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Short Trade Courses on Offer for School Leavers - Info

School leavers in Papua New Guinea will have the opportunity to take up short trade courses that can help them acquire new skills and knowledge for employment. 

The National Apprenticeship and Trade Testing Board (NATTB) has announced that they will be offering short courses in welding, automotive, electrical, plumbing, and refrigeration.

Trade Short Course for School Leavers

National Apprenticeship and Trade Testing Board (NATTB) 

These courses are designed to equip school leavers with the necessary skills and knowledge to start working in the industry. The courses are also intended to encourage more young people to take up trades and pursue a career in these fields. 

According to NATTB, the courses will be taught by qualified trainers and will have both theoretical and practical components.

The courses are open to all school leavers who have completed grade 10 and above. Applicants will need to pay a registration fee of K100, and the course fees will vary depending on the course. 

The courses will be held in various locations across the country, and interested applicants can visit the NATTB offices and centres for more information.

Getting Help

If you're a school leaver who is interested in taking up a short trade course, there are several ways you can get help. 

The first step is to visit the NATTB offices and local centres, where you can find information about the courses, fees, and registration process. You can also visit its website, here.

You can also contact the NATTB directly for any inquiries or assistance.

Additionally, you can reach out to your school guidance counsellor, provincial guidance officer or career advisor for more information and guidance on which course might be best suited for your skills and interests. 

Your family and friends may also have valuable insights and advice, so don't hesitate to ask them for their input.

Here is information on Australia Award Short Courses

Summary (Short Trade Courses)

The National Apprenticeship and Trade Testing Board (NATTB) in Papua New Guinea is offering short trade courses in welding, automotive, electrical, plumbing, and refrigeration for school leavers who have completed grade 10 and above. 

These courses aim to equip young people with the necessary skills and knowledge to start working in the industry and encourage them to pursue a career in trades. 

Interested applicants can visit the NATTB local offices or its website for more information and get help from school and provincial guidance counsellors, career advisors, family, and friends.

ITI PNG Selection List, Courses and Fees 2024 - International Training Institute

The International Training Institute (ITI PNG) is a private training provider for Grade 12 school leavers and working-class people. ITI opened its first campus in Lae in 2004, today ITI PNG has 10 campuses (and 1 distance learning centre). 

It provides entry (certificate and diploma) courses in IT, Human Resource Management and accounting. 

ITI Diploma Programs are accredited by DHERST.

ITI PNG Courses and Fees 2024

Check out the ITI Non-School Leavers (NSL) and School Leavers Information here.

International Training Institute (ITI PNG) Courses and Fees 2024

ITI PNG website has the latest details on its entry certificate courses which are partway to ITI diploma courses. 

PNG Insight picks out the courses that are fitting for Grade 12 non-school leavers. 

Read on to find out about the PNG ITI courses and fees for 2024.

Certificate entry courses for Grade 10 Non-school Leavers

The Grade 10 non-school leavers entry courses are full-time courses. The courses have a duration of 17 weeks. ITI PNG takes in students twice a year - February and July.

There are five courses, and each requires students to complete five units. 

According to ITI PNG, its course fee 2024 for the certificate courses is K3,400 (K1,200 on registration, followed by approved installments.)


ITI Certificate courses 

After completing the entry Certificate courses, students can enrol on the Diploma programs. Here are the 5 ITI PNG entry courses for Grade 10 non-school leavers:

  • Certificate in Accounting
  • Certificate in Business
  • Certificate in Sales
  • Certificate in Computing
  • Certificate in Human Resource Management

As mentioned, all the certificate courses fee is K3,400. You must pay K1,200 on registration, followed by approved instalments. The Entry Requirements: You must have successfully completed Grade 10 with passes in English and Mathematics. The course duration is 17 weeks, starting twice a year, in February and July.

ITI Diploma Courses

ITI students completing the certificate course that meet the entry requirements can proceed to diploma courses. Also, ITI accepts Grade 12 school non-school leavers who can apply for diploma courses. 

Here are the courses for the non-school leavers for February and July intakes:
  • Diploma in Business Accounting
  • Diploma in Business Management
  • Diploma in Human Capital Management
  • Diploma in Marketing Management
  • Diploma in Information and Communication Technology
To apply for the diploma courses at ITI PNG, you must have a certificate or be a Grade 12 with a C or above in English and Maths. A grade D grade in Advanced Maths is eligible for a Diploma in Business programs and for a Diploma in ICT.

The duration of the Diploma Courses is 17 - 34 weeks.

International Training Institute (ITI PNG) Selection List 2024

ITI PNG releases the selection list of intakes before February and July every year. If you submit your application, check before the ITI academic year starts. 

You can also contact the ITI office for more information on application forms, acceptance lists and courses and fees for 2024.

Note that ITI PNG courses and fees are quoted at the time of this article. This may change. So, check the ITI website for the latest courses, fees and admission information you need before the academic year commences.

ITI Campus in PNG

ITI PNG has 10 campuses in the country that offer certificate and diploma courses to both Grade 10 and Grade 12 students. 

Here is the complete list of the International Training Institute (ITI) campuses. You can also find the contact details and know the campus close to you.

ITI PNG List of Campuses (International Training Institute - Papua New Guinea)

International Training Institute (ITI) has 10 campuses ( and 1 distance learning centre) in Papua New Guinea. 

They provide a variety of entry (certificate) courses in IT, Human Resource Management and accounting. 

ITI Diploma Programs are accredited by DHERST.

Check out 2024 ITI Non-School Leavers (NSL) Selection List here.

Contact the campus nearest to you if you need information on 2024 application forms, acceptance lists, registrations and admission, and courses. More information on ITI courses and Fees is here.

ITI Acceptance list 2023/2024


Scratchley Road, Badili
PO Box 6322, BOROKO, NCD
Ph: 320 2800 Fax: 320 0513
Mob: 7050 6997 | 7685 0523


Steamships Property, Sletjford Street,
Building 03, Sect 30, Lot #01, Unit #01,
Phone: 472 2790 Fax: 472 0199
Mobile: 7342 8032 | 7577 8757


Morokea Town,
PO Box 694, KIMBE
West New Britain,
Phone: 983 4922 and 942 0049
Fax: 983 5873
Mob: 7484 8828, 70255072


Seville House, North Bougainville,
Autonomous Region of Bougainville,
PO Box 704, BUKA Island, AROB,
Mobile: 7162 5486


Education Milne Bay, Waigili Centre,
PO Box 142, ALOTAU,
Milne Bay Province,
Phone: 641 1223
Mob: 7613 7253 | 7079 0821


Section 44, Lot 06, Crescent Street,
New Ireland Province.
PO Box 356, KAVIENG. Phone: 984 2703  Mobile: 7077 7099


Okuk Highway, Opp.Mt.Sion,
PO Box 534, GOROKA,
Eastern Highlands Province
Phone: 532 2887 Fax: 532 2853
Mobile: 7487 0657 | 7619 7939


Corner Pena & Moka Place, Hagen Town
PO Box 377, MT.HAGEN,
Western Highland Province,
Phone: 542 1276  Mob: 7389 0468 | 7527 2549  Email:


White Haus,
Section 43, Lot 4, Ward 2,
Manus Province.
Phone: 946 0063 Mobile: 7656 1472 / 7935 2388


Town Centre, Council Chamber Building,
PO Box 148, KIUNGA, Western Province.
Phone: 649 2965 Mob: 7951 7982 | 7340 6163

11.   ITI ENB Distance Centre

JR Holdings Building, Gumur Service Station, Second Floor, 1st Room,
PO Box 1200, KOKOPO, East New Britain.
Mobile: 7295 0131  Fax: 320 0513

International Training Institute (ITI) PNG

ITI was established in March 1999 to provide affordable and quality education for the people of Papua New Guinea. It started at the rented office space in Ori Lavi Haus in Boroko NCD with two rooms one being the office and another room being a computer lab with seven computers.

ITI initially offered certificate courses in computing and had its first intake with 30 students in 1999. It gradually moved to bigger premises within Ori Lavi Haus due to an increase in student numbers. 

Within 3 years ITI had also established an institute affiliation with Queensland Institute Business and Technology (QIBT) to offer the Certificate IV program in Business.

ITI has established another affiliation with the University of Southern Queensland within a short period to offer a first-year bachelor's degree program in business. 

This arrangement helped us to gain experience in the way the Australian system of education is managed. This in turn led us to improve our internal process and our quality for the future.

ITI PNG aims and objectives

ITI aims to provide education at the doorstep and this led us to provide education in other centres that are rarely visited by other private institutes in PNG.

With this in mind, ITI opened our first campus in Lae in 2004 due to demand in the other parts of PNG. ITI went on to establish 11 student centres in PNG.

ITI is accredited with DHERST 

ITI was granted full institute accreditation by the Ministry for Higher Education, Research Science, and Technology in the year 2013.

The enrollment number of students surpassed the 1,000 milestone in 2003 whilst in the year 2017, the number of students exceeded 4,000.

In 2018, ITI introduced a new Higher Diploma program and the duration of the study is for 2 years. These programs are approved by the Department of Higher Education Science and Technology (DHERST).

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