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Non-School Leavers Apply to Study At DWU Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Divine Word University (DWU) offers a range of academic programs across its four faculties, one of which is the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. If you are a non-school leaver planning to apply for the 2024 academic year, it is essential to understand the entry requirements for the various programs offered within this faculty. 

This article provides detailed information about the entry requirements for the Full-Time courses offered by the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at DWU.

Bachelor of Communication Arts (Journalism)

The Bachelor of Communication Arts (Journalism) program at DWU requires applicants to have

  • a minimum of a "B" grade in Language and Literature, as well as 
  • a "B" grade average in all other subjects taken at Grade 12 level. 

While applicants with a Social Science background are preferred, this program welcomes students from diverse academic disciplines.

Bachelor of Arts (PNG Studies & International Relations)

To gain admission to the Bachelor of Arts (Papua New Guinea Studies & International Relations) program, applicants must have a 

  • minimum of a "B" grade in English, 
  • "B" grade in Mathematics A or B, and 
  • satisfactory grades in all social science subjects. 

Additionally, a "B" grade average in final year 12 examinations or matriculation studies is required.

Bachelor of Arts (Social & Religious Studies)

The Bachelor of Arts (Social & Religious Studies) program requires successful completion of Grade 12 national examinations with an overall "B" average. 

This includes achieving a "B" grade in

  • English (Language and Literature), 
  • social sciences, 
  • mathematics, 
  • religious studies, and 
  • personal development. 
Special consideration is given to students who have advanced diplomas/diplomas from recognised institutions such as seminaries, as their prior learning demonstrates a genuine acquisition of knowledge in scripture, theology, pastoral, counselling, and psychology subjects. 

A focus on the Church's teachings on social justice and a commitment to serving within PNG Churches are also important factors.

DWU NON-SCHOOL Leavers Form PDF 2024 download

Bachelor of Arts (Social Work)

To be eligible for the Bachelor of Arts (Social Work) program, applicants must successfully complete Grade 12 national examinations with an overall "B" average. 

This includes attaining a "B" grade in 

  • English (Language and Literature), 
  • social sciences, 
  • mathematics, 
  • religious studies, and 
  • personal development.

Application Process

To apply for any of the programs offered by the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at DWU, interested non-school leavers can download the PDF Application Forms from the official university website. 

For individuals residing in remote areas, the application form can be sent upon request. 

It is crucial to complete all sections of the Application Form, including 

  • personal information, 
  • academic information, 
  • references from the school principal or other teachers, as well as 
  • a reference from a pastor or community leader. 
Also, family or sponsorship details should be provided. 

Visits the DWU website to get the latest in Application Form, Grades/GPA and all that you need to know to apply as a non-school leaver this year.

DWU Non-school Leavers Selection 2024

The Application Form specifies a closing date for submissions. After this date, applications are processed and forwarded to the respective departments for the initial selection process (Pre-Selection). 

The final selection occurs after the Grade 12 selection at the Department of Higher Education, Science, Research & Technology (DHERST) in December. 

Note that only submitted application forms and mandatory documents sent via postal mail will be accepted. Emailed and faxed copies are not considered.

Non-School Leavers Application - DWU Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

If you are a non-school leaver aiming to pursue a degree in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at Divine Word University, understanding the entry requirements is crucial for a successful application. 

Make sure to carefully review the specific requirements for each program and complete the application form with accurate and comprehensive information.

By following the outlined entry requirements and submitting a complete application, you will increase your chances of being considered for admission to the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at Divine Word University for the 2024 academic year.

UNITECH Graduate Assistantship Program (GAP) Scholarship: Providing Opportunities for Exceptional Graduates

Every year, the Papua New Guinea University of Technology (UNITECH) offers 15 scholarships to exceptional first-degree holders under the Graduate Assistantship Program (GAP). This scholarship program aims to provide opportunities for outstanding graduates to pursue postgraduate studies at the master's and doctoral levels in various fields of study. The scholarship covers tuition fees, accommodation, and a stipend for living expenses.

Discover the opportunity to study at UNITECH, the University of Technology in Papua New Guinea, through the Graduate Assistantship Program (GAP) Scholarship.

UNITECH Graduate Assistantship Program Scholarship 2024

Programs of Study

Candidates can apply to any of the following programs of study:

1. Doctor of Philosophy (PhD - Research)

  • a) Doctor of Philosophy in Agriculture
  • b) Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Physics
  • c) Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Sciences
  • d) Doctor of Philosophy in Architecture
  • e) Doctor of Philosophy in Civil Engineering
  • f) Doctor of Philosophy in Communication and Development Studies
  • g) Doctor of Philosophy in Electrical and Communication Engineering
  • h) Doctor of Philosophy in Forestry
  • i) Doctor of Philosophy in Geomatics
  • j) Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science
  • k) Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematics
  • l) Doctor of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering
  • m) Doctor of Philosophy in Mining Engineering
  • n) Doctor of Philosophy in Surveying
  • o) Doctor of Philosophy in Land Studies

2. Master of Philosophy (MPhil - Research)

  • a) Master of Philosophy in Agriculture
  • b) Master of Philosophy in Applied Physics
  • c) Master of Philosophy in Applied Sciences
  • d) Master of Philosophy in Architecture
  • e) Master of Philosophy in Electrical and Communication Engineering
  • f) Master of Engineering in Civil Engineering
  • g) Master of Philosophy in Forestry
  • h) Master of Philosophy in Information Technology
  • i) Master of Philosophy in Mathematics
  • j) Master of Philosophy in Computer Science
  • k) Master of Philosophy in Mining Engineering
  • l) Master of Philosophy in Geomatics
  • m) Master of Philosophy in Land Studies
  • n) Master of Philosophy in Surveying

3. Master's Program (Course-Work)

  • a) Master of Science in Agriculture
  • b) Master of Science in Applied Physics
  • c) Master of Engineering in Civil Engineering
  • d) Master of Science in Solid Waste and Resource Management
  • e) Master of Science in Forestry
  • f) Master of Technology in Mechanical Engineering
  • g) Master of Communication Studies (MCS)

4. Postgraduate Diploma (PGD - Course Work)

  • a) Postgraduate Diploma in Agriculture
  • b) Postgraduate Diploma in Forestry
  • c) Postgraduate Diploma in Mathematics

Application Process

To apply for the UNITECH Graduate Assistantship Program Scholarship, interested candidates need to complete an application form available on the UNITECH website. 

Alternatively, contact the program officers and ask for the GAP scholarship application form.

Candidates are also required to provide copies of their certificates, transcripts, and other necessary documents.

Entry Requirements

The entry requirements for each program of study are different. Candidates applying for a doctorate degree should have a Master's degree in a field related to the proposed research, with a proven track record of research and working experience. 

Those applying for a Master of Philosophy degree should have a merit degree or postgraduate diploma from a tertiary institution. The qualification must be approved by the Postgraduate Committee, and with a relevant first degree industry experience of more than two years.

For admission to a course-based Master's program, candidates should have a postgraduate diploma from a recognized tertiary institution or a bachelor's degree from a tertiary institution in a recognized field of study appropriate to the proposed course of advanced study.

Candidates applying for a Postgraduate Diploma should have a bachelor's degree from a tertiary institution approved by the Postgraduate Committee in a field of study appropriate to the course of advanced study proposed. Final-year students are also encouraged to apply.

Application Deadline

The deadline for submitting applications for the PNG UNITECH Graduate Assistantship Program (GAP) Scholarship is usually in July of each year. Applicants are encouraged to submit their applications before the deadline to avoid missing out on this great opportunity.

After submitting an application, candidates will go through a selection process that involves a review of their academic and professional qualifications. 

The selection process is highly competitive, and only 15 exceptional candidates will be awarded the scholarship.

The successful applicants will be notified by email or phone and will be required to confirm their acceptance of the scholarship in writing within a specified period. 

Once the acceptance is confirmed, the scholarship will cover tuition fees and provide a living allowance for the duration of the postgraduate program.

UNITECH Graduate Assistantship Program (GAP) Scholarship

The PNG UNITECH Graduate Assistantship Program (GAP) Scholarship is a great opportunity for exceptional first-degree holders who wish to pursue postgraduate studies in various fields. 

With 15 scholarships available every year, the competition is high, and candidates are encouraged to apply early. The scholarship covers tuition fees and provides a living allowance for the duration of the postgraduate program. 

If you have any questions or require more information about the scholarship program, contact UNITECH via the contacts provided.


Please visit for a copy of the application form or email

Executive Officer 

Postgraduate Committee 

PNG University of Technology 

Private Mail Bag, Lae 411, M.P. 

Phone: 473 4280/4474 Fax: 475 7667 

Study at a PNG Universities

We also provide some background information on PNG universities here. Find out about the admissions and selections  for UPNG, UOG, UNRE, Unitech, DWU and PAU:

How to Apply to Southern Highlands Teachers College

Southern Highlands Teachers College, also called Nipa Teachers College is a newly established primary school teacher training college situated in the Southern Highlands Province, run by the United Church. 

This article outlines the application process for Grade 12 school leavers and non-school leavers.

Programs at Southern Highlands Teachers College

Southern Highlands Teachers College offers two primary school teacher education programs:

  • Diploma in Primary Education Teaching and 
  • Bachelor of Education (Primary). 
These programs equip aspiring teachers with the necessary knowledge, skills, and practical experience to excel in their careers and contribute to the improvement of primary education in their communities. 

Also, you can apply to study for Bachelor in Education (Primary) teaching. For example, the Divine Word University's two campuses (see here) offer BEd in primary education for those who gained a diploma in teaching.

Southerns Highlands Teachers College 2024 Selection List and 2023 Application Form

Diploma in Primary Education Teaching

The Diploma in Primary Education Teaching program at Southern Highlands Teachers College is designed to prepare students for a career as primary school teachers. This program focuses on providing comprehensive training in pedagogical methods, curriculum development, classroom management, and effective teaching strategies for primary education.

Throughout the program, students will acquire a solid foundation in various subjects relevant to primary education, including mathematics, English, social sciences, sciences, and technology. They will also develop practical skills through classroom observations, teaching practicum, and engagement with local schools.

By completing the Diploma in Primary Education Teaching, graduates will possess the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively teach primary school students and contribute to the development of quality education in their communities.

Bachelor of Education (Primary)

In addition to the Diploma program, Southern Highlands Teachers College also offers a Bachelor of Education (Primary) degree. This program provides a more extensive and in-depth study of primary education, enabling students to gain a comprehensive understanding of teaching methodologies, educational theories, and research practices.

The Bachelor of Education (Primary) program aims to produce highly qualified and competent primary school teachers who can make a positive impact on the education system. Students will delve into advanced topics such as educational psychology, curriculum design and evaluation, inclusive education, assessment and evaluation, and educational leadership.

Through a combination of theoretical coursework, practical teaching experiences, and research projects, students will develop critical thinking skills, pedagogical expertise, and a deep understanding of the educational needs of primary school students.

Application Process for Grade 12 School Leavers

Grade 12 school leavers aspiring to join Southern Highlands Teachers College must apply through the DHERST (Department of Higher Education, Research, Science, and Technology) National Online Application System (NOAS). 

You must express your interest in studying at Southern Highlands Teachers College to your school's deputy principal (Academic), who will guide you in completing the online school leavers form. 

You can select up to five choices, so ensure to include Southern Highlands Teachers College among your preferences.

Application Process for Non-School Leavers

Non-school leavers, including past Grade 12 students or those who have completed studies through the Flexible Open and Distance Education (FODE) program, can apply directly to Southern Highlands Teachers College. 

To initiate the application process, it is recommended to contact the college to obtain the application form and any additional information regarding the application requirements.

Checking the Teachers' College Selection List 2024

The DHERST compiles selection lists for both Grade 12 school leavers and non-school leavers based on their choices in the online application portal. 

To verify whether you have been selected for admission to Southern Highlands Teachers College in 2024, check the respective selection list labelled "school leavers" for Grade 12 students and "non-school leavers" for those who completed Grade 12 within the past five years. 

Additionally, ensure that you are listed on the Tertiary Education Student Assistance Scheme (TESAS). If you are not on TESAS, you will be considered a self-sponsored student.

Contact Information for Southern Highlands Teachers College

For further inquiries or to obtain the application form, please reach out to Southern Highlands Teachers College directly. 

Note that only 10% of students are from other provinces. The college selects students mostly from Southern Highlands Province and nearby Highlands provinces. 

If you know anyone from the college, contact them to get more information on application and admission.

Apply to Southern Highlands Teachers College

Applying to Southern Highlands Teachers College as a Grade 12 or non-school leaver requires contacting the college and finding out what you need to do.

Whether students choose the diploma or degree program, they will receive comprehensive training and support to become competent and dedicated primary school teachers.

This general info on the application process will help you to take a step closer to pursuing your education and joining this new institution.

Leave a comment and let us know about your interest and experiences. 

How to apply for PILAG Courses 2023 | Apply Online or Download Application form

The Pacific Institute of Leadership and Governance (PILAG) is a renowned institution in Papua New Guinea that offers a wide range of courses for individuals seeking to enhance their leadership skills and advance their careers in the public and private sectors. 

With a strong emphasis on leadership and governance, PILAG provides comprehensive training programs designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in their chosen fields.

PILAG courses 2023 information

Introduction to PILAG Courses

PILAG offers a diverse array of courses, including Bachelor courses spanning 3 to 4 years, diploma courses, certificate courses, and short courses. 

These programs cater to students at different stages of their academic and professional journeys, providing options for those seeking foundational knowledge, as well as those aiming to specialise or upskill in specific areas.

How to Apply for  a PILAG Course 2023

To apply for PILAG courses, interested individuals can visit the PILAG website. The online application process is straightforward and involves filling out the required information and submitting the necessary documents, as outlined in the application form. 

Whether you are interested in pursuing a Bachelor course, diploma course, certificate course, or short course, PILAG offers a range of options to suit your needs.

You can either apply online, or use a manual PDF application form to apply. Further details on how to apply to PILAG Course in 2023 are given below.

Download PILAG Application Form 2023 and Apply

Before proceeding with the application process, it's important to carefully read and understand the instructions provided on the application form.

The application form is a standard form that is applicable to all courses offered by PILAG, whether you are a new or former student. 

It is crucial to complete the form accurately and provide all the required information:

  • All Sections Must Be Filled In Full
  • Attach Certified Photocopies of Academic Transcripts and Certificates
  • Submit Your Completed Application Form
  • Be Mindful of the Application Deadline

How to Apply Online

Here is how you can apply for PILAG courses online:

  • Step 1: Open:
  • Step 2: Select a Course of interest, for example, Certificate in Land Administration.
  • Step 2: Click on the “Register” option. Alternatively, you can enquire about the course details.
  • Step 3: Fill in your “Personal Information” details. Once done, click “Next.”
  • Step 4: Fill in your “Contact Details.”
  • Step 5: Under Citizenship, select “Overseas resident.”
  • Step 6: In the “Address type,” select “international street address.”
  • Step 7: Enter your address.
  • Step 8: Select options provided accordingly to the end.
  • Step 9: Select options and click “Next.”
  • Step 10: Check the tick box.
  • Step 11: Upload a scanned copy of any form of identification, e.g., NID, Passport, School/Work ID, etc. Click “Next.”
  • Step 13:  Sign in the signature box.
  • Step 14: Upload all your scanned copies of educational qualifications, certificates, CV, and other necessary documents. Most preferably, in the following format: PDF, WORD, Image.
  • Step 15: Click “Confirm Registration.”
  • Step 16: Registration confirmation screen appears.

That's it. End of Registration.

Find Words...

By enrolling in a PILAG course, students can gain valuable knowledge and skills to advance their careers and make a positive impact in their fields. 

We hope you find this information useful, and we invite you to leave a comment and share your thoughts on PILAG's courses. Let us know what you think.

PNG Business College Acceptance Lists 2023

There are four business colleges in Papua New Guinea. The colleges take in Grade 12 schools leavers, non-school leavers and matriculation students. This article gives insights into Business Colleges School Leavers' and Non-school Leavers' Acceptance Lists 2023. 

You can download the 2023 acceptance lists PDF for the colleges via the link below.

PNG Business College Acceptance Lists 2023

How many Business Colleges are in PNG?

There are four government-run business colleges (or institutions) in PNG, you can check the acceptance lists of each college via this link:
Each institution offers courses in certificates and diplomas in business, management, human resources, computing, etc. 

Check out the complete list of colleges in PNG. There is a lot of information for Grade 12 and non-school leavers who are looking for study opportunities.

2023 Acceptance List for Business Colleges

The 2023 acceptance lists for Goroka Business College, Kokopo Business College, Port Moresby Business College and International Training Institute usually come out at the earliest in January or latest in February every year.

If you are a non-school leaver, you'll have to check with the college. As for the Grade 12 school leavers, you must check the DHERST acceptance list 2023. 

Business Colleges School Leavers and Non-school Leaves Acceptance List 2023

DHERST acceptance list 2023 will have the names of the 2022 Grade 12 students who apply through the National Online Application System (NOAS). 

The Grade 12 students who applied to one of the business colleges in PNG must check their names on the PDF list that DHERST releases.

As for the non-school leavers and students from FODE and Open Colleges, you'll have to check with the college. The original Non-school Leaves Acceptance List 2023 will be available at the college.

The college selects the non-school leavers and gives the names to DHERST. The final TESAS Awards list often comes out at the end of January or early February.

DHERST School Leavers and Non-school Leaves Acceptance List 2023

The acceptance list is the final PDF list of school leavers' and non-school leavers' names. On this list, you'll see the TESAS scholarship status of students selected to study at a business college in PNG.

The list shows the students' names and indicates whether the students are sponsored or self-sponsored. 

If you are a sponsored student, you come under TESAS (either as AES or HECAS). 

The students who are not under TESAS are considered self-sponsored students. That means that you'll have to pay the fees before admission. Pay early to secure your spot early. 

PNG CIS Recruitment List 2022 PDF Is Out

CIS Recruitment List 2022 is now out. Find out how to download the list, the training locations and what to do if you see your name on the list.

PNG CIS (Correctional Institution Services) recruitment of 120 Custodial Officers

The CIS calling for the recruitment of 120 Custodial Officers. The recruitment is in line with the reforms stipulated in the Strategic Plan 2019-2022.

The recruitment drive this year is the first step in achieving a secure and containment environment for the CIS Remand and Convicted Detainees in the 21 Correctional Institution Facilities around our country.

PNG CIS Recruitment List 2022 PDF -png CIS recruitment 2023 name list

Police Trainees and Cadent recruitment for 2023 is now open, click here for more info.
Here is the latest information on PNGDF recruitment 2023 for 2024.

CIS Recruitment List 2022

PNG CIS released the Correctional Service Custodial Officers Pre-Entry Testing and Interview Listings 2022. There are 5 stages of the recruitment process. 

  1. Release of the CIS Recruitment List 2022,
  2. Sitting the CIS pre-entry test
  3. Interview
  4. Documents validations
  5. Releasing of the final CIS selection list 2022 for 2023 training
Download the list at the CIS website. Follow the link to the CIS Recruitment List 2022 PDF file in blue, see below.

Download the PNG CIS Recruitment List PDF 

Below are the short-listed applicants who have been selected to undergo Pre-Entry Tests, Interviews and other mandatory selection processes.

Download the list and check your names. [Get the CIS Recruitment Shortlist of Candidates 2022, CLICK HERE, 4 pages 196kb]. This will take you to the download page where you can get the PDF file.

The names on the CIS recruitment list are arranged according to your local CIS branch. Go straight to your provincial CIS branch and identify your name. 

If you have applied and your name is not on the list, it means that you have not been selected.

You can also get information on Police Recruitment 2022/2023 on this page.

2022 CIS Recruitment Shortlist of Candidates for 2023
Click on the blue link to download the CIS Recruitment Name List PDF

What applicants must do

Applicants must go to their designated locations between November and December 2022. Download the CIS application list 2022 and check the dates of each of the 21 CIS locations.  

Applicants who reside in other provinces must arrange their own travel to the appointed locations for testing.

Correctional Service will not be liable for any individual issues or expenses incurred during the time of the Recruitment exercise. 

Recruitment for the Autonomous Region of Bougainville will be conducted in Buka and Arawa.

New interested applicants not in this approved list can apply directly to Correctional Service Headquarters for consideration for future recruitment.

Papua New Guinea Correctional Service, CIS

The Papua New Guinea Correctional Service is established under Correctional Service Act 1995. Its strategic development activities are outlined in its Strategic Plan 2019 to 2022 and its Annual Activity implementation plan 2022 aligned to the MTDP III and Law and Justice Sector Policy which empowers us to provide a safe and secure society for all.

Correctional Service’s main priority is captured in the Correctional Service Strategic Plan 2019-2022 for “Modernization and Reform”.

This recruitment exercise (RECRUITMENT OF CORRECTIONAL SERVICE CUSTODIAL OFFICERS, PRE-ENTRY TESTING and INTERVIEW EXERCISE) is in line with the long-term development plan of modernising and reforming the PNG CIS.

Download the list and check your names. [Get the CIS Recruitment Shortlist of Candidates 2022, CLICK HERE, 4 pages 196kb]. 

Contact CIS

If you have any questions, leave a comment below or contact the CIS recruitment team directly.

(PHONE)    +675 312 1700 


UPNG Non-School Leavers Application 2024

The University of Papua New Guinea, (UPNG) wishes to inform prospective applicants that the Online Applicant Portal for receiving applications for Undergraduate programs to be offered by the University for the academic year 2023 is now open. It will close on the 30th of October 2022.

Applications for Post Graduate programs for academic year 2023 are also open during the same period. Prospective applicants can consult the respective Schools (Program owners) to seek further information on how they can lodge their applications.

UPDATE: Here is the latest on UPNG Non-School Leavers Application for 2024, click here

2024 UPNG Non-School Leavers Application 2023 - online application portal 2023


a.) All applicants for Undergraduate programs are required to pay a non-refundable application fee of K 20.00 using BSP Pay.

b.) All applicants for Postgraduate Diploma and Honors are required to pay a non-refundable application fee of K 20.00 into UPNG General Account No: 1000583572 BSP, (WAIGANI). Make sure to indicate your name and correct date of deposit on the deposit slip when paying. Keep the receipt with you for verification purposes.

c.) All applicants for Masters and PhD (except the School of Business & Public Policy) are required to pay a a non-refundable application fee of K 50.00 into UPNG General Account No: 1000583572 BSP, (WAIGANI). Make sure to indicate your name and correct date of deposit on the deposit slip when paying. Keep the receipt with you for verification purposes.

d.) Post graduate Applicants to the School of Business and Public Policy (SBPP) programs must refer to SBPP Post Graduate advertisement for the application processing fee and eligibility criteria. Call Lisa on 3267 299 for more information.

e.) Before choosing your preferred program, please navigate through our admission and eligibility requirements to all our programs. This will inform you of your eligibility for a particular program.

UPNG non school leavers application form 2024


The following links provide useful information you require to guide and assist you to use the Online Applicant Portal to lodge your application. It is important that you must read and understand the notices before you attempt to apply.

After having read the above notices, click on “Applicant portal” to Sign-up and then Apply.

Aiyura Aircraft Maintenance Engineering School Application info

Aiyura Aircraft Maintenance Engineering School is a certified Aviation Training Organisation in Papua New Guinea. It provides standardised aircraft maintenance engineering training in the country.

The school achieved its registration and certification from the Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology (DHERST) on the 9th of February 2022

Aiyura Aircraft Maintenance Engineering School Application Form PDF

Aiyura Aircraft Maintenance Engineering School Application Form

Download the application form PDF

This application is only for Non-School Leavers. Current Grade 12 students will apply through the School Leavers Form and will come through the Department of Higher Education Research Science and Technology (DHERST). 

The school will take only 40 Non-School Leavers in this application. The next 40 spaces are offered to School Leavers who will be graduating with Grade 12 Certificates.

What are some requirements?

we are basically getting Grade 12 certificate holders in both Science and Social Science streams and providing them with aircraft maintenance engineering knowledge so they can pass the licensing process here in PNG.

The GPA for Aiyura Aircraft Maintenance Engineering School for 2022 was 2.0. 

The school fee is K20,000 for boarding students and K17,200 for day students.

Application Checklist

  • 1. Download and fill out all information requested in this application form. Only skip sections that are not applicable to you. 
  • 2. Attach a clear passport-size photo in the box labelled ID Photo in SECTION 1. 
  • 3. Write your names in their correct order and must be spelt correctly. Your first name is the name you go by, and your surname is your family name. The school will address you by your first name and surname only. 
  • 4. Attach a certified copy of your Grade 12 Certificate when submitting your application. No Grade 12 certificate disqualifies your application. Additional certificates are accepted where needed.
  • 5. All your names should correspond with the names on the Grade 12 Certificate. 
  • 6. Current Grade 12 students will apply through the School Leaver’s Form selection process that will be facilitated by the Department of Higher Education Research Science and Technology (DHERST).
  • 7. Medical Certificates are only required if you have a medical issue that you wish the school should know when processing your application. No medical certificate will mean you are well and healthy.
  • 8. All applications should be submitted via email or hand delivered to the school reception desk before 3:00pm working days during the application period. The email address to submit your application form is 
  • 9. ORIGINALS of your application forms will be collected on registration day along with your school fee receipts and Grade 12 Certificates for proof if your application is successful. Do not discard the application form once you have submitted it. 


Aiyura Aircraft Maintenance Engineering School 

P.O.Box 450, 

UKARUMPA, Kainantu, 


Papua New Guinea

Ph: +675 7271 0572

Email: (note that they are using Gmail)

New PNG Police and Correctional Service Recruitment 2023

Are you interested to become a Royal PNG Police Constabulary (RPNGC) Officer or Correctional Service (CS) Officer? Here is what you need to know about recruitment for Police and CIS in 2022 for 2023.

If you have any questions, leave a comment in the 'comment section'. Alternatively, follow the links to the other pages where you can get the answers.

When is Police and CIS Recruitment 2022/2023 taking place?

The date for 2022 police and correctional service recruitment for this year is not out yet. But, in a Post Courier report dated 6th June 2022, the recruitment for police and CS training will begin after the elections. 

The police and CS hierarchy hinted that the recruitments are likely to happen in August and September.

  • Police recruitment in August 2022.
  • Correctional Service Recruitment in September 2022.
Meanwhile, keep an eye out for media releases from the police and CS commissioners a month before the recruitment starts.

New information on Police Recruitment 2022 for 2023 is now available here.

Number of regular police officers and CS officers to be recruited

The number of spaces available for the recruitment of police and CS officers is less than 400 every year.

You must have high marks in Grade 12 English and Literature and Mathematics to make it. 

You can also apply to train to become a police or CS officer if you are already working. You must have good Grade 12 marks and be within the age range indicated on the application form (this is not out yet).

The numbers of regular police and CS officers recruited each year:
  • Police 400 trainees
  • Correctional Service 100 trainees

2022/2023 recruitment of the new Police and Correctional Service officers

If you are asking when will be the 2022/2023 recruitment of the new Police and Correctional Service officers, this information will give you some answers. 

In preparation for the release of the official media statements, here are some resources that will help you:

Police recruitment application form 2022/2023




What to do before Police and Correctional Service commissioners release media statements?

The police and CS will release media statements about the recruitment drive in August and September, respectively. Also, note that there are only 400 and 100 spaces. 

Preparation is important if you want to make sure you are one of the few selected for 2022/2023 police and CS training. 

Use the links  (in blue) to find out what eligibility criteria, age brackets, Grade 12 marks, referees and any required documents.

Prepare the requirements and get them ready. 


Update: Here is how much Golden Sun made from the poor Papua New Guinean victims

Western Pacific University 2023 Non-school Leavers Online Application

This information was published by the Western Pacific University (WPU) for Non-School Leaver Applicants 2023. The new PNG university started taking in students in 2020 for 2021. This is their second batch.

Non-school leavers (NSL) can apply online for next year - the online application is now open. 

Western Pacific University Non-School Leavers online application 2023

Western Pacific University Non-School Leavers Online Application System

Before you apply, make sure you understand the following instructions. 

Applications will be denied if all needed information is not provided

  1. Non-school leavers can only submit one application form
  2. Ensure all information in the application form are current and valid (Validity of information must be current and accurate in the last 6 months)
  3. The outcome of the application will be communicated via email
  4. Copies of documents must be officially certified by a registered Commissioner of Oaths
  5. All copies of documents must be scanned in pdf file format
  6. Statutory Declaration Forms will be rejected if the documents are not officially stamped and signed by a Commissioner of Oaths
  7. Hand-delivered or post-delivered applications will not be accepted
  8. Non-refundable application processing fee of K50.00 must be deposited into

Account Name: Western Pacific University Tuition

 Account Number: 7021394221

 Branch: BSP Port Moresby

 BSB: 088-294

Applicants must write their name on the deposit receipt as a description when making payment for the application fee. Copy of the receipt must be scanned and uploaded on the application form

Required Documents for the application 

  • A recent, clear passport-size photograph
  • Receipt of application payment
  • Transcripts/certificates of academic records. (college/university studies, vocational training, distance/open learning courses)
  • Grade 10 certificate
  • Grade 12 certificate
  • Recent Character references from two (2) referees. (eg priest, pastor or ward councillor)
  • A current Police Clearance report
  • A current Medical status report

APPLICATIONS ARE OPEN ALL YEAR for the 2023 Academic Intake

If you require more information about the application you can contact us at

How to Apply Online

  1. Ensure you have a valid email address before you register
  2. Register (Click here) 
  3. Check your email for the reset password link
  4. Click the link to reset your password in your email and change your password
  5. Login and proceed to access the application form under the 'Apply' submenu in the 'Application' menu
  6. Fill in and upload the required details and documents and submit your application.

Authorised by Management

Source: Western Pacific University Website (follow the direct links to apply to study at WPU in 2023)

Online Application for Unversities and Colleges in PNG 2023/2024

2023/2024 Online Application for Universities: Several Papua New Guinea universities are accepting online applications for postgraduates, non-school leavers and discontinuing students. 

Over the years, many students have had difficulty getting a Non-School Leavers Application Form. Let alone applying to universities and colleges in time. This can be a thing of the past as several universities in PNG have gone online.

upng online application form 2023 | uog application form 2023
Check out the link to the online application for 3 PNG Unis

In this article, we provide a snapshot of the Online Application for Universities and NSL application for colleges in PNG.

2023 Online Application for Universities

In the last 4 years, 3 universities are facilitating online applications for their new postgraduates and non-school leavers' intake. 

There is a significant improvement in the design and implementation of the PNG Universities' websites, too. Notably, the University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG) and the University of Technology (Unitech). 

Here is a list of PNG universities that offer online applications for postgrads and non-school leavers. 


Manual NSL Application Forms

We understand that the other universities and all colleges in PNG are still accepting manual applications. 

If you want more info about application and admission to the universities, click on the links provided: 
  • University of Goroka (UoG)
  • Divine Word Universit (DWU
  • Western Pacific University (WPU)
  • Pacific Adventist University (PAU)
  • University of Natural Resources and Environment (UNRE)
  • PNG Colleges Application information for new students (Sl and NSL)

 NSL application for colleges in PNG

We researched the information provided by universities and colleges for  Non-school leavers (NSL) and put them here. In fact,

Check this link (PNG Universities) and this link (PNG Colleges) for 2023 application requirements, and the selection and admission information.

Our observation over the year has shown that there is a  demand for students to have the latest information when applying to universities and colleges in PNG. The information provided by most universities and colleges can be coordinated properly. That way the new students/applicants can find it easier to access application forms and apply with ease.

Having said that, several universities in PNG (mentioned) have done a fantastic job with their websites and social media messages.

About us

We are an education blog. We strive to point you in the right direction as you are researching your university or college to study in PNG next year. 

Leave a comment and let us know what you think about the application and admission process of your university or college 

We wish you nothing, but the best in your application!

IBS University and IBS College Student Applicationm Acceptance and Courses Info

The institution started as a revision centre for professional examinations in accounting and business in the late 1980s. By 2003, the IBS University has offered certificate courses in Accounting and Business for Grade 10 and 12 school leavers.

The certificate course (Cert in Accounting and Cert in Business) has formed the basis of the institution's core studies. Here is what IBS university said about the two courses at their inceptions:
'IBS developed and offered its Certificate in Accounting, based on the syllabus of Accounting Technicians of [the] United Kingdom in 2002. Certificate in Computing course was introduced in 2003.
These two courses evolved as the primary wheels of IBS then.' (IBS University website)

Check out the information about GPA and Selections in PNG, click here

Acronym: IBSU
Established: 1st December 2016
Location: Port Moresby, National Capital District
Vision:  To enrich lives through World Class Education, Training and Research.

2023 IBS University  Acceptance List PDF and IBS college

IBS University - 12 Mile, Port Moresby

The IBS University (formally Institute of Business Studies, IBS) is located at the foot of Mt Eriama, opposite to Marianville Girls Catholic Secondary School just outside Port Moresby. It is about 30 - 45 minutes by PMV from Gordons Market (the bus stop), Port Moresby.

IBS University offers certificate, diploma and degree courses at its Saraga (6 miles) campus and Eriama (12-mile) campus. More course details for the IBS College of TVET and Career Development training are given below. 

First, here is a quick listing of programs offered at IBS University's 12-mile campus. 

IBS University Courses

IBSU had three faculties or schools offering four-degree programs:
  • School of Business (Bachelor of Accounting and Finance)
  • School of Accounting and Finance (Bachelor of Business and Management; and Bachelor of Economics and Development Studies)
  • School of Information Technology (Bachelor of Information Technology)
The institution also offers other degree programs through its affiliation with the University of Southern Cross. It cost over K24,000 to enrol on one of the programs through this affiliation. 

The programs are:
  • Bachelor of Business Major in Accounting (School of Business)
  • Bachelor of Business Major in Management (School of Business)
  • Bachelor of Information Technology Major in User Experience (School of I.T.)

IBS College of TVET, 6 Mile Port Moresby

The IBS college of TVET (Technical and Vocational Education and Training) at 6 mile offers certificate and diploma courses for Grades 10 and 12 students wanting to pursue studies in business and accounting.

The IBS college of TVET  is an education and training focused on providing primary knowledge and skills for employment in areas of Accounting, Business, and ICT and computing. 

The IBS college is the pathway to the IBS University's diploma and degree courses offered at their Eriama 12-mile campus.

Affiliate - Southern Cross University

IBS University created a diploma pathway for its certificate courses. And has affiliated with the Southern Cross University in Australia to further its Technical and Vocational Education and Training.

Certificate Programs Info

These three certificate programs are offered at the IBS College of TVET. Each certificate program is classified as Certificate 3 and certificate 4. 

That means that if you are a Grade 10 or 12 student, you’ll have to start with certificate 3, and then do certificate 4.

After completing the certificate programs, you can move on to the diploma courses at the IBS university at 12-mile. 

IBS Certificate Programs for Grade 10 and 12 students

The 3 certificate programs are:

1. Accounting 
  • Certificate in Accounting 3
  • Certificate in Accounting 4

2. Qualification in Business 
  • Certificate in Business 3
  • Certificate in Business 4

3. Information Technology
  • Certificate in Information Technology 3
  • Certificate in Information Technology 4

IBS College of TVET Career Development Training

The IBS college takes the initiative to provide on-the-job training for its students. Here is what the college said about Career Development and Training:

'IBS College of TVET offers Career Development Trainings programmes for the students who are looking for further practical exposure to be work-ready. 
These programmes are focused on Certificate 3 and 4 graduates from IBS or any other institutions who would like to enhance their skills prior to joining new employment. 
Our trainees are trained on essential skills that are required in their related field and IBS Team will guide them up to the interview process of potential employers. 
IBS College of TVET Certificate 3 and 4 students are entitled to receive a special discount on Career Development Programmes offered by IBS College of TVET.' (IBS College Website)

How to Apply - IBS University & IBS College of TVET

Potential students can apply either online or by filling in the IBS Application Form. Here is some important information to consider before (and when) filling out the IBS Application Form:
  • A soft or hard copy of your certificate: If you are applying online, you will be required to upload the soft copy as an attachment.  
  • Photo ID: this can be a driver's license, passport, or National ID with a file size of less than 1 MB.
  • Supporting ID such as old school ID, pastors reference letter  with a file size  less than 1 MB
The online application does not require applicants to create an online account. You have to complete an open application by only submitting your personal details and supporting documents.

That means that applicants must have all the requirements available at the time of completing the application form so that all details are captured and sent online. 

However, the best way to apply if you are in Port Moresby is to complete and manual application form and submit it yourself, either at IBS University or IBS College of TVET.

Find out about other PNG Universities and Colleges HERE.



PNG Insight Maths Exam Resources for Grade 8, 10 and 12

PNG Insight Maths Exam Resources for Grade 8, 10 and 12