Apply to Bulolo University College - Forestry: Non-School Leaver and Grade 12 School Leaver

Bulolo University College, formally the Bulolo Forestry College, is a campus of the PNG University of Technology. The institution offers programs under the Forestry Department. 

It caters to second and third-year forestry students, providing a Diploma in Forestry for those who don't meet the required grades after completing the third year. 

The college's location in Bulolo creates an ideal environment for forestry studies, fostering the personal development of students physically, spiritually, and mentally.

The Grade 12 School Leavers ONLINE Selection started in 2018. It is the best thing that happens. The online selection helps DHERST, the government and stakeholders know exactly how many Grade 12 students are selected for universities and colleges. 

In a recent media statement, DHERST resorted to also bringing the NON-SCHOOL LEAVERS Selection ONLINE. Universities and colleges are not going to make the selections. So, what does that mean for you as a non-school leaver applicant? Find out here

Programs Offered at Bulolo University College

The Department of Forestry offers a new integrated degree and diploma curriculum at Unitech and Bulolo campuses, respectively. 

The first year is common for both programs and is taken at the Taraka (Lae) campus, providing students with a foundation in basic sciences, study and communication skills, and an introduction to forestry. 

The second year, also common to both programs, takes place at Bulolo campus and focuses on forestry science and basic practical skills. 

The third year involves a semester of supervised industrial work experience, followed by specialisation in diploma and degree courses. 

The diploma course at Bulolo campus covers subjects such as silviculture, forest inventory, forest engineering, and forest policy and legislation. 

The degree program continues at Taraka campus. In 2023, the university college introduced a new program called the Bachelor in Forest Management, which is a four-year full-time program at the college.

Apply to Bulolo University College - 2024 selection list PDF application form

Grade 12 students: To get more information about online studies at UNITECH, click here

2023 Non-School Leavers Application Form

To apply as a non-school leaver, you can download the application form from the university's website. (You can also contact the college via the phone numbers provided below.)

Typically, the application forms are available in May/June each year and the non-school leavers application closes around August. 

Ensure you attach the required documents and submit your application before the due date. The selection process is carried out by the university and its academic committees, with final endorsement by the Admission Committee.

If you have applied, check out the selection list for this year here.

Important Tips for Applicants for the 2024 Academic Year

1. Familiarise yourself with the application requirements and deadlines to ensure a smooth application process.

2. Prepare all the necessary documents, such as academic certificates, transcripts, and other supporting materials, and ensure they are officially certified by a registered Commissioner of Oaths employed by the government.

3. Pay the non-refundable application processing fee. Mobile phone transfers are not accepted.

4. Complete the online application form accurately, ensuring that all required fields are filled in with the necessary details.

5. Upload colour copies of all required documents in PDF format, following the specified file naming format.

6. If you are seeking re-admission, be aware that previous failures in the program may disqualify you from being readmitted.

7. Keep track of communication from the university regarding your application status and any additional requirements.

To check out the GPA and admission info for technical colleges in PNG, click here.

How to Apply as a Grade 12 School Leaver

Grade 12 school leavers, including DODL (Department of Distance Learning), Open Learning, Matriculation, and Overseas students, must apply through the DHESRT's online school leavers system known as the National Online Application System (NOAS). 

The application process is coordinated by the schools, and the final selections are made by DHERST based on student's performance in the national examinations conducted by the National Department of Education in October of each year.

Contacting Bulolo University College

For inquiries and more information about the application form and admission process, you can contact Bulolo University College using the following details, and ask to speak to the Principal or the Administrative Officer:

  • Contact detail: Bulolo University College, P.O. Box 92, Bulolo, Morobe Province, Papua New Guinea
  • Phone: 4745226/4745236

By following the provided guidelines, prospective students can successfully apply to Bulolo University College as non-school leavers or grade 12 school leavers and take advantage of the excellent forestry programs offered at the college.

Applicants FAQs

Q1: What programs are offered at Bulolo University College?

A1: Bulolo University College offers programs under the Department of Forestry, including a diploma program and a newly introduced Bachelor in Forest Management program.

Q2: How can I obtain the non-school leavers application form for Bulolo University College?

A2: The non-school leavers application form can be downloaded from the university's website. It is typically available in August each year. Keep an eye on the website for updates and ensure you submit the form with all required documents before the deadline.

Q3: Can I apply online as a non-school leaver to Bulolo University College?

A3: Yes, there is an online application option for non-school leavers. Make sure to convert all required documents into colour copies in PDF format before uploading them. Additionally, you will need to deposit a non-refundable application processing fee into the designated university account.

Q4: How does the selection process work for grade 12 school leavers applying to Bulolo University College?

A4: Grade 12 school leavers must apply through the DHERST National Online Application System (NOAS). The final selection is conducted by DHERST based on the students' performance in the national examinations administered by the National Department of Education.

Q5: How can I contact Bulolo University College for more information?

A5: You can contact the college through the provided phone numbers or by sending a written inquiry to their postal address. The Principal and the Administrative Officer can assist you with any questions or concerns you may have regarding the college, application forms, or admission process.

About Bulolo Forestry College

The Bulolo Forestry College, now known as Bulolo University College, was established in 1962 with the aim of training foresters for the forestry sector and other organisations in Papua New Guinea (PNG). 

In 1995, the college was amalgamated with the PNG University of Technology and became a campus of Unitech. 

Located in Bulolo, the college benefits from its proximity to a forest plantation, sawmill, and the only plymill in the country, providing students with access to practical fieldwork opportunities. 

Over the years, Bulolo University College has played a significant role in producing human resources for the forestry sector, government departments, and industries in PNG.

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