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New police commissioner is fast losing trust, a dangerous trend within the force.

TACTICIAN AT WORK AGAIN: In a matter of few hours after the Court handed down its decision Garry Vaki is confirmed new Police Commissioner – not acting anymore. Every policeman and woman regardless of who they are or how long they serve in police force must now comply with his instruction. He is THE Police Commissioner appointed by O’Neill/NEC to serve the government.
Post Courier puts it nicely: What suspended assistant police commissioner Thomas Eluh and Simon Kauba have investigated including disbanded Taskforce Sweep is under threat of being swept under the carpet. […]. If this happens (which is unlikely) those who want to see Rule of Law takes its course are shunned.
Refraining from submitting to police request for questioning is a clear example of ‘when you fight corruption, it fights back. The prime minister has every government resource at his disposal (including money) to ‘fight to the last breath’ - no doubt. As long as he remains in PM’s seat he can tactfully fight the system and for as long as he wants.
Peter O’Neill knew that the only way to get him is through the office of Police Commissioner. So, is O’Neill putting Vaki in this strategic position to squash the WoA on him? No, not yet. Is the Rule of Law politically compromised? Yes. Vaki’s appointment came at a desperate time.
Peter O’Neill said he will go for questioning if the police ask him AGAIN as reported in the Post Courier. He will go in, but (if he does) this time with his main man on the inside. What happened in Court is happening again where we see all parties (PO Lawyer, QC Police Lawyer), Paraka Lawyer) ALL fought for one man, O’Neill. This is a blatant use of resource against the system by very people who are supposed to protect and nourish it.
O’Neill’s team lost and justice is once again delayed. The same tactic is applied within the police force. Like the Court, sections/divisions within the police force are impartial. Will Gari Vaki dismiss, enforce or shelf the WoA? Every eye on the land is anticipating his move, including his peers’.
GARRY VAKI WILL NOT DISMISS THE WoA: He has to differentiate between his duty to the Constabulary and those to the government. Unlike every ordinary citizen Vaki is a policeman, vowed to uphold and ENFORCE the Law without fear or favour. To uphold the Law means protecting it from external or political interference. Enforcing the law is to execute police commissioner’s roles diligently. Garry Vaki has to protect the integrity of police commissioner and the police force – that’s his number one duty. Serving the prime minister – in this case - is second.
In fact, Vaki’s reasonings are far weaker against strong evidence presented by TFS and suspended officers Sam Koim, Thomas Eluh and Simon Kauba. Any attempt to counter-argue or find fault in issuance of warrant of arrest on O’Neill will not hold water.
Mr Eluh was right when he said the rule of law is at stake. Cancelling the warrant will set a bad precedence as far enforcing the ‘Rule of Law’ is concerned.
In retrospect if Mr Vaki wishes to refrain from arresting Peter O’Neill and charge him, he MUST state why. Failure to do so will undermine judgment of the 3 law enforcing bodies (TFS, Police and Chief Magistrate); and, if he states his reasons convincingly he may restore some integrity and loyalty within the police hierarchy.  
Having said that if 3 separate bodies within the Law Enforcers saw strong evidence to call the prime minister in for questioning, who is Garry Vaki to dispute it and how convening can he be?
EARN LOYALTY or DEMAND LOYALTY: His deputy police commissioners and high ranking officers are not going to take his decision at face value as demonstrated by the suspended Assistant Police Commissioner Thomas Eluh. There are questions about his appointment not only from within, but also from the Ombudsmen Commission. He cannot demand that every police personal are loyal to his commands. He has to earn by doing the right thing.
Every action and decision at this stage will not go unnoticed. The Wheels of Justice has Turned [Sam Koim]. Who in his protest of innocence can stop it?
TOK PIKSA: How a Moran Choked Wild Pigs
A hunter on his hunting trip went straight into a trap. It wasn’t an ordinary trap. A large snake ‘the Moran’ - hoping to catch Wild Pigs in their tracks - caught the hunter.
REACTION: any wild pig would have squealed, oinked and wrestled with the snake until it can fight no more. But the expert hunter did the opposite. He didn’t make a noise or move one bit. He held his breath and played dead.
The Moran’s strong muscles contracted and with every tight grip the hunter’s bones snapped. In fact, it was NOT the hunter’s bones that broke but his bow and arrows.
Satisfied that the hunter was dead, the Moran went to the nearest creek to wet his mouth only to reappear and realise his prized catch was gone.
Here are the characters: Moran, Wild Pigs, Hunter
MORAL: The harder one fights the evidence the harder it fastens around him. It suffocates him and it defeats him.


PM's case is gaining momentum. It is now not only about obtaining stay order (dismissing PM's warrant of arrest) but also defending a blatant LIE told.

As posted on Sharp Talk, his lawyer appeared briefly this morning. She is going to study Sam Koim's Affidavit. She is likely to find out:

1. O'Neill knew the letter existed since 24th of January 2012.
2. O'Neill signed the letter when he was F & T Minister under Somare
3. O'Neill denied signing the letter when he is Prime Minister
4. O'Neill LIED whilst in the PM's seat
5. O'Neill confirmed he lied
6. O'Neill gave directive to release K80 million to Paraka forthwith
7. O'Neill and Paraka consciously collaborated in illegal and fraudulent payments
8.  Payments were made without consent from Department of Justice.
9. O'Neill did his mate a favour - he had a bank overdraft of over K8 million at the time of the letter
10. Forensic investigators CONFIRMED the signature on the letter was Peter O'Neill's.

The PM and his lawyer return to Court House tomorrow (Wednesday) at 9.30 am.

GLUE: All the evidence hang around Peter O'Neill's directive of 24th January 2012. He can no longer deny nor lie that he did not sign the letter.

The TRUTH is out.