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How to Get Lost Certificates for Grade 10 and 12 - Application Form and Fee Info

Replacing lost certificate results, or getting a Statement of Results, is an important thing to do for those who do not have the original Grade 10 or 12 certificates with them. 

If you do not have a certificate, due to one reason or another, replacing it comes with lots of benefits. Some benefits include meeting the requirement of job searching, applying for scholarships and many more.

How to Get Grade 10 and 12 Statement of Results (Statement of Results)

Getting the lost certificate results comes at a cost, both money and time. That means that you will have to do the following:
  • complete the application form
  • sign the state declaration. (Download the PNG State Declaration Form)
  • pay the fee (K25) at Vulupindu Haus.
  • take/send the completed 'Statement of Result (SoR) Form and Original Receipt to Measurement Services Division to get your lost results replaced.
It can take up to a month (even longer) to process the statement of results. 

The best time to apply for the lost certificate results would be February - July. You may be able to get the results faster during those times.
Lost certificate results - statement of results NDOE MSD

6 Instructions for the filling Application of Statement of Results

If your certificate is lost or stolen, you must report it to the police.

This is how you should complete this application.

1. Complete part 1 yourself. Attach your passport-size photo to the application using some glue.

2. An official who has known you well must complete part 2. This official must be a senior education officer or church minister or senior Government officer. This officer must also sign and stamp across the bottom half of your photograph.

3. Complete the statutory declaration and sign it in the presence of the Commissioner of Oaths. The Commissioner must also sign and stamp the declaration. There should be no correction on the declaration.

4. Take the completed application and statutory declaration to a Government Pay Office and pay a fee of K25.00 and obtain a receipt. 
You must tell the paying officer to write MSU trust account Code 361-08 (639) on the receipt. 
This will be effective from May 5, 2003. Those who live in NCD and central province should pay the fees at the government pay office in Vulupindi Haus or the Accounts Section of the Department of Education on the 4th floor of FinCorp Haus. Those who live in other provinces should pay the fees at the Provincial government pay office (BMS).

5. Staple the original receipt to the completed application form and the statutory declaration.

6. Send the original receipt together with the completed application form and statutory declaration to the following address by hand or mail.

The Measurement Services Unit
Department of Education
P.O. Box 446
National Capital District


Some other points to note after applying for Grade 10/12 SoR

  • Always keep a copy of the application form.
  • If you are living in Port Moresby follow up at the MSD office. 
  • If you are living outside of Port Moresby, make a phone call or ask a friend/family to follow up on your behalf.
  • Make sure all the information on the application form is correct and true. If there is any hint of falsehood, your application will be ignored forthright.
Leave a comment at the bottom with your email address if you need further help.

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