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BSP PIN: How to change Bank South Pacific PIN at ATM

Bsp pin change

Change BSP PIN at ATM

Bank South Pacific (BSP) stated that it is important to change the 4 digits pin number regularly as a security measure.

But it can also be frustrating if you keep changing your BSP pin number and forget it. 

So before you change your pin at the ATM, make sure you use number combinations that you can remember. 
Find out how to register for BSP Mobile Banking

How to change your BSP PIN at ATM

  • Step 1. Insert your BSP card.
  • Step 2. Choose a language.
  • Step 3. Enter your current PIN.
  • Step 4. Choose other services.
  • Step 5. Select change pin.
  • Step 6. Enter new PIN.
  • Step 7. Re-enter the new PIN.
  • Step 8. Congratulation message will show on the ATM screen.
  • Step 9. Collect your card.

Protect your BSP card and PIN

As a precaution, refrain from writing your new PIN where someone can see it. KEEP IT SAFE. The best place to save your new PIN is in your head.

If you have changed your BSP PIN in the past, let us know below.

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BSP Service Fee Charges Clarified - Updated

A few years ago Bank of South Pacific (BSP) had ~12 transactions/service fees that were passed onto customers to pay. This was recently posted on by The Sun (15 June 2019) Facebook page. At the time of this post, the BSP Service Fees on Facebook received 111 comments and 182 shares.

This was reposted on Twitter (see below) and received an overwhelming reaction, too.
The BSP CEO clarified that many of the charges were no longer effective. In his media response, he said that BSP 'reduced and removed a number of banking fees' (National, 17th June 2019).

Changes to Fees/year

  • Removed Cheque fee/2015 - K2.50
  • removed Annual Visa Debit Card Fee/2017 - K100
  • Removed Dormant fee account/2018-?
  • Removed Statement mailing fee/2018-?
  • Reduced Eftpos Merchant Commission-?
  • Removed branch deposit fee Kundu standard Account-?
? Means fees not indicated in the media report.

These changes saved customer K50 million. It means that it could have been the amount BSP had collected, cumulatively, from the customers had the fees were not removed.

Here is the response from the BSP CEO


According to the report above, the following are the latest fees for using BSP banking services. Note that BSP has two products that carry different service fees.

Find out about How to Change Your BSP PIN at the ATM

Two BSP products

1. Kundu Package Account
  • Monthly fee charged K9.50
  • Mobile top-up K0.50
  • Esi-Pei Top-up K0.50
  • Airline Ticket payment Mobile Banking K2.50
  • No Teller Service fee
  • Majority of transactions are free

2. Kundu Standard Account
  • Mobile Banking Transactions  K0.50
  • Eftpos transactions K0.25
  • Airline Ticket purchase Mobile Banking K2.50
  • Withdrawal with a teller K4.00
  • Withdrawal (ATM) K0.50
  • Withdrawal (another Bank ATM) K2.50
  • No monthly fee
  • No deposit fee
  • No dormant fee
  • Charges per other transaction

Perhaps it is important to note that BSP had responded to the sentiments shared about the different fees it passed onto customers, both past and present. The point here is that any BSP customer must be aware of the different fees charged by their bank. 

And, appreciate the fact that they are actually paying certain amount of money from their bank accounts when they are performing a transaction.

How to register for BSP Mobile Banking App

Visit your nearest BSP branch to register for mobile banking. You must bring the required documents with you.

Documents you need to register for BSP mobile banking 

Here’s what you need to bring with you;

1. Complete an application form
2. Provide valid ID
3. Bring along your Mobile Phone

Bsp BSP mobile banking png
Steps to register 

  • First, register by following the three steps above. You'll be provided with login details.
  • Second, download the app and install it on your mobile phone. Then, activate the app.
  • Final step is when you get to sign in using the login details provided to you.

Always secure your password and user names using a combination of characters only you can recall. Never disclose your login credentials to anyone.

Find out about How to Change Your BSP PIN at the ATM