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Study at Southern Cross University PNG: IBS University Campus

If you're a prospective student in Papua New Guinea looking to pursue higher education, you've probably come across the name "Southern Cross University PNG" affiliated with IBS University. This partnership offers an array of exciting degree programs that can shape your academic and professional future. 

In this article, you will find out about Southern Cross University PNG's affiliation with IBS University and the courses it offers, and how to apply as a non-school leaver or school leaver for next year.

IBS University Courses at 12 Mile, Port Moresby

IBS University, located just outside Port Moresby, has gained recognition for its commitment to providing quality education. Within its academic corridors, you'll find three faculties or schools offering four-degree programs:

  • School of Business: Here, students can enroll in the Bachelor of Accounting and Finance program, a pathway that equips them with the financial acumen and skills necessary to navigate the complex world of finance and accounting.
  • School of Accounting and Finance: This school offers two intriguing programs, the Bachelor of Business and Management, and the Bachelor of Economics and Development Studies. These degrees empower students with the knowledge and expertise needed for careers in business management, economics, and development studies.
  • 3. School of Information Technology: If your passion lies in the realm of technology, the Bachelor of Information Technology program at IBS University's School of IT can help you develop a strong foundation in this dynamic field.

To find out more about IBS course for Grade 12 non-school leavers and school leavers, click here.

Southern Cross University PNG application form 2023-2024

Southern Cross University PNG: IBS University Campus

While IBS University has its own set of commendable programs, it has also partnered with the University of Southern Cross (SCU) to expand its offerings and provide more opportunities to students in Papua New Guinea. 

Through this affiliation, students can access Bachelor's degree programs from SCU, enhancing the range of choices available to them.

The SCU programs available through this affiliation include:

  • Bachelor of Business Major in Accounting (School of Business): This program offers a comprehensive understanding of accounting principles and practices, preparing students for careers in accounting and finance.
  • Bachelor of Business Major in Management (School of Business): For those interested in management and leadership roles, this degree equips students with the skills needed to excel in the dynamic world of business management.
  • Bachelor of Information Technology Major in User Experience (School of IT): In today's tech-driven world, user experience is paramount. This program focuses on creating user-friendly digital interfaces and experiences, preparing students for exciting careers in IT and UX design.

Please note that the Bachelor of Information Technology Major in User Experience program is also available to international students at SCU's campuses in Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth through collaboration with EduCo. Additionally, it is available in Papua New Guinea through IBS University Port Moresby.

Application Process

Applying to these programs is a straightforward process. You can apply directly to Southern Cross University through their Application Portal if you are a PNG student wanting to study in one of their campuses in Australia. 

Alternatively, if you're a non-school leaver in PNG, you can apply through IBS University, either online or by submitting your application to the university's 12 Mile campus in Port Moresby. 

For PNG school leavers, the application process is facilitated through the DHERST national online application system, NOAS. That means that for Grade 12 students (school leavers), you'll have to make it one of your choices when completing your online school leavers choices. If you are selected, your name will appear here.

DHERST NOAS login 2023 - Find out how to apply Southern Cross University PNG - IBS campus Port Moresby as a non-school leavers - application form 2023 - 2024

Study Southern Cross University PNG

In conclusion, Southern Cross University PNG's affiliation with IBS University opens doors to a world of educational opportunities. 

Whether you aspire to study business, finance, management, or information technology, these programs offer the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in your chosen field. 

So, apply to Southern Cross University  using their online portal or check out IBS University for more information.

IBS University Selection List PDF for 2024

Download the IBS University Selection List PDF for 2023. This list shows the name, courses and SLF number of the 2023 Grade 12 students who applied through the National Online Application System. 

IBS University Selection List PDF 2024

Download the School Leavers Selections List PDF
  • Original file: DHERST released 23rd December 2023
  • File Type: PDF
IBS University Selection List PDF for 2023

How to Check IBS University Selection List 2023

Tips for checking your selection status:
  • 1) Download the PDF file
  • 2) In the 'Find' bar (smartphones) or 'Search bar (PC/Mac) enter your SLF number
  • 3) Hit 'Enter' to check your selection status. 

If your SLF number appears, you are being selected for IBS University for the 2024 academic year. 

What now?

The institution will send you an acceptance letter and also publish this selection list on its website and social media pages.

You must confirm your selection and scholarship selection status before the academic year starts.

Here are the selections lists for PNG Universities.



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