2023 DHERST NOAS Online Application Information for Grade12 Students

The new DHERST 2023 School Leaver Application System makes it easier for Grade 12 students to choose the right tertiary institution. It clearly highlights ineligible options, eliminating the risk of making mistakes. Additionally, students can select up to five choices, increasing their chances of getting accepted.

This new article has the latest on the DHERST Students Loan Program - Click on the link to find out about the timeline and application eligibility criteria.

2024 DHERST NOAS Online Application Grade 12 https //apply.dherst.gov.pg login

National Online Application  System (NOAS) 

The new online school leaver application system (NOAS) gives you more choices and lets you change your choices as many times as you want. This is a big improvement over the old system, which only let you make three choices and didn't let you change them after you submitted the form. 

To make the most of the NOAS, do your research carefully and choose five institutions that are a good fit for you. 

Then, check the NOAS regularly to see which institutions are offering your desired courses. Finally, seek advice from your teachers, parents/guardians and patrons to make sure your choices are the best possible.

2023 Grace Period - Why it is important

The Grace Period lasts only 4 days. This is the time when you 'fine-tune' your choices. This is the easy part because DHERST should indicate to you on NOAS whether you are eligible for selection or not depending on your examination marks. 

Here is what DHERST say about why the Grace Period is important:

''This [Grace Period] is a crucial period where you will start making your choices based on your final grade 12 results hence make sure to access your account during the mentioned dates. If you see the red highlight indicated in any of your five choices under “My Choices”, this means that your final result has not met the minimum program requirement set by the institution. Therefore, you must change the red highlighted choice to a different program that is available in your program list.'' DHERST

In 2022, the Grade 12 students in the country had between Tuesday 13th December and Friday 16th December to adjust their choices to the more suitable ones. DHERST did NOT grant access after the due date for making any further changes. By then, the Grade 12 students in the country have known their exam results. They were in a better position to adjust their choice in the NOAS - you can also do the same this year.

Launching of DHERST 2024 selection lists for universities and non-universities often comes out on the following week, usually on Tuesday or Wednesday, that is how quick it is. 

Check this space for any latest on the Grade 12 Grace Period and the launching of 2024 selection lists.

Launching of 2023 selection for the 2024 academic year

The online selection via DHERST's National Online Selections System (NOSS) will kick in and do the magic in 35 seconds

In 2021, DHERST planned to launch the selections for the academic year on Tuesday 21 December. However, there were administrative issues that prompted the Department of Higher Education to re-call, update and republish the selection listing. 

In 2022, DHERST released the non-school leavers selection lists for some institutions before the school leavers selection. All the institutions did not submit their NSL selection list to DHERST at the same time which is the cause of the delay. 

So if all goes to plan, students (both non-school leavers and school leavers) are likely to see their selection status by the date announced by DHERST - see this article for the launching of the 2023 DHERST acceptance list for more info.

About NOAS - DHERST Secretary Address

Here is what the higher education (DHERST) secretary says about the national online selection system. MUST WATCH - also like, comment and subscribe to PNG Insight for Education and Development contents in PNG.

About the National Online Application System (NOAS LOGIN)

NOAS remains the property of the National Government of Papua New Guinea and is administered by the Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology. 

NOAS facilitates national admissions and selections into higher education institutions in PNG. This portal facilitates Grade 12 school-leaver applications.

Non-school leaver applicants

Non-school leaver applicants must contact directly the institute of their choice and follow non-school leaver application requirements.

Contact DHERST

For further information, please contact the DHERST Support Service noassupport@dherst.gov.pg

Source: DHERST

Updated info on HELP student loan programs

2024 DHERST selections Online - https //apply.dherst.gov.pg login 2023

Here are past news articles and information about DHERST HELP student loan programs that you should know when applying.

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