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Another Stay Order for 1 week granted: Anticipation Turns to Anger

TACTICIAN AT WORK: The PM is well aware of the dangers of going down to Konedobu. He is fighting at two fronts, yet he chooses Waigani as his battle field.
Strategy One:

 Send the lawyer in. Let her buy some time. He knows pretty well he is fighting a losing battle on the judicial front as evidence is mounting against him. Not only his signature was authenticated but he also told a blatant lie to cover any involvement in Parakagate.
The lawyer is studying Sam Koim’s affidavit. She will defend her main man. No doubt. But, here are 10 truths she’ll come across:
1. O'Neill knew the letter existed since 24th of January 2012.
2. O'Neill signed the letter when he was F & T Minister under Somare
3. O'Neill denied signing the letter whilst Prime Minister
4. O'Neill told a blatant LIE whilst serving as Prime Minister
5. O'Neill confirmed he lied
6. O'Neill gave conscious directive for release of K80 million to Paraka forthwith
7. O'Neill and Paraka willingly collaborated in illegal and fraudulent payments
8.  Payments were made without consent from Department of Justice.
9. O'Neill did his mate a favour - he had a bank overdraft of over K8 million at the time of the letter
10. Forensic investigators CONFIRMED the signature on the letter was Peter O'Neill's.
All these are staggering against the PM. He will destabilise TFS findings – that is for sure. But, how? 
Strategy Two
POLITICAL MANOEUVRING: I made point 8 before hearing about removal of Attorney General [his removal has just surfaced in the last 4 hours – unconfirmed reports via social media]. The people of Sinasina Yogomugl will not be pleased if this is true. They hold Kerenga Kua in high esteem. Is it because he knows the big fish in the little pond is not Don Polye or Paul Tiensten? Or, O’Neill wanted a PNC man as AG, instead of a strong NA man?
O’Neill is moving his puppets around so they dance to his tune. He has also called for a fresh Commission of Inquiry into the findings of TSF. Ano Pala can do hula to O’Neill’s tune. There is no course for concern. The truth is out.
However, there is some confidence in the new PC – his duty to serve as a policeman cannot be questioned. PNG can rely on him to enforce the law without fear or favour.
BUYING TIME: CoI into the finding of TSF can be frustrating: it will cost money, demand resource and take up time. The later gives Peter O’Neill space to ply his trade. He knows he can buy time by simply commissioning another inquiry. This stupid tactic (as it seems) works best (for the Govt).
Police will anticipate what transpires at 9.30 am tomorrow (Wednesday) at Court House. Warrant of Arrest for Peter O’Neill has been stayed twice: one Monday, another today. No one expects another stay order tomorrow (Wednesday).
END: Judiciary will put the interest of the nation above a particular government. No political strategy to remain in power must deter investigative work of TFS.



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