are a non-school leaver and have applied to UoG, the university (UoG) will inform you when you are accepted into their program. For example, if you submitted the 2023 UoG non-school leaver application, you'll hear directly from UoG - not from DHERST.

The university will directly inform you via the acceptance letter and/or by publishing the acceptance list on their website. Then, you must accept the Offer Letter and let the uni know about your intention to take up the offer immediately.

In 2020, the university informed its Continuing Students about their status before they left for the holiday. That was the best thing you had done because reduces the stress on UoG Admin during registration early in 2023.

Acceptance lists for 2023

The University of Goroka offers Diploma, Technical, Bachelor, Bachelor (Professional), Bachelor (Honours), Post-Graduate Diploma, and Masters programs.

Here is what UoG says about its programs:

The University of Goroka offers Specialized Degree, and Diploma Programs in the School of Education, School of Humanities, School of Science and Technology, Institute of Technical Vocational Education and Training, Institute of Post Graduate Studies, Institute of Distance and Flexible Learning, and UOG Enga Campus.

The University accepts the:
  • School leavers (Grade 12 school leavers seeking admission in the next immediate year) and;
  • Non-School leavers (Grade 12 passed-outs, other than school leavers) for admission into its Diploma, Bachelor and Bachelor (Professional) programs.

2023 UoG selections: Grade 12 students SL vs Non-school Leavers

Note that UoG works with DHERST to select Grade 12 students. In fact, UoG sends its *quota* to DHERST which then uses the online school leavers' choices to select the students for the academic year 2023. 

The final selection list is usually published by DHERST. 

So, if you are a Grade 12 student or a student classified as School Leaver, you'll have to check the higher education website.

As for Non-school Leavers, the selection is predominantly done by UoG. Whether you are applying for a diploma, first-degree program or post-graduate program, you'll have to check the UoG website for your name.

UoG Non-school Leavers Acceptance List 2023

Due to limited space and resources, the University of Goroka can only admit a limited number of new students into various programmes of study. As a result, competition is very high and priority is given to those with higher GPAs. 

Those seeking enrolment must satisfy the UoG admission requirement.

The Non-School Leavers are selected based on their application in response to the University’s advertisement every year. The university does the selection and informs the students by publishing the 2023 non-school leavers acceptance list on each university's website. 

If you have any questions about the 2023 Grade 12 selection process, PDF list, etc., please leave a comment below or check out this latest update on PNG Universities Non-School Leavers Selection.

School Leavers Acceptance List

As mentioned earlier, the School leavers (Grade 12 Students) are selected based on their options provided through the Department of Higher Education. DHERST does the selection online and informs the students of their AES or TESAS statuses.

The 2023 school leavers' selection list will be published on the DHERST website like it did in the past unless things have changed. However, it seems that the selection will continue as normal this year. 

Non-school Leavers Acceptance letters

The University sends offer/acceptance letters to all candidates selected for various programs in addition to advertising the names of selected candidates for various programs in the prominent newspapers in the Country. 

The candidates who accept the offer letters are requested to pay the relevant yearly fee in full and register themselves for the program for which they are accepted usually in February of the year concerned. 

The process of admission ends with the registration of the students for the program for which they are accepted.

You can also find out about the other PNG Universities and their 2023 selections on this information page.

2023 UoG Non-school Leavers Selection info

The University of Goroka (UoG) publishes the yearly acceptance lists in two parts every year. 

Lately, the university has announced the 'status' of the continuing students before they left for the Christmas Holiday which saves a lot of time and relieves the UoG Admin of the heavy registration duties at the start of the New Academic Year 2023.

UoG Non-school Leavers and School Leavers List

Firstly, the non-school leavers apply for a placing through the university. Therefore, UoG does the selection and publishes it on its website. It is the work of the university. 

Each faculty finalises the non-school leavers’ selections for the university. The university council then approves the listing for publication (and publishes the UoG non-school leavers’ selection list pdf on its website).

Secondly, the school leavers applications are through the department of higher education, DHERST. Therefore, the listing for all tertiary institutions in Papua New Guinea including UoG is the work of DHERST. The list will be published by the higher education department.

Past UoG Selections, Dates and Non-school Leavers Acceptance List

UOG 2023 non school leavers selection list pdf - Study Online in PNG
Past admission list

The final list for 2023 non-school leavers admission to the University of Goroka (UoG) normally comes out early in January. 

There will be no supplementary or reserve list.

UoG advises that the UOG-Enga and Sepik Campuses admission list will be uploaded onto the website by early next week.

For the status updates of PNG universities acceptance list, click here.

UOG 2023 Acceptance List Non-School Leavers info

  • The selection list can be accessed on the UoG website:
  • The Acceptance Letters from the University is sent to you in time before the 2023 Academic year. 
Please make the necessary arrangements as soon as you confirm your name on the University Acceptance list.

UoG Registration and Orientation dates 

  • January– February: Students start to arrive on campus. 
  • January: Deadline for payment. 
  • February: Orientation for all new students 
  • February: Registration for all New Intakes 
  • February: Registration for Continuing Students
  • February - March Late Registration Closes [Late Fee of K200.00] 
  • February: Semester One Lectures Commence

More information on Fee Payment, Travel arrangements, etc are on the non-school leavers' selection list. 

RECOMMENDED: We will let you know when the selection lists for Admission to the other universities are published online. 

Meanwhile, check out the updated checklist of 2023 PNG Universities Selection info we compiled last year. 

We have attempted to do this checklist so that it is easier to track the universities as they release their selection list. Check it out and let us know what you think: >>> updated checklist 

We ask that you join us on FacebookTwitter or YouTube for up-to-date education info on tertiary institution selections in the country, as they happen.

If you have any questions in relation to the 2022 UoG non-school leavers selection, contact the university directly; or leave a comment below for discussions.

STAT P bookings open Monday 14 September 2020

STAT P is a 2-hour, 10-minute exam that assesses verbal and quantitative reasoning skills. Specific subject knowledge is not tested in this exam. For information on how to prepare for the test, refer to the 'Prepare' section of this website.

Date for stat p test


Test Dates

9 - 13 November 2020
Please note, not all locations will run tests on all days.

Test Locations

Alotau, Buka, Daru Island, Goroka, Kavieng, Kimbe, Kiunga, Kokopo, Lae, Lorengau, Madang, Mendi, Mt Hagen, Popondetta, Port Moresby, Vanimo and Wewak.

Test Fee

K100 (to be paid AFTER booking).

This fee is non-refundable. Payments are due by 25 October 2020. Late payments cannot be accepted.

Payment queries should be directed to the STAT P Officer Queries should include full name, STAT ID and a photo of your white, printed bank receipt.

Communications with STAT Office

All applicant communications from ACER will be through the ACER Account Messaging System.

Once applicants have created their ACER Account (part of the test booking process) they will have access to this messaging system.

To access 'Messages', login into your ACER User Account and click on the 'Messages' option at the top of the page.

Emails will only be sent if a valid email address has been provided in your ACER User Account. Emails are additional to messages sent to your ACER Account Messaging System. 

You can add an email address to your ACER Account yourself. Please see the Register webpage for details. Email addresses must be successfully validated before ACER will send communications to them. 

When you add an email address to your account, the system will automatically send you an email to 'validate your ACER account'. You must click on the link in the email to validate your account.

Requirements for entry to 2021 courses

  • Grade 12 School Leavers (SLs) 2020
The PNG University of Technology (UOT) will only consider applications of Grade 12 School Leavers (SLs) who sit the STAT P test in November 2020.
  • Grade 12 School Leavers (SLs) 2020 and Pre-Service Non-School Leavers
The University of Goroka (UOG) will only consider applications of Grade 12 School Leavers (SLs) and Pre-Service Non-School Leavers who sit the STAT P test in November 2020.
  • A Pre-Service Non-School Leaver is a person who completed grade 12 in a previous year but did not gain a place at any university yet.
This test is not for postgraduate, In-service or PDGE students.

University Admission/Selection Queries

For more information on admission to UOT or the selection process, please contact UOT directly:
Willeanna Gull (STAT P Officer): 
Phone 473 4286 or 473 4289 (8am - 4pm on weekdays) 


For more information on admission to UOG or the selection process, please contact UOG directly:
Yali Negere: Phone 531 1735 or Email:

For information on how to book or 2019 STAT P test results, refer to their website.